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Expected One UI 7 Release Date, Supported Devices & Features

One UI 7 Update list

As One UI 7, which is based on Android 15, approaches, Samsung Galaxy owners are looking forward to a number of improvements targeted at maximising device efficiency. Improvements in battery life are the most important of them. This article explores how One UI 7 can help Galaxy phones and tablets have much longer-lasting batteries.

Features of Intelligent Power Management

Advanced power management capabilities are included in One UI 7 with the goal of extending battery life. Among them are:

Flexible Power Supply

Machine learning techniques are used by One UI 7 to interpret user behavior and adjust battery consumption. It limits background activity for less important programmes while giving priority to commonly used apps by analyzing app usage trends.

Improved App Standby

Improved App Apps that are not frequently used are identified by Standby, and their battery usage is restricted. This feature makes sure background activities don’t use more energy than they need to, which prolongs battery life overall.

Enhanced Battery Charging

Over time, this function is meant to safeguard the battery’s condition. By understanding your charging patterns and stopping the charge at 85%, then finishing the charge to 100% right before you usually disconnect your smartphone, it keeps the battery from sitting at 100% for extended periods of time.

New Modes for Saving Power

More customisable power-saving settings are available with One UI 7. From mild to extreme, users can select from a range of power-saving options, each with unique limitations on background activity, screen brightness, and CPU performance.

Mode of Ultra Power Saving

This mode restricts functionality to only the most necessary apps and services, thereby significantly reducing power usage. Additionally, it lowers the screen’s brightness and turns the gadget to a monochrome display, greatly extending the battery life in dire circumstances.

Better Management of Background Processes

Battery life can be significantly impacted by background processes. The management of these processes is improved by One UI 7, which makes sure that only necessary operations are carried out in the background. This is accomplished by:

Limit of Background Process

Now, users can impose severe restrictions on the maximum number of background processes that can be active at once. As a result, idle application power drain is reduced needlessly.

Alerts About Battery Usage

One UI 7 offers thorough notifications on programmes that use excessive amounts of electricity. This enables users to take remedial measures, including limiting background activities or removing programmes that consume a lot of power.

Improvements to the Display for Power Efficiency

Among all the devices, the display is one of the biggest users of battery life. A number of improvements to One UI 7 are made to lower power consumption associated with displays.

Adaptive Refresh Rate for Displays

This function modifies the refresh rate of the display according to the information being seen. The refresh rate is increased for dynamic content to deliver a more seamless experience and decreased for static material to preserve battery life.

Enhancements to the Dark Mode

One UI 7’s Dark Mode has been further refined to use less battery life, particularly on OLED panels where the black pixels are totally off, saving a substantial amount of power.

Utilising Connectivity Features Effectively

In order to conserve energy, One UI 7 also prioritises networking feature optimisation. This comprises:

Astute Wi-Fi Control

In order to minimise needless power consumption from continuous scanning, Smart Wi-Fi Management automatically turns off Wi-Fi when it determines that no known networks are available and turns it back on when networks are within range.

Enhanced Bluetooth Performance

By proactively managing Bluetooth connections and shutting off the feature when not in use for lengthy periods of time, Bluetooth power consumption is reduced.

In summary

For Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, One UI 7, powered by Android 15, promises significant battery life improvements. Users may anticipate longer battery life and improved overall device performance through intelligent power management, improved app standby, optimised charging, and effective use of networking and display features. By meeting the needs of contemporary customers, these innovations guarantee that Galaxy devices continue to be dependable and effective.

One UI 7 Specs

ReleaseQ4 2024 (expected)
Supported DevicesGalaxy S24 series, S23 series (including FE), S22 series, S21 series (including FE) [expected]
Based onAndroid 15
Battery LifeUp to 3 hours extra standby time (expected)
Other ImprovementsSamsung hasn’t revealed specifics yet, but generally One UI updates focus on customization, performance, and security enhancements.


What is One UI 7?

The upcoming big software upgrade for Samsung Galaxy handsets is called One UI 7. It is based on Android 15, which Google is currently working on.

One UI 7 release date?

Although a formal release date has not yet been declared, it is anticipated to occur in the second half of 2024 (H2 2024). Samsung is expected to announce a firm date at their developer conference in October.

One UI 7 eligible devices

After release, Samsung usually provides One UI updates for their flagship phones for a few years. The upgrade will probably be released first for the Galaxy S24 series, then for the S23, S22, and other new flagships. There might also be a few mid-range phones included. Samsung is probably going to release an official list closer to launch day.

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