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The Best Setup: AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPU in Alienware R15

AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPU Teamed Up with Alienware’s R15

Alienware’s R15 gaming PC is listed with AMD’s next Ryzen 9000 desktop CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop Processors Out Now? Is the Next-Gen CPU listed in the material for the Alienware R15 gaming PC a mistake or is it coming soon?

According to the user of the Chiphell forum, after purportedly buying the Alienware R15 Gaming, Dell sent him a marketing letter referring to the “Alienware Desktop with AMD Ryzen 9000 Processor”. Additionally, the person claims that this was given to devoted Alienware brand consumers. If this is accurate, however, it appears that either an employee at Alienware made a mistake or unintentionally revealed something they weren’t intended to.

AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPU in Alienware R15
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Naturally, they would caution you against accepting this news as true; they will explain why this may all be a scam. First off, AMD isn’t expected to implement the 9000 naming strategy for their Ryzen CPUs until 2025, under the most recent branding convention. The year is indicated by the first number. For the numbers “7,” “8,” and “9,” it’s 2023, 2024, and 2025. Introduced with the Ryzen 7000 Mobile series, this naming scheme ought to be used for desktop computers as well.

According to a recent news, AMD’s Ryzen Desktop APUs for the AM5 family, codenamed Phoenix, would adopt the Ryzen 8000 naming convention, indicating a 2024 release date. Ryzen 8000 Desktop CPUs will also be released at the same time, however their respective architectures will be different. For desktop APUs, it will be Zen 4, and for desktop CPUs, Zen 5. AMD may make things simpler by adopting a name strategy that is similar to mobile, but the most recent reports indicate that they will stick to tradition rather than adopting the more complex naming methods seen in the mobile lineup.

  • (0=Feature / 4=Zen 4 Architecture / 9=Segment / 7=2023)
  • (G stands for Integrated APU Graphics; 8=2024 / 7=Segment)

The aforementioned scenario, however, is only relevant if AMD does, as of yet unconfirmed, wind up employing the Ryzen 8000 moniker. Returning to the AMD Ryzen 9000, however, it is clear why it seems so strange to think that Alienware will provide a Ryzen 9000 Desktop Processor along with the Alienware R15 desktop so quickly. They are positive that Ryzen 8000 CPUs will be the ones to look forward to in 2024 for AM5 desktops, and that this may just be an error on the part of Alienware.

Again, it will be strange if AMD releases the Ryzen 7000 replacement under the AMD Ryzen 9000 series. They ought to be positive that a Ryzen 8000 will be released, but rumors suggest that anything is possible. Watch this space for updates, and perhaps AMD will provide some clarification before CES 2024.

Comparison of AMD Desktop CPU/APU Generations:

AMD Ryzen 1000Zen 1 “Summit Ridge”14nm8/16 (1900X)AM4 (300-Series)DDR4-266765W-95W2017
AMD Ryzen 2000Zen+ “Pinnacle Ridge”12nm8/16 (2700X)AM4 (400-Series)DDR4-293365W-95W2018
AMD Ryzen 2000GZen 1 “Summit Ridge”14nm4/8 (2400G)AM4 (400-Series)DDR4-293365W2018
AMD Ryzen 3000Zen 2 “Matisse”7nm16/32 (3950X)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-320065-95W2019
AMD Ryzen 3000GZen+ “Picasso”7nm4/8 (3400G)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-293365W2019
AMD Ryzen 4000Zen 2 “Renoir”7nm6/12 (4500)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-320065W2022
AMD Ryzen 4000GZen 2 “Renoir”7nm8/16 (4700G)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-320065W2020
AMD Ryzen 5000Zen 3 “Vermeer”7nm16/32 (5950X)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-320065-95W2020
AMD Ryzen 5000GZen 3 “Cezanne”7nm8/16 (5700G)AM4 (500-Series)DDR4-320065W2021
AMD Ryzen 7000Zen 4 “Raphael”5nm16/32 (7950X)AM5 (600-Series)DDR5-520065-170W2022
AMD Ryzen 8000G (Rumor)Zen 4 “Phoenix”5nm8/16 (8700G)AM5 (600-Series)DDR5-520065-126W2023-2024
AMD Ryzen 8000 (Rumor)Zen 5 “Granite Ridge”3nm16/32AM5 (700-Series)DDR5-600065-170W2024


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