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MacOS 15: What to Expect from Apple’s Next Mac Update

These AI Features For Compatibility With macOS 15 Could Be Announced By Apple

On June 10, Apple Park will host the much-anticipated WWDC 2024 developer and public event. The company will unveil iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and more on the first day. Apple also expects to introduce AI capabilities with the release of macOS 15, which should thrill you even if we have covered a lot of ground about what customers could anticipate with the debut of iOS 18.

The next significant upgrade to Apple PCs’ macOS operating system is called MacOS 15. The public release is anticipated to occur in the autumn, most likely in September or October, after the unveiling at WWDC 2024, which normally occurs in early June.

Although macOS 15 is not yet widely known, there are rumours that it will be a more substantial upgrade than the previous version, macOS Ventura, which concentrated on enhancing the performance of games and video calls. It is anticipated that macOS 15 would be the first to prioritise artificial intelligence (AI). This may refer to characteristics such as:

  • AI-powered assistants that can aid with various activities, such as handling emails, taking notes, and setting up appointments.
  • Intelligent assistant (AI) capabilities in creative software, such autofill and autosummary in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.
  • Tools using artificial intelligence to assist developers with Xcode development chores.

AI features on Macs with the introduction of macOS 15

June is only a few months away, and the business is really investing in adding AI capabilities to a lot of different Apple devices. A new AI function will almost certainly be added to every product, including macOS 15, as a result of the gadgets in Apple’s walled garden being linked in one way or another. The company’s next versions of macOS 15 and iOS 18 will include the majority of the notable features.

We’ve compiled a list of AI tools Apple is expected to introduce with macOS 15 later this year, in case you’re unsure. Although these are only conjectures at this point, be careful to take the news with a grain of salt. Some AI enhancements could only be available on Macs using the company’s M series of CPUs. See what AI features will be available when macOS 15 is released.

Siri Gets Smarter: AI Changes macOS 15

In preparation for the iPhone and Mac, Apple has been using enormous language models to teach Siri. Because of its greater interaction with the Shortcuts app, it will be able to do more complicated tasks.Since the release of Sora, a revolutionary video production tool that is sweeping the market, OpenAI has a significant advantage in the AI race.

But Apple is still in the early stages of researching artificial intelligence and creating appropriate use cases. With all of the capabilities that iOS 18 will provide, it is said to be Apple’s largest iPhone upgrade to history, even though the firm entered the AI space late. In preparation of the upcoming WWDC huge iOS 18 announcement, Apple is reportedly using its extensive language models to train Siri and Spotlight Search.

AI inside Xcode

The business is developing new AI tools to complement Xcode, as we have previously discussed, to help developers create and modify code more simply.

Pages and Keynote with AI

In a manner similar to how Apple is creating AI capabilities for iPhone applications that run on the whole system, the firm is anticipated to provide AI-assisted authoring in Pages and Keynote, as well as deck building. With predictive text, the app may function like Google’s Gemini.

Playlists Created by Apple Music AI

Users will be able to utilise AI in Apple Music to create playlists in macOS 15. Playlists based on your listening habits and preferences may be generated by the algorithms in use. It’s unclear what the new capabilities include until Apple formally reveals them, however, since there aren’t many information available.


With macOS 15, Apple may provide a host of new features, one of which may be a chatbot created just for the platform. In order to extend its generative AI technology to the iPhone and maybe the Mac as well, the business is reportedly looking to cooperate with OpenAI, Google, and Baidu. And with the potential to automate complex processes involving numerous applications, the Shortcuts app might also benefit greatly. Apart from this, generative AI technology included in macOS 15 may also be advantageous for system applications like as Notes and Messages.

MacOS release date

On Monday, June 10, during the WWDC 2024 keynote, a glimpse of macOS 15 will be given. That same day, developers will have access to the first beta, with a public test probably coming later in the summer.

Then, in the autumn, macOS 15 will be made available to the general public. Previous launch schedules indicate that this would happen in September or October.

Overall, macOS 15 seems to be headed towards an AI-powered future that increases accessibility and efficiency. We’ll wait for WWDC 2024 announcements.



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