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The 2022 DRAM Module Supplier of the Year is Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology created 2022 DRAM Module Supplier of the Year

Commanding the Market: Kingston’s Unassailable 78.12% Market Share

In a resounding affirmation of its industry prowess, Kingston Technology Company, Inc.’s affiliate stands tall as the paramount third-party DRAM module supplier for 2022. The latest revenue-based rankings by TrendForce unequivocally place Kingston at the zenith, boasting an astounding 78.12% market share, with a revenue totaling $13.5 billion USD. This achievement not only cements Kingston’s top-tier status but also marks an unparalleled 20-year reign as a recognized world leader.

A Decades-Long Reign: 20 Years at the Pinnacle

The enduring success of Kingston Technology is underscored by its two-decade-long dominance in the DRAM module sector. The company’s unbroken streak at the forefront speaks volumes about its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

TrendForce Report: A Global Recognition of Kingston’s Supremacy

The accolades bestowed upon Kingston in the TrendForce report are a testament to its resilient performance in the face of a challenging market. Despite a 4.6% year-over-year decline in DRAM module sales industry-wide, Kingston’s revenue experienced a marginal dip while solidifying its position as the global leader.

The Power of Brand Scale: Kingston’s Robust Strategy

Consumer buying trends for electronic products encountered headwinds from high inflation, impacting several market players. However, Kingston’s robust brand scale and a comprehensive product supply chain acted as a shield, mitigating the decline and preserving its preeminence in market share rankings.

Market Landscape: Kingston’s Commanding Presence

The report reveals that the top five memory module houses globally accounted for a staggering 90% of total sales in 2022. Kingston, with its dominant market share of 78.12%, emerges as the indisputable leader. The chart below, sourced from TrendForce, outlines the rankings of the top 10 DRAM module suppliers in 2022.

image credit to kingston’s

Innovation Beyond Boundaries: Kingston’s Product Evolution

In 2022, Kingston’s award-winning Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules underwent a transformative redesign. The introduction of white heat spreaders offers users the freedom to choose the color that best aligns with their individual style. In an era where system aesthetics matter, Kingston provides modules that complement both traditional all-black systems and the burgeoning trend of all-white PCs.

Insights from Kingston: Navigating a Demanding Business Landscape

Iwona Zalewska, DRAM Business Manager at Kingston, EMEA, reflects on the 2022 findings from TrendForce. “The findings not only highlight Kingston’s ongoing expansion and adaptability but also underscore our resilience and significance within the industry,” she remarks. “Maintaining our top position for the 20th consecutive year is a testament to our enduring dominance.”

About Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP, alongside Kingston Technology Company, Inc., operates within the same corporate group. Kingston stands as the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. From big data solutions to laptops, PCs, and IoT-based devices like smart and wearable technology, Kingston plays a pivotal role in delivering the technology that shapes our daily lives. The world’s foremost PC manufacturers and cloud-hosting companies rely on Kingston for their manufacturing needs, showcasing the trust placed in Kingston’s passion-fueled technology.


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