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MSI Motherboards: Features of the MSI X870 Motherboards

Redefining HPC with AMD Ryzen 9000 Series Processor Support from MSI X870

MSI is excited to present the first AMD Ryzen 9000 Series CPUs for X870 chipsets. Ryzen 9000 Series, powered by 4nm CPU process technology, will redefine computing for gamers and content creators with unmatched performance, efficiency, and versatility.

AMD’s Ryzen 9000 Series CPUs will come with four variants: 9 9950X, 9900X, 7 9700X, and 5 9600X. They are AM5 socket compatible, and Ryzen 9000 Series processors and AMD 600 Series motherboards can function together by updating to the latest BIOS from MSI’s product support website.

The MAG X870 TOMAHAWK WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI are two models that attendees to the MSI stand at Computex 2024 will get the chance to see up close. Furthermore, customers can expect a wide array of features from the MPG and MEG series, providing a variety of choices to meet their needs.

Features of the MSI X870 Motherboards Product

MSI revealed a number of much awaited innovations in this most recent motherboard generation, such as the brand-new “EZ PCIe Release” and “EZ PCIe Clip II.” On motherboards based on the X870-architecture, users can easily remove graphics cards placed in the primary PCIe Gen 5.0 Slot by using the EZ PCIe Release. In the meantime, the upgraded EZ PCIe Clip II features a better hooking mechanism that makes installation and removal easier.

The motherboard may be strained by the growing size and weight of graphics cards. MSI has improved all of its motherboards with three extra anchor points and thicker material in the slots to solve this. Compared to the PCIe Steel Armour slot from the previous generation, this improvement makes the PCIe slot 121% stronger. able to support two times the graphics card’s weight, guaranteeing unwavering stability and dependability.

Presenting the upgraded EZ M.2 Clip II, which makes removing and installing M.2 SSD storage simpler than before. With its innovative Screwless design, the Screwless M.2 Frozr is easy to remove. Just squeeze the side clasp to fully open it. The M.2 SSD is as easy to install as it is to remove; a little push to the left is all that is needed to lock it into place.

Upgrades are also being made to MSI motherboards as more advanced gadgets continue to progress in speed. The bandwidth potential of contemporary devices is maximized by the Lightning PCIe Gen 5.0 and M.2 slots found on all X870 motherboards. Furthermore, all MSI X870 motherboards now come equipped with a USB 4 connector, which supports speeds of up to 40GB/s.

In addition to having storage that is lightning-fast, flawless networking and quick data transfer depend on constant connectivity. Additionally, MSI improved the Wi-Fi antenna module and included a quick-release mechanism to make installation on any PC design easier. Modern 5G LAN, Wi-Fi 7, and Bluetooth 5.4 technologies are available on both the PRO X870-P WIFI and the MAG X870 TOMAHAWK WIFI. You can rely on them to skillfully handle any chores or programmed, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted user experience, whether you’re gaming or multitasking.

MSI X870 motherboards

MEG Series motherboards are designed for severe overclocking, maximum performance, and incredible scalability, going beyond hardcore gaming. With the MEG X570 GODLIKE, MEG X570 ACE, and MEG X570 UNIFY, you can get more than simply a motherboard.

MPG MPG series motherboards have sleek designs and are fully equipped for high-performance gaming.

  • The MPG series introduces three eye-catching X570 motherboards: GAMING PRO CARBON, GAMING EDGE, and GAMING PLUS PRESTIGE.
  • Use a motherboard from the PRESTIGE series to unleash your creativity.
  • Reach new heights in productivity with optimum performance and an expandable platform.
  • The PRESTIGE series honors those who pursue their dreams.

Advanced performance feature


With Core Boost technology, MSI’s superior layout and complete digital power design work together to send current to the CPU more quickly, accurately, and without distortion. It not only provides optimal conditions for your CPU, but it also supports multi-core CPUs.



  • MEG X570 GODLIKE is more than simply a motherboard. Maximize and maintain performance for gaming, streaming, overclocking, and content production.


MEG X570 ACE is designed to succeed. A motherboard made for the best players in the world will help you dominate every match, outplay your opponents, and destroy entire teams.


Specifically designed for ardent fans and gamers. MEG X570 UNIFY highlights the motherboard’s actual worth by improving both the thermal and power solutions.


MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON, which draws inspiration from supercars, has a distinctive carbon fibre appearance and feel that highlights its high performance design.

MPG Gaming Edge WiFi X570

Use the MPG X570 GAMING EDGE to engage in combat with adversaries. With a state-of-the-art motherboard designed for fierce conflicts, clear the way.


With the MPG X570 GAMING PLUS motherboard, designed for gamers who like to concentrate on the game, you can play for fun or competition.


With a focus on functionality and durability, MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI are likely inspired by tough military gear and are prepared for any situation.


The expandable PRESTIGE X570 CREATION motherboard was designed with creators in mind. Use it to design, compose, and produce your next creative work.



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