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Boosting Data Center Performance: EPYC CPUs

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AMD  continues to highlight its proven performance and rising usage of AMD EPYC central processing units (CPUs), AMD Pensando data processing units (DPUs), and adaptive computing technologies as excellent solutions for the most efficient and inventive virtualized environments today in Las Vegas at VMware Explore 2023. For example, as comparison to a 4th generation EPYC system with normal network interface controllers, a system powered by a 4th generation AMD EPYC 9654 CPU with a Pensando DPU gives about 3.3 times the performance of the Redis application and 1.75 times the aggregate network throughput.

Additionally, as compared to servers based on 2P Intel Xeon 8490H, environments that operate 2000 virtual machines (VMs) may use up to 35% less servers when employing servers equipped with 2P 4th Generation EPYC 9654 CPUs alone, as opposed to servers based on 2P Intel Xeon 8490H.

According to Forrest Norrod, executive vice president and general manager of AMD’s Data Centre Solutions Business Group, “AMD is helping enterprise customers fully realise the benefits of their virtualized data centres with the latest generation of EPYC CPUs and Pensando DPUs,” Businesses are able to boost server utilisation and efficiency via consolidation and modernisation, while still offering exceptional performance for mission-critical corporate applications. Because of our continued partnership with VMware, we are able to help clients become more productive and agile, which brings them closer to achieving their digital transformation objectives.

AMD is the Perfect Business Companion for Virtualized Settings

AMD, along with an ecosystem of trusted partners, is continually working to bring business solutions to market that allow greater data centre consolidation. This helps clients better plan for future workloads and capabilities of their data centre. The remarkable performance of AMD EPYC central processing units (CPUs) lies at the heart of this transition. For instance, a 1.7x performance gain was achieved with 2P EPYC 9654 CPUs when compared to 2P servers based on Intel Xeon 8490H that were running VMmark3.

In addition, as the scope and complexity of the applications used in data centres continues to expand, AMD Pensando DPUs are the right choice to assist offload infrastructure functions off the CPU in order to free up important work cycles. Systems that are configured with VMware vSphere 8 that are driven by AMD EPYC CPUs and Pensando DPUs are able to offer the performance, efficiency, and flexibility that IT executives want in order to execute a diverse range of business-critical applications.

“The increased complexity of modern enterprise applications and distributed environments is driving the move towards heterogeneous computing in a large part,” said Krish Prasad, senior vice president and general manager, cloud infrastructure business group, VMware. “The move towards heterogeneous computing is driven in large part by the increased complexity of modern enterprise applications.” “Because VMware vSphere now supports the most recent generation of AMD EPYC CPUs and Pensando DPUs, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive enterprise platform that contributes to improved infrastructure performance, security, and manageability.”

Features EPYC CPUs and DPUs:

AMD data centre technologies, in conjunction with the most recent systems based on VMware, assist IT executives in customising and dramatically improving the administration and security of their corporate applications, which enables them to accomplish the most difficult digital transformation objectives that their organisations have set for themselves.

At this year’s VMware Explore, there will be many speaking sessions conducted by AMD leaders. Robert Hormuth, CVP of Architecture and Strategy, will conduct a session on August PDT titled “Meeting AI Demand in a Constrained Data Centre,” and Nick Furman, AMD Technical Marketing Director, will lead a session on August PDT titled “Revolutionising the Hybrid Cloud with DPUs.” Both sessions will take place at the AMD Technology Summit.



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