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HP Alliance Expands Uno Single Cell Dispenser Access

Access to Uno Single Cell Dispenser

HP , a pioneer in microfluidics technologies, recently revealed that it has partnered with Tecan, a leading company in laboratory automation for diagnostics and life sciences globally, on a new commercial agreement that will enable researchers in pharma and life sciences across the globe to use the Uno Single Cell Dispenser. Through this collaboration, HP is reaffirming its commitment to providing regular access to innovative technologies that could revolutionize the way they conduct cost-effective and expedited drug discovery.

With its fast, dependable, simple-to-use, accurate, and cost-effectiveness when compared to industry alternatives, the single cell dispenser now available under Tecan’s brand as the Uno Single Cell Dispenser uses HP sensing and inkjet technology to assist researchers in isolating and analyzing single cells, thereby reducing complex and labor-intensive workflows. With the introduction of the D300e Digital Dispenser by Tecan in 2015, HP’s first fully featured life science product has aided thousands of drug discovery researchers. This new technology improves upon that product.

“Chemie Dudenhoefer, Manager of HP’s Life Science Solutions Business, stated that pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research labs globally are searching for affordable solutions that reduce labor-intensive processes.” Because HP inkjet-based technology adds value and helps streamline workflows in the expanding fields of proteomics, genomics, and cell line development research, HP life science solutions are known for their innovative edge. In addition to extending they collaboration with Tecan, they are eager to fully utilize this ground-breaking technology.

Proteomics and genomics researchers and pharmaceutical businesses, such as the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, which is renowned for its revolutionary proteomics work, were among the early adopters of the Uno Single Cell Dispenser. The Wyss Institute’s single cell proteomics SCREEN workflow has been automated as a result of the Uno Single Cell Dispenser’s deployment. This has allowed researchers to comprehend a variety of protein expression patterns that are present across cell populations, which is a vital first step in understanding illnesses mechanisms. For large-scale projects, mass spectrometry time is less of a bottleneck than sample preparation because of the ability to have exact volume dispensing and consistent outputs.

Bogdan Budnik, Ph.D., of the Wyss Institute, stated, “This collaboration represents a critical turning point in they ability to grow single cell proteomics research.” The Uno Single Cell Dispenser’s ability to achieve extremely precise low volume inkjet dispensing is assisting The Wyss Institute in boosting sample prep throughput and quantitative reproducibility. Regarding single cell biology, they are thrilled about the opportunities that HP’s technology presents. Going ahead, they are excited to observe how this partnership fosters innovation in the medical field.

Future personalized medicine may be shaped by single cell research, which may enable effective production of customized medications and vaccinations according to each patient’s needs. The extended collaboration with Tecan opens up the use of HP’s dependable inkjet-based digital technology for single cell research applications to non-specialist laboratories as well, potentially shortening the time it takes to develop these potentially life-saving medications.

“The field of single-cell research will be advanced with a cutting-edge product that seamlessly integrates performance, ease of use, and affordability,” stated Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Laboratory Automation at Tecan. “Tecan’s profound knowledge of lab automation and global reach in Life Sciences, combined with HP’s legacy and expertise in inkjet-based microfluidics”. “This tactical partnership between HP and Tecan expands they offering of comprehensive application solutions and enables they clients to drive global healthcare innovation.”

The Uno Single Cell Dispenser’s usability and functionality will continue to be improved by HP, which also intends to advance its industry-leading microfluidics and sensing technologies to enable even more cutting-edge scientific research. New features that address the Single Cell Dispenser’s workflow execution will be added eventually.

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