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Create generative AI solutions with Anthropic Claude 3

Announcing the Anthropic Claude 3 Family

To fit your demands, choose the precise balance of cost, speed, and intelligence.

Claude 3 Opus (Eventually Coming)

The smartest model from Anthropic, doing better than any other on very difficult tasks. It has remarkably human-like knowledge and fluency while navigating both sight-unseen circumstances and open-ended prompts. Utilize Opus to expedite research and development in a variety of industries, automate activities, and build user-facing apps that generate income.

Claude 3 Sonnet (Currently accessible)

The optimum ratio of speed to intelligence, especially for workloads in enterprises. It is excellent in arithmetic, coding, scientific inquiries, sophisticated content production, and complicated reasoning. Sales organizations may use Sonnet for forecasting, targeted marketing, and product suggestions, while data teams can use it for RAG and search and retrieval across massive volumes of data.

Claude 3 Haiku (Currently available)

The quickest and most compact model for almost instantaneous response from Anthropic is Haiku. The greatest option for creating smooth AI experiences that resemble human interactions is Haiku. Businesses may utilize Haiku for a variety of tasks, including content moderation, inventory management optimization, accurate and timely translation, summarizing unstructured data, and more.

Dependable AI systems

The goal of Anthropic’s founding was to develop the most advanced and secure big language model available. Anthropic’s cutting-edge, massive language model, Claude, provides crucial aspects including cost, speed, and context window for businesses. Listen to Neerav Kingsland, Anthropic’s Head of Global Accounts, talk about the benefits that organizations worldwide may get from Claude’s availability on Amazon Bedrock.


Top 200K token context window in the industry

Anthropic increased the quantity of data you may send to Claude by double, up to 200,000 tokens, which is equivalent to more than 500 pages or almost 150,000 words. Technical material, including whole codebases, financial records, and even lengthy literary works, may now be uploaded. Claude can accomplish a lot of tasks including summarise, conduct Q&A, predict patterns, compare and contrast various papers, and much more by interacting with vast amounts of material or data.


Claude 3 Opus is at the forefront of general intelligence, demonstrating near-human levels of understanding and fluency on challenging tasks. Claude is useful for intricate education, complicated thinking, arithmetic, coding, scientific inquiries, and delicate creative content creation. It has many functions, including content-based Q&A, classifying, rewriting, summarizing, extracting structured data, and editing. Claude 3 generates consistent, excellent results and has improved steerability, offering users greater control.


The advanced vision capabilities of the Claude 3 models are comparable to those of other top models. They show a great ability to comprehend a variety of visual representations, such as pictures, graphs, charts, and technical diagrams. Claude 3 allows you to build picture catalog information, evaluate online user interface and other product documentation, and extract additional insights from documents.


In its intelligence category, Claude 3 Haiku is the quickest and most economical model available on the market. Claude 3 Sonnet is two times quicker than Claude 2 and Claude 2.1 with greater intelligence for the great majority of tasks. It is particularly good at sophisticated jobs like sales automation and information retrieval that need for quick answers. With even greater degrees of intelligence, Claude 3 Opus achieves speeds comparable to those of Claude 2 and 2.1.

Advanced artificial intelligence safety features

Claude was developed using approaches such as Constitutional AI, and is based on Anthropic’s leading safety research. Claude is intended to lower brand risk and has an industry-leading resilience to jailbreaks and abuse. It also strives to be helpful, trustworthy, and innocuous.

Anthropic and Amazon are strategically collaborating

In this fireside conversation, CEO and co-founder of Anthropic Dario Amodei and CEO of AWS Adam Selipsky talk about Claude and how Anthropic and AWS are collaborating to speed up the responsible use of generative AI.

Claude is the huge language model from Anthropic

Anthropic’s research on developing trustworthy, comprehensible, and manipulable AI systems serves as the foundation for Claude. Claude was developed with the use of methods such as Constitutional AI and harmlessness training. It is particularly good at coding, meaningful discourse, complicated thinking, and content production.

Anthropic’s prompt engineering best practices

The practice of directing LLMs to generate desired outputs is known as prompt engineering. Learn how to choose the optimal forms, phrases, words, and symbols to maximize the benefits of generative AI solutions and enhance accuracy and performance. Gain an overview of prompt engineering best practices. with order to illustrate how quick engineering may assist with resolving challenging client use cases, this presentation will utilize Claude LLM from Anthropic. Learn how to leverage Amazon Bedrock’s API parameters to adjust the model parameters, as well as how to include prompts into your design.

Use cases

Client support

Claude may serve as a constant virtual sales person, provide a prompt and courteous response to service queries, and raise client satisfaction.


Operations Claude has the ability to quickly and accurately sort through mountains of text, classify and summarize survey results, and extract pertinent information from business communications and documents.


Legal Claude may analyze legal papers and provide information regarding them, allowing attorneys to focus on higher-level work and save expenses.


Claude offers insights from client discussions, claims papers, and policies to assist insurance agents in making quicker and more informed judgments about claims.


By helping with in-line code creation, debugging, and conducting natural-language conversations to help developers comprehend current code, Claude may increase developer productivity.

Versions of the models

Claude 3 Opus (coming soon)

The most potent AI model from anthropos, Claude 3 Opus (coming soon), performs very well on extremely difficult tasks. It has remarkably human-like knowledge and fluency while navigating both sight-unseen circumstances and open-ended prompts.

200K maximum tokens

Languages: many more languages in addition to English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Task automation, interactive coding, research reviews, ideation and hypothesis creation, sophisticated chart and graph analysis, financial and market trends, and forecasting are some of the supported use cases.

Claude 3 Sonnet (Currently accessible)

Claude 3 Sonnet is the perfect blend of speed and intelligence, especially for workloads in the workplace. It is designed to be the most trustworthy option for large-scale AI installations, providing optimal usefulness.

200K maximum tokens

Languages: Many more languages in addition to English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Supported use cases include forecasting, targeted marketing, code creation, quality control, parsing text from photos, RAG, or search and retrieval across massive volumes of information.

Claude 3 Haiku (Currently available)

The smallest and quickest model from Anthropic, with almost instantaneous reaction. It responds quickly to basic questions and requests.

200K maximum tokens

Languages: many more languages in addition to English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Use cases supported: Optimize logistics, inventory management, real-time interaction assistance, translations, content moderation, and knowledge extraction from unstructured data.

Claude 2.1

Anthropic’s most recent large language model (LLM), Claude 2.1, has an industry-best 200K token context window, lower rates of hallucinations, and enhanced accuracy across extended texts.

200K maximum tokens

Languages spoken: English and many others

Use cases that are supported include analysis, trend forecasting, Q&A, summarization, and comparison and contrast of many texts. When it comes to the essential features of Claude 2.0 and Claude Instant, Claude 2.1 shines.

Claude 2.0

Anthropic’s top LLM, Claude 2.0, may be used for a variety of activities, including intricate education and complex conversation and creative content creation.

Maximum tokens: 100,000

Languages spoken: English and many others

Use cases supported include thoughtful conversation, content production, intricate reasoning, creativity, and coding.

Claude 1.3

The previous version of Anthropic’s general-purpose LLM is called Claude 1.3.

Maximum tokens: 100,000

Languages spoken: English and many others

Supported use cases include searching, writing, editing, summarizing, and outlining content; coding; and offering insightful guidance on a variety of topics.

Claude Instant

Claude Instant is Anthropic’s more affordable, quicker, and more competent LLM.

Maximum tokens: 100,000

Languages spoken: English and many others

Use cases that are supported include document understanding, summarization, text analysis, and informal conversation.

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