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Mozaic 3+ Read and write the future with HAMR R&D technology

The world’s most sophisticated nanoscale recording technologies and material science advancements are combined to create Mozaic 3+. With the help of this solution, data can now be stored on media at previously unthinkable densities while utilizing the same material resources as Seagate hard drives and coming in 3.5-inch form factor. With an eye toward 50TB, Mozaic 3+ is both the present and the future, adhering to the “ten platters and twenty heads” philosophy.

Seagate continues to make significant investments in R&D to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers for data storage. This is in addition to the forty years of innovations Seagate has built upon to drive the personal computer revolution and accelerate the massive expansion of the global data sphere. The business has transferred billions of terabytes of data, and its commitment to research and development pays off. Mozaic 3+, Seagate’s exclusive HAMR technology, allows mass-capacity storage at previously unheard-of areal densities of 3TB/disk and higher.

Data generated between 2024 and 2025 will total 30ZB.There will only be 2ZB of storage capacity produced during that time. 

More storage is desperately needed

Enterprise data centers will need to find sustainable ways to scale in the face of constrained resources, including money, power, and space, as data continues to explode in the wake of Artificial Intelligence productization. This is where Mozaic 3+ is useful.

With the help of Seagate’s special application of HAMR, the Mozaic 3+ hard drive platform can provide mass-capacity storage at previously unheard-of areal densities of up to 3TB per disk.

However, it goes beyond that.

Mozaic is a combination of the world’s most advanced material science discoveries and intricate nanoscale recording technologies.

With industry-leading capacity points of 30TB and above, Seagate’s flagship Exos 30TB+ product family is powered by Mozaic today.

It takes development and research work, perseverance and grit, faith, and investment

The Seagate team broke through the barriers of possibility, anticipating a tsunami of data. Using the potential of heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) to achieve significant increases in area density, Seagate spent twenty years refining the technique, which resulted in the revolutionary Mozaic 3+ platform.

A masterwork of light, heat, and fragments

The Mozaic platform, powered by HAMR, restructures data bits, compressing them more densely while maintaining thermal and magnetic stability. That means you can enjoy rock-solid performance and dependability along with the ability to store far more data on each disk.

It’s the process of storing data on media at previously unthinkable densities:

All of this was accomplished with the same material resources and reliable 3.5-inch form factor.

  • Mozaic-integrated hard drives are state-of-the-art HDDs that are 95% identical to other well-known HDDs from Seagate.
  • Uses a quantum antenna and a single reader for writing.
  • Temperature conditions are managed by a special magnetic layer.
  • Scaled using a unique grain media formula and size for effective areal density.
  • Management of head health increases lifetime utility.
  • Fully interoperable with current systems.

It responds to the demand made by the constantly growing cloud ecosystem

And the incalculable amount of exabytes it will produce.

90% of the data kept in the largest data centers in the world is stored on mass-capacity hard drives.

Data center operators will be able to store more exabytes in the same amount of space by simply scaling their infrastructure in this way.

Resulting in significant TCO savings.

Data centers that use hard drives with Mozaic integration can:

  • They can store twice as much without taking up more space.
  • Reduce the cost of power usage per terabyte by forty percent.
  • Reduced acquisition cost per terabyte. 

Additionally, Mozaic 3+ uses fewer natural resources on Earth

And makes it possible for data centers to meet sustainability targets.

  • Less power per TB by 40%
  • Reduced weight for each TB
  • 55% fewer TBs have embodied carbon.

The storage industry is at a turning point

More than just a technological advancement, Seagate’s Mozaic 3+ is a guarantee to keep up the unstoppable expansion of the digital world.

Mozaic 3+ design

Superlattice Platinum-Alloy Media

Seagate created a superlattice structure to counteract magnetic instability and allow for high-fidelity data inscription.

Writer with Plasmonic Style

Find out how Seagate activates HAMR in a split second using a laser that is precisely engineered.

Gen 7 Spintronic Reader

To enable higher data densities than ever before, Seagate developed the smallest and most sensitive magnetic field sensor in the industry.

12nm Integrated Controller

Mozaic-enabled hard drives run on this specially designed servo-processor chip.

Mozaic 3+ design
Image credit to Seagate

Consider the following important statistics on the subject:

Sustaining Tempo in MTBF

Seagate Mozaic 3+ hard drives have a rated mean time between failure (MBTF) of 2.5 million hours, which is also the current rate for Seagate Exos enterprise hard drives. Mozaic 3+ solutions will follow the same standards for quality assurance that are necessary for all Seagate products.

Beyond Reliability Guidelines

It has been demonstrated through testing that thousands of Mozaic 3+ read/write heads can dependable transfer data for over 6,000 hours, or roughly eight months, on a single head, translating to 3.2 petabytes of data. More than 20 times as much data as would typically be transferred on a nearline hard drive was transferred during the test.

Reliable Elements with Innovative Developments

The technology found in Seagate Mozaic 3+ hard drives is more than 95% compatible with our current flagship models, guaranteeing compliance with Seagate hard drive standard specifications. Customers will gain from new, tried-and-true engineering innovations like iron-platinum, nanoparticle media, and more in addition to dependable, dependable components.

Smooth Transition for Exceptional Outcomes

There is no noticeable difference between HAMR and traditional PMR. In addition to HAMR-specific testing, Seagate employs the PMR-to-HAMR test procedure. Our Mozaic 3+ drives can be used without changing the enterprise specification, warranty, or form factor because they are backwards-compatible with the newest PMR drives. The Mozaic 3+ solutions offer notable enhancements in terms of total cost of ownership.

Extension of Hard Drive Life

Stress tests conducted in an aggressive field setting have shown 7+ years of head life, which surpasses both user expectations and current PMR-based lifespans in most cases. Seagate’s internal HAMR-based Mozaic 3+ drives have proven to be more durable than the four or five years that most customers anticipate modern PMR drives to last (assuming an average amount of reads and writes).

More than 500,000 times have been tried and tested

Seagate currently have over 500,000 Mozaic 3+ units produced and tested, and they have ten years of experience manufacturing products integrated with HAMR and related technologies behind us. Seagate is collaborating with partners and customers globally to get insightful input on the launch of these tried-and-true solutions.

Seagate continues to be proactive in meeting the growing demand for data storage globally by investing time and resources in advancing areal density through Mozaic 3+ solutions.

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Cheekuru Bhargav
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