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ASRock COMPUTEX 2024 Reveals the Top Tech Innovations


Connect AI & Play Smart Games ASRock in 2024 at COMPUTEX. With great pleasure, ASRock, a leading manufacturer of compact form factor PCs, graphics cards, gaming monitors, and motherboards worldwide, announces its presence at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024. In the IT sector, AI has been a popular issue in recent years.

ASRock COMPUTEX displays the newest AI solutions in line with current trends. Additionally, ASRock pledges to provide gamers with an amazing gaming environment. At ASRock exhibit L0818, guests may have a close look at the newest goods and AI computing solutions as well as play with the gaming simulator.

Complete Firepower Showcase of the Upcoming Motherboard Platform

Additionally, ASRock will be showcasing its whole lineup of next-generation Intel and AMD motherboards, which includes the powerful Steel Legend, the redesigned Livemixer, the Taichi and Phantom Gaming Series, and the popular Pro series. The upscale Taichi brand will undergo a significant reorganization and repositioning to become ASRock’s flagship series through a merger with the current OC Formula & AQUA product line.

Computex 2024 will also see the complete lineup of Taichi AQUA, Taichi OCF, Taichi, and Taichi Lite motherboards unveiled in addition to the next generation Phantom Gaming series!

In addition to next-generation motherboards, ASRock COMPUTEX has prepared solutions for workstations, gaming, content production, AI, and both AMD and Intel processors. During the event, there will be on display a high-end video rendering station with an ASRock WRX90 WS EVO and a novel idea in Immersion Cooling, which was developed in partnership with ASRock, Thermaltake, and Intel with the goal of providing the best and most effective cooling solution for a home server or workstation with an ASRock W790 WS!

ASRock offers 20GB and 24GB AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX WS

ASRock COMPUTEX introduced the multi-GPU collaborative computing ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XTX WS 24GB and 20GB for AI. ASRock Radeon RX 7900 WS graphics cards use AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX7900 XT GPUs. The Radeon RX 7900 WS series graphics cards’ VAPOR-CHAMBER heatsink, efficiency blower fan, and 2-slot thickness enable multi-card parallel computing and AI acceleration.

Additionally, the single horizontal 12V-2×6 power connector makes it much easier to install a few graphics cards from the ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XT WS series because there are less power lines needed.

ASRock Phantom Gaming Presents Ultra-High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors and a New OLED Series

The PGO32UFS2B Dual-Mode OLED Gaming Monitor

The PGO32UFS2B, ASRock COMPUTEX most recent flagship model, has a 32-inch OLED panel with amazing contrast and vivid colours. With its unique dual-mode design, this cutting-edge display lets customers choose between “UHD 240Hz mode” and “FHD 480Hz mode” based on what they require. The PGO32UFS2B easily satisfies your needs for ultra-high definition and ultra-high speed. Moreover, ASRock’s unique cooling system efficiently lessens the possibility of burn-in problems with OLED displays.

PG27FFX2A – Lightning-fast 520Hz gaming monitor

Phantom Gaming presents the PG27FFX2A, the world’s first 27-inch IPS gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 520Hz. It is the world’s fastest IPS gaming monitor, pushing the boundaries of visual performance and speed. With the use of the most recent IPS panel technology, the PG27FFX2A guarantees excellent colour accuracy and broad viewing angles in addition to providing a very quick refresh rate. Additionally, it has Phantom Gaming’s unique integrated Wi-Fi antenna, which enhances signal strength by up to 7dBi and gives players a lag-free, fast experience.

Complete Improvement of Gaming Monitors in the 180Hz Series

Phantom Gaming has improved its classic models to a 180Hz refresh rate in tandem with the release of its ultra-fast series, accommodating a range of gamer tastes with varied sizes and specifications. A 34-inch curved display with a wide field of vision for immersive gaming experiences is part of the PG34QRT3A series. The PG27QFT2A and PG27FFT1A are two examples of 27-inch standard-size monitors that combine excellent performance and usability, making them ideal for a variety of work and gaming applications. The PG25FFT, a 25-inch compact monitor, is ideal for tiny workspaces and multipurpose areas.

Presenting the powerful Jupiter X600 Series

Changing the Face of Compact Computing: Presenting the powerful Jupiter X600 Series
With limited space and ever-increasing performance requirements, the new Jupiter X600 series is unique. In addition to being incredibly powerful, the Jupiter X600 is designed to accommodate the newest AMD Socket AM5 Ryzen 8000/7000 Series Processors. This makes it perfect for handling the diverse demands of any contemporary, dynamic setting.

The Jupiter X600 series offers efficiency, speed, and power in a small package. It has several visual outputs, including USB 4.0, two DisplayPorts, and HDMI, enabling smooth multitasking with high-resolution displays. It also supports twin DDR5 memory up to 96GB.

The Jupiter X600 is built for maximum performance, featuring optional upgrades like TPM 2.0 IC and DASH LAN management in addition to strong 2.5G LAN connectivity. The Jupiter X600 is the pinnacle of next-generation desktop computing it’s compact, sturdy, and capable of handling any task all housed in a meagre 1.07 litre volume.

The most recent AMD AM5 Ryzen 8000/7000 series processors are supported by the recently introduced Jupiter X600 series in addition to the previously announced DeskMeet X600 and DeskMini X600 series. ASRock’s little PCs are made to provide consumers with the greatest possible performance.



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