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iHeal 5: Advanced ECG & PPG Wrist-Worn Health Watch

iHeal 5 Smartwatch

With the release of the ground-breaking iHeal 4 model, which enables users to track blood sugar levels on the wrist, Kospetiheal has caused a stir in the health monitor watch industry. With the updated iHeal 5, which has earned Level 2 medical certification for its dependability and practicality, iheal has continued to innovate and expanded its range of health monitoring watches.

The striking design and remarkable features of the iHeal 5 set it apart. It supports ECG, PPG, and blood glucose monitoring and has improved dynamic PD and blood oxygen sensors for heart rate. Medical-grade metal is used to make the metal sheet on the bottom case, while stainless steel and metal alloy are used to craft the bezel. The 1.43-inch AMOLED screen makes the user experience more intense and offers a roomy display.

iHeal 5 provides comprehensive insights for basic health monitoring, including real-time heart rate tracking, SpO2 measurement, sleep monitoring, body temperature, and blood pressure, in addition to heart-health related SINUS RHYTHM detection.

Like its more modern counterparts, the iHEAL 5 has more than 100 exercise modes that let users efficiently track and analyse their physical activity. It also has Bluetooth calling, which makes communication simple thanks to its integrated microphone and speaker.
Numerous useful features are also available on the iHeal5, including Smart Notifications, Find My Phone, Weather Updates, Sedentary Reminder, Music and Camera Controls, Timer, Stopwatch, and Alarm Clock. With a 440 mAh capacity and a 10-day and 30-day standby period, respectively, the battery ensures continuous use all day long.

There are two hues available: silver black and black. With New Year’s discounts starting at 30% off at $44.99, the iHeal 5 is now officially on sale for $149.99 in the official store, enabling customers to get the newest products at the lowest possible cost. This beautiful watch is a great option if you still need help choosing a holiday present. The vendor promises to ship it out two days after the order is placed. If you consider this, it might be the ideal holiday surprise!


  • Talking cards for Bluetooth screen
  • Make a Bluetooth call.
  • ECG surveillance.
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Monitoring of blood glucose.
  • Monitoring of health various modes of exercise.
  • Incredibly long range

Large 1.43-inch AMOLED screen

A crisp, high-definition display of images

Using a 1.43-inch AMOLED high-definition display screen to give you a crisper, more expansive visual experience High-sensitivity touch screen that offers consumers a distinctive and cutting-edge visual experience

Housing made of zinc alloy Fine workmanship

1.43-inch AMOLED high-definition touch screen with 3D glass coverage, borderless design concept A smooth, natural transition with a well-polished body that offers a wider perspective and improved design sense

Graphing ECG Data

Health tracking in real time with integrated sensors and ECG disease AI ECG screening with readability and support for ECGplayback medical reports

  • Alias: Android Waveform Report
  • Time of measurement: 2023-08-23 14:45:39
  • Heart Rate: 88 beats per minute
  • HRV: 3 ms, QT Interval: 414 ms
  • Lead: 1 25 mm/s is the speed.
  • Gain: 10 millimetres per minute
  • Frequency: Sine rhythm at 512 Hz.
  • There were no abnormalities seen on this ECG.

Human Cardiac Cycle Monitoring Principles of ECG

The human body’s pacing point, atria, and ventricles alternate during each cardiac cycle. When bioelectricity is produced, cardiac electricity is created from the corresponding bioelectricity changes.

  • Bluetooth telephony
  • Hands-free operation

One-click connect to your phone, promptly receive incoming calls on your watch, and respond with a single click Give up your hands whenever and wherever you are to listen more effectively, which will make it easier to handle a variety of situations and moods in life.

Raise your hand to see the details

The watch will vibrate to let you know when your phone rings or receives a message, even if it’s in your bag or you’re busy and don’t notice it. as soon as you raise your hand. The message appears on the watch when it lights up.

Tracking health throughout the day Heart health should always be considered

Even the smallest changes can be precisely sensed thanks to an integrated optical heart rate sensor and a mainstream intelligent heart rate algorithm. Understanding your heart rate is aided by continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

Monitoring of blood oxygen levels

Monitor your level

Monitor your level of exercise intensity. Feedback With the newly upgraded red and the current heart rate value, you can further understand the state of your body and maintain your heart rate by raising your wrist to know the heart rate and using a frayed light sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation.

Health in your control, safeguarding your well-being

Tracking health throughout the day Heart health should always be considered. Even the smallest changes can be precisely sensed thanks to an integrated optical heart rate sensor and a mainstream intelligent heart rate algorithm. Understanding your heart rate is aided by continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

Depending on the sport mode you select running, cycling, or ball play display the sports interface. To continuously assess your workout environment and modify your own Sports mode, you can turn on corresponding sports modes.

Still more features to discover

Viewing the BT Music Weather Calculator with AI Voice Assistant and Alarm Clock Women’s Concern Locate Your Phone Remind me of the event Shake to capture a picture Smart alarm clock Prolonged reminder chronometer, countdown, etc. More practical features are available for you to investigate.

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