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ThinkBook 14p 2024 Leads Meteor Lake Trend

ThinkBook 14p 2024 specifications

A good compromise between the more expensive ThinkPad series and the more affordable IdeaPad is provided by the Lenovo ThinkBook range. With Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050 graphics and Intel 12th generation Alder Lake processors, the last Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G4+ made a reappearance at CES 2022. It appears that Lenovo is finally updating the ThinkBook 14 with new OCulink connectors and Meteor Lake processors.

The forthcoming Lenovo ThinkBook 14p will support OCulink (Optical-Copper Link) as an eGPU connector substitute for Thunderbolt 4, according to Chinese publication ITHome. For those who are unaware, Oculink is essentially a PCIe slot that has been converted into a port; it has been around in the server industry for a while.

The maximum bandwidth that OCulink provides is 16 GB/s, which is equivalent to PCIe Gen 3 x16 one-way. When you contrast this with Thunderbolt 4’s 5 GB/s and Thunderbolt 5’s 10-15 GB/s bandwidth, it’s easy to understand how beneficial it is for gaming and videos.

The implementation and the adapter being used, however, determine the precise bandwidth provided. For example, the M.2-to-OCulink adaptor used by the Minisforum EliteMini UM780 XTX operates at PCIe Gen 4 x4 speeds (63 Gbps). In a similar vein, the eGPU dock GPD G1 featuring an AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT has a 63 Gbps OCulink port. Although it is limited to 32 Gbps, the GPD Win Max 2 2023 also provides a 63 Gbps OCulink port.

Consumer adoption of OCulink is moving slowly, but the Lenovo ThinkBook 14p from 2024 may provide the ideal platform to accelerate the adoption of this connectivity.

Given how common M.2-to-OCulink adapters are in Asia to replace the onboard USB connector, Lenovo may have chosen to include a native OCulink port in the laptop.

Lenovo will sell the ThinkBook in three different configurations: ThinkBook 14p, ThinkBook 16p, and ThinkBook 13x convertible, according to ITHome. The business will also sell an Android tablet called ThinkBook Plus that has a removable keyboard.

Regretfully, at this time, no pricing nor more specifications are available. The specifications may vary when the new ThinkBooks are released because Lenovo hasn’t formally announced their arrival. Furthermore, it’s unclear if the OCulink port will be available on all future ThinkBook models or only the ThinkBook 14p, and if it will be available worldwide or only in Asian markets.


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Cheekuru Bhargav
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