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Micron 3500 SSD: A game-changer for specialists and gamers

The personal computer (PC) has evolved into a versatile tool that caters to a broad range of users. Gamers and business people stand out among these users. Their shared desire for an enhanced user experience unites them despite having different needs. This common goal influences workstation and PC design in distinctive ways.

Solid state drives, or SSDs, have become an essential part of improving client device user experience through increased speed, dependability, and power efficiency. Generally speaking, client SSDs fall into two categories:

Value client SSDs: These SSDs combine price, performance, and functionality in a harmonious manner. In order to save the cost of the onboard DRAM, they frequently use a “DRAM-less” architecture that offloads some storage tasks to the PC host memory buffer.. Their price and user experience combine to make them perfect for everyday computing applications.

Performance client SSDs: These SSDs perform better than value client SSDs and provide a better user experience. These are becoming more and more common in professional and gaming PCs that demand high performance. They are frequently built with onboard DRAM caching to aid enable faster performance and responsiveness.

Experience with professional and scientific computing

Computers are essential tools in the fields of science and industry. They make tools for product creation, project management, data analysis, and more possible. Data transfer rates, dependability, and security are key components of the user experience for applications used in business, science, and other professional domains.

Users of professional and scientific computers frequently manage several activities at once, therefore the most demanding apps require PCs with strong processors, lots of RAM, and performance-level client SSDs. An ideal user experience is guaranteed by these requirements.

User experience in gaming

The explosive growth of the gaming industry has propelled improvements in PC technology. Performance and responsiveness are critical components of the user experience for games. Games are resource-intensive programs that need fast hardware in order to load large graphics sets quickly. Fast processors and potent graphics cards are common features of gaming PCs.

Performance SSDs improve gameplay by cutting down on scene changes and game loading times.

DirectStorage for Video Games

A solid SSD will normally transmit compressed data to the CPU for decompression before forwarding it to the GPU for rendering. Decompression, though, requires CPU cycles and time. By sending all of the data straight to RAM and ultimately the GPU, Microsoft DirectStorage circumvents this issue. Bypassing the CPU, this optimizes the entire data transmission, decompression, and rendering process in the GPU.

Faster data transfers that optimize the benefits of a high-performance SSD are the outcome of using DirectStorage. Currently, only two PC games—Diablo IV from Blizzard Entertainment and Forespoken from Luminous Productions—support DirectStorage. Future PC games should support DirectStorage more as drivers become more optimized for it.

The Micron 3500 NVMe SSD is revolutionary

With the release of the Micron 3500 NVMe SSD, Micron has improved. With regard to the most demanding client applications in professional computing, science, gaming, and content production, this new client performance SSD provides an industry-leading user experience.

Through faster insights and increased productivity, the Micron 3500 SSD improves productivity in a variety of professional computing applications.

  • Applications in the life sciences, medicine, and science perform up to 132% better.
  • Graphic arts, media and entertainment, and 3D modeling all score up to 74% higher.
  • Applications for product development receive up to 71% higher scores.
  • PCMark 10 yields up to 38% higher results.

The Micron 3500 SSD is the best performing SSD on the market for client PCs, therefore it will help you perform better. Gain a crucial edge and load games like Valorant up to 38% faster with the Micron 3500. For DirectStorage games of today and tomorrow, the Micron 3500 is future-proofed and capable of DirectStorage.

The world’s first 200+ layer NAND is the foundation of the Micron 3500, a client-performance SSD with important features like:

  • Defense against power outages (data at rest)
  • Controlled heat management by the host
  • Using DRAM to increase caching and improve performance
  • Firmware is enabled without a reset.
  • SMBus Basic Management Command (BMC) for Thermal SMART
  • Support for power-loss signals
  • Tool for executive management at Micron Storage
  • Security AES
    • 256-bit encryption based on hardware
    • Block sanitization and cryptoerasure
    • TCG Pyrite 2.01, TCG Opal 2.02

When it comes to the most demanding client programs for professional computing, science, gaming, and content creation, the Micron 3500 SSD leads the industry in terms of user experience. OEM and ODM clients can now order this new SSD.


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