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Rise of HarmonyOS: A Look at Huawei’s Growing Ecosystem

A cutting-edge operating system that works with a variety of smart devices is called HarmonyOS. It makes it possible for various smart devices to communicate with one another in a common language, improving connectivity and teamwork and providing a straightforward, seamless, uninterrupted, safe, and dependable interface for all situations.

HarmonyOS Next

According to ChinaScope and Xinhua, the Shenzhen municipal government has launched an initiative to improve Huawei’s HarmonyOS app ecosystem. This is done to make the platform more durable and competitive than its international equivalents. China’s HarmonyOS approach may be more extensive, according to Xinhua. According to the Nikkei, Huawei may have further HarmonyOS Next goals.

HarmonyOS vs Android

Huawei’s HarmonyOS, based on open-source Android, enables it to evade 2019 US penalties and keep producing high-end phones. It ran on Huawei’s PCs, tablets, TV’s and smartwatches. HarmonyOS is competitive in the smartphone market, but it lacks Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, making it less competitive in Europe and the US. The HarmonyOS operating system, on the other hand, may still be the most plausible option for Chinese authorities and Huawei to replace gear that is based on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android in China.

A plan of action for HarmonyOS developed in Shenzhen

It is possible that this is the reason why the government of Shenzhen just initiated the “Shenzhen Action Plan for Supporting the Development of Native HarmonyOS Open Source Applications in 2024.” In order to accelerate the creation of software for HarmonyOS in both the city and the province, the strategy establishes a number of objectives. 

China HarmonyOS

Through the year 2024, one of the primary objectives for native HarmonyOS apps in Shenzhen is to account for more than ten percent of the total in China. In order to facilitate the development of HarmonyOS software for a wide range of applications, the proposal calls for the establishment of at least two specialised industrial parks. Furthermore, it establishes a goal for more than one thousand software businesses in Shenzhen to possess the certifications necessary for HarmonyOS development skills. 

HarmonyOS developer

Additionally, it encourages qualifying businesses to grow their outsourcing services for the creation of HarmonyOS applications. The program’s goal is to achieve a scale of 500,000 HarmonyOS developers, which would be rather amazing if it were to come to reality. A further objective of the effort is to ensure that these applications are completely implemented throughout the primary sectors in Shenzhen. 

The strategy that Huawei intends to implement for HarmonyOS Due to the fact that HarmonyOS is open source, it is able to be used by everyone and for absolutely anything, exactly like the open-source Android operating system. According to the Nikkei piece, this will undoubtedly make it a contender for applications such as the closed-source Android and the proprietary iOS developed by Apple.

It is true that Huawei is collaborating with app developers and training programmers to produce applications specifically for HarmonyOS. The company’s goal is to generate around three million jobs as a result of this endeavour. On the other hand, for the time being, this effort is mostly concentrated on mobile devices and the internet of things rather than on client computers.

In China, Huawei’s Mate 60 series smartphones are selling well, which helped HarmonyOS evolve. HarmonyOS runs on 16% of Chinese smartphones, giving the company a large market share. This is significant since it helps to convince developers to create applications for this operating system.

In order to compete with Apple (iOS) and Samsung (customised Android), Huawei intends to add more than 5,000 applications to its HarmonyOS operating system. These applications will cover the activities that the majority of people in China do on their cellphones on a daily basis. Currently, Huawei has a number of well-known companies, such as Bili Bili and Alipay, working with them to develop applications for the new system.

Despite this, there are still some large applications and smaller developers that are on the fence about taking the plunge due to difficulties such as needing to split money with app stores. A single step, on the other hand, is the first step of a trip that spans a thousand miles. Without a doubt, this phase has been completed.

HarmonyOS 2

Provide the Information You Want

It’s Service Widgets provide a whole new interface for interacting with your programmes. Just slide up the icon of your usual app to get a Service Widget. You may quickly get the information you want and manage important features without having to launch the app.

By pinning Service Widgets to your home screen, you may make them the default app icons. You can choose from a range of formats and sizes.

Command Centre

Reach the Core of the Matter Quickly

You can control device connections by pressing the Super Device button and transferring, as well as access your display settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and volume, by swiping up the Control Panel.

How does HarmonyOS 2 allow you to connect devices?

See an easy-to-read map of trustworthy devices in your vicinity that you can connect to. Simply drag and drop the symbol of the device you want to use onto your own device icon to take advantage of seamless services and an immediate connection.

Working Together with a Tablet and Laptop

Savour a Greater Part

Raise the bar for the effectiveness of multi-screen cooperation. With Huawei Pen, you can more easily draw up ideas and share your vision with others by utilising your tablet as an extension screen for your laptop in Extend Mode or mirroring the screen of your laptop on your tablet in Mirror Mode. Additionally, use Collaborate Mode to effortlessly drag and drop files across devices.

Rise to Every Obstacle

Stay Current

With this, have a quicker online life. Scrolling across web sites and applications allows the stuff you’re searching for to always be visible.

Remind Yourself

Check that nothing is obstructing the flow of information, and the next time you load up, go back to where you were.

Extended Duration of Results

It ensures consistently quick performance. Operational responsiveness and application initialization remain flawless even after extended use.

Be Aware of Increased Security

Protection Across Devices

It makes device connections safe at all times. Super Device may only be used to link devices that fulfil stringent security standards. The system will control each connected device’s security clearance level, meaning that the more sensitive the data, the more stringent the protection.

Apply Only Secure Apps

On HarmonyOS 2, you can only install applications that have passed the rigorous testing process to be included in the HUAWEI AppGallery if you activate Pure Mode. Additionally, installed applications are continuously checked for possible threats and security violations for an additional degree of protection.

Both the CC EAL 5+ microkernal security certification and the EAL 4+ information security certification have been given to the Height of Security HarmonyOS 2. Your devices’ total safety is also protected by a number of high-level security measures.



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