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Samsung to Lead 6G Innovation with AI-RAN Alliance

Rise of 6G Innovation

Samsung Electronics will join the AI-RAN Alliance to enable 6G innovation via artificial intelligence and wireless communication. The company’s AI and wireless communications expertise will help create 6G technologies.

The AI-RAN Alliance was launched at MWC Barcelona 2024. Its main goals are to spur technical innovation by working with enterprises in the sector and to revive the intersection of wireless communication and artificial intelligence. There are eleven companies that are involved as founding members in total. These companies include Northeastern University, Microsoft, Nokia, NVIDIA, Samsung, Arm, Ericsson, and SoftBank. This new partnership will collaborate to produce ground-breaking new technologies and apply them to commercial items so that they are prepared for the next 6G era. This will be carried out in advance of these technologies.

In the words of Charlie Zhang, the senior vice president of Samsung Research America, AI will be a crucial part of this movement. “The Emerging of offerings during the period of 6G innovation are going to change the manner in which people communicate using technology,” Zhang said. In terms of artificially intelligent and 6G networks, it is projected that the AI-RAN Alliance would promote collaboration, spur innovation, and usher in a new era of transformation. They anticipate that this partnership will be able to provide operators and end users with additional value via the use of AI-based use cases and innovations.

The AI-RAN Alliance aims to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with wireless communication technologies for usage in a range of applications in order to create an ecosystem and ultimately increase the range of alternatives accessible to new businesses. Three working groups have been established to do technical research on artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence on radio access networks (RAN), artificial intelligence and radio access networks (RAN), and artificial intelligence for RAN. Artificial intelligence in RAN will focus on creating solutions that use AI and ML to improve spectrum, cost, and energy efficiency.

The main focus of artificial intelligence (AI) and radio network convergence technologies will be on maximizing infrastructure utilization and ensuring optimum resource management. Finding new uses and services that artificial intelligence can provide in wireless networks is the aim of AI on RAN. The results of these projects, which include the creation of technical studies and white papers, are expected to significantly contribute to the standardization and commercialization of 6G innovation within the next several years. This includes determining new services and obtaining technical requirements and specifications.

Samsung plans to take advantage of these collaboration initiatives to drive technological convergence and service innovation that combines wireless communication technology and artificial intelligence. The company is committed to holding a strong position in the 6G ecosystem, given its leadership position in the market for artificial intelligent (AI) and wireless connectivity solutions, including electronic components, software and hardware that supports AI technologies, wireless communication systems, and terminals.

Samsung Research’s May 2019 founding of what is now the Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) was the first step toward 6G innovation technology. Samsung Research has been a pioneer in 6G innovation research since issuing the 6G white paper and spectrum white paper in July 2020 and May 2022, respectively. Samsung conducted its inaugural 6G innovation Forum in May 2022 to demonstrate its leadership in next-generation communication technology research and development.

Samsung Research is constantly creating new 6G techniques to adapt to the telecom industry. With regard to the AI-RAN Alliance specifically, Samsung Research thinks that AI-Native will be a crucial aspect of the future 6G innovation networks that are being created. As to Samsung Research, the next network is expected to exhibit significantly enhanced capacity and coverage, complete automation, and high energy efficiency. This is because the 6G ecosystem will naturally include AI. To develop and commercialize next-generation communication systems, Samsung Research will continue to innovate.

What is the AI-RAN Alliance?

At MWC 2024, the AI-RAN Alliance was founded. It promotes company cooperation to develop and commercialize AI-wireless communication solutions for the 6G network.

Samsung joins AI-RAN Alliance—why?

Samsung wants to dominate 6G innovation and thinks AI will be important. Samsung may create AI-powered 6G technology and solutions with other industry leaders by joining the partnership.

What strengths will Samsung bring to the alliance?

Samsung dominates AI and wireless communication. Their strengths include semiconductors, AI hardware and software, and communication systems. This experience equips them to dramatically advance 6G technology.

What may AI-powered 6G offer?

AI may enhance 6G network features like:
Efficiency and capacity: AI can improve resource allocation and network management, speeding up and managing more data.
Improved user experience: AI can tailor network performance and apps to user preferences.
Improved security: AI can identify and prevent cyberattacks.

When will 6G networks appear?

The development of 6G is early. Commercial 6G networks may not be ready until the late 2020s or early 2030s, according to experts.

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