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FDK and Toshiba’s Bluetooth Revolutionary Strategic Alliance

FDK and Toshiba’s Bluetooth Innovations

Under the terms of their technological licensing agreement, Toshiba Corporation and FDK CORPORATION will work together to market and sell the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy module worldwide. The incredibly small module, which is based on Toshiba’s exclusive technology, will enable new features for a variety of applications, such as wearable technology and support for sensors and the Internet of Things. In March 2024, FDK will begin shipping samples to the international market.

In 2021, Toshiba developed the world’s smallest Bluetooth Low Energy module, measuring just 4×10 mm, using its in-house Slot Antenna on Shielded Package technology. Since then, the two companies have further reduced the size to 3.5×10 mm while increasing its on-chip memory by combining Toshiba’s extensive experience in antenna design and miniaturization with FDK’s industry-leading expertise in high-density mounting technology and proprietary small shield resin printing technology.

FDK used its electronic component manufacturing expertise to mass produce the module in compliance with the license agreement. Last March, it shipped samples to Japan and plans to do so elsewhere. To guarantee complete client assistance, from product development and manufacture to supply, order fulfillment, and quality assurance, it will leverage its global sales organization.

Wearables with features for health management and exercise analysis, such as smartwatches and headphones, were major factors in the market’s initial growth. Much broader applications are anticipated in the future. Personal applications will involve keeping an eye on kids, the elderly, and pets; industrial uses will leverage IoT advancements to boost productivity in manufacturing and agriculture. Smaller, lighter Bluetooth Low Energy modules are needed for these broader applications, particularly when they are used to receive and transmit data from sensors. The new Bluetooth Low Energy Module is light and incredibly compact, even when used in conjunction with sensors and batteries. It can be used in settings where size and shape restrictions apply, such as daily wear, sportswear, and work clothes.

Principal Elements

Greater adaptability in the placement of auxiliary parts

By placing the majority of the slot antenna on top of the module, Toshiba’s approach allows for the integration of an antenna into a shielded package. This increases the freedom to position peripheral components, especially batteries and sensors, and removes wiring-prohibited areas around the antenna. In order to use the Bluetooth logo and receive radio certification in the target nation, FDK will do so.

Acknowledging low power consumption data transmission by just attaching a battery to a sensor

The module incorporates passive components, a low-speed quartz crystal unit, and a high-speed quartz crystal unit around the power supply, all while maintaining its compact size. An IoT component with low power consumption that can connect people and things can be quickly and simply configured by connecting sensors and batteries to the module. In sophisticated Internet of Things systems, Toshiba’s exclusive Slot Antenna on Shielded Package technology guarantees an all-in-one package for Bluetooth Low Energy connection with edge devices.

Principal Uses

Wearable technology, medical monitoring, tracking, apparel, and tiny electrical gadgets


On December 2023, please. Specifications can change at any time without prior notification.

Built-in Bluetooth ICNordic Semiconductor nRF52832
CPUArm Cortex -M4 with FPU
Transmission powerVariable from +4dBm to -20dBm
Number of general-purpose GPIOs16 (UART, SPI, TWI, QDEC, ADC, PDM)
High-speed clock (32 MHz)Built in
Low-speed clock (32.768 KHz)Built in
Power ManagementHigh-efficiency DCDC, LDO and built-in inductor for DCDC
Range of temperature in operation-40°C to +85°C
Range of voltage in operation1.7V to 3.6V
WeightApprox. 0.08g
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