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NVIDIA Expands Omniverse Cloud with APIs for Digital Twins

Digital Twin

The world’s top platform for developing industrial digital twin applications and processes will now be accessible via APIs, according to NVIDIA, enabling its use throughout the whole software developer community.

It is now possible for developers to effortlessly incorporate core Omniverse technologies into their simulation workflows for testing and validating autonomous machines such as robots or self-driving cars, or into their design and automation software applications for digital twins, thanks to the five new APIs for the Omniverse Cloud.

Ansys, Cadence, Dassault Systèmes with its 3DEXCITE brand, Hexagon, Microsoft, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and Trimble are a few of the biggest industrial software manufacturers in the world that are using Omniverse Cloud APIs into their software offerings.

Nvidia Omniverse cloud

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang predicted that “everything manufactured will have digital twins.” The operating system called Omniverse is used to create and manage digital twins that are physically accurate. Digitalization of the $50 trillion heavy industries industry will be based on generative AI and omniverse.

Fresh Omniverse Cloud APIs

The five new Omniverse Cloud APIs are as follows, and they may be used alone or together:

  • USD Render – Produces completely ray-traced NVIDIA RTX representations of OpenUSD data.
  • USD Write – Allows users to alter and interact with OpenUSD data.
  • USD Query – Allows scene inquiries and interactive situations.
  • USD Notify – Monitors USD fluctuations and offers information.
  • Omniverse Channel  – Links individuals, tools, and environments to facilitate cooperation across scenes.

Omniverse cloud Nvidia

With Teamcenter X, the premier cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software in the market, Siemens, a leading technology firm for automation, digitalization, and sustainability, is implementing Omniverse Cloud APIs inside its Siemens Xcelerator Platform.

Huang demonstrated Teamcenter X’s integration with Omniverse APIs during his GTC presentation. This allows the program to leverage Omniverse RTX rendering inside the app and link design data to NVIDIA generative AI APIs.

“Siemens provides customers with generative AI to enhance the immersion of their physics-based digital twins through the NVIDIA Omniverse API,” said Roland Busch, CEO and president of Siemens AG. This will make it easier for everyone to conceptualize, create, and test factories, production techniques, and next-generation items digitally before they are really constructed. Siemens digital twin technology helps firms worldwide become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable by connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Leader in engineering simulation software, Ansys is using Omniverse Cloud APIs to provide RTX visualization and data exchange in products including Ansys AVxcelerate for autonomous cars, Ansys Perceive EM for 6G simulation, and NVIDIA accelerated solvers like Ansys Fluent and other solutions.

Enterprises can design, model, and optimize data centers in a digital twin before they are physically built out thanks to Cadence, a prominent developer of computational software, integrating Omniverse Cloud APIs into its Cadence Reality Digital Twin Platform.

To enable generative storytelling in its 3DEXCITE content creation apps, Dassault Systèmes, a pioneer in virtual worlds for sustainable innovation, is integrating Shutterstock 3D AI Services and Omniverse Cloud APIs.

Other instances consist of:

  1. Leading provider of construction and geographic technologies Trimble intends to utilize the APIs to make it possible to integrate Trimble model data with interactive NVIDIA Omniverse RTX viewers.
  2. Hexagon, a pioneer in reality technology worldwide, will use USD interoperability to connect its reality capture sensors and digital reality platforms with the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs, giving users access to very lifelike simulation and visualization tools.
  3. Rockwell Automation, a provider of industrial automation and digital transformation solutions, will use Omniverse Cloud APIs to allow RTX-enabled visualization.

Microsoft and NVIDIA exhibit these achievements in early collaboration with Hexagon and Rockwell Automation in a demo that was unveiled at GTC.

Quickening the Development of Autonomous Robots

Developers are trying to speed up their end-to-end processes as demand rises for robots, autonomous vehicles (AVs), and AI-based monitoring systems.

Sensor data is essential for full-stack autonomy training, testing, and validation, including perception, planning, and control.

Through the Omniverse Cloud APIs, full-stack training and testing with high-fidelity, physically based sensor simulation is made possible. These applications and simulation tools include Foretellix’s Foretify Platform, CARLA, MathWorks, and leading sensor solution providers like FORVIA HELLA, Luminar, SICK AG, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

Later this year, developers will be able to utilize Omniverse Cloud APIs on self-hosted and managed NVIDIA accelerated systems, first made available on Microsoft Azure.

“The next phase of digitalization in industry has begun,” said Andy Pratt, corporate vice president of Microsoft Emerging Technologies. Organizations worldwide and in all sectors can connect, work together, and improve their current tools using NVIDIA Omniverse APIs on Microsoft Azure to develop the next generation of AI-enabled digital twins.

Digital Twin technology

Using Omniverse Digital Twins to Transform Industries

The new cloud APIs are an addition to Omniverse’s widespread use by a number of international leaders in many sectors, such as:

  • The biggest marketing and communications services firm in the world, WPP, has revealed a new phase of its Omniverse Cloud-based generative AI content production engine, which will enable the AI-driven solution to be used in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries.
  • Media.In order to achieve scalability and hyper-personalization throughout any client experience, Monks announced the deployment of Omniverse to construct a generative AI and OpenUSD-enabled content production pipeline.
  • To streamline production processes and shorten time-to-market, Continental, a significant automotive supplier, is creating a digital twin platform.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs

Create and launch the next generation of 3D apps and services

Using the NVIDIA Omniverse platform of APIs, SDKs, and services, developers may quickly incorporate RTX rendering technologies and Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) into their current software tools and simulation processes for creating artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs Advantages

All 3D Developments, No Matter How Big or Small

Easily Modify and Expand

With low- and no-code example applications and easily-modifiable extensions made possible by Omniverse SDKs, you may create new tools and processes from start.

Boost Your 3D Software

Using OpenUSD, RTX, accelerated computing, and generative AI technologies via Omniverse Cloud APIs, you may optimize your current software tools and apps.

Install Anywhere

Create, host, and stream your own application from Omniverse Cloud, or develop and deploy it on virtual or RTX-capable workstations.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs Qualities

Link and Boost Three Dimensional Processes

Build 3D tools and apps that provide enhanced graphics and interoperability for digital twin use cases by using OpenUSD, RTX, and generative AI technologies.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Create and Implement New Applications. Omniverse Kit SDK for local and virtual workstations allows you to start creating unique tools and apps from scratch. You may choose to stream and deploy via the Omniverse Cloud platform-as-a-service or through your own channels.

Cloud-Based APIs

Boost the Software Portfolio. Utilize Omniverse Cloud APIs to effortlessly include OpenUSD data interoperability and physically based, real-time rendering powered by NVIDIA RTX into your workflows, apps, and services.

Generative AI

Link 3D Workflows with Generative AI. Applications developed on Omniverse SDKs or driven by Omniverse Cloud APIs may effortlessly link to generative AI agents for the creation of language- or image-based content, including models developed on the NVIDIA Picasso foundry service, because of OpenUSD’s universal data exchange characteristics.

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