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iOS 18 Beta May Change Face ID App Lock and Dark Mode

Apple iOS 18 Beta

Apple revealed iOS 18 beta, its latest mobile operating system. The keynote speech was full of fascinating announcements about new features intended to improve the iPad and iPhone user experience, as was to be expected. Here’s a thorough analysis of the salient features:

Face ID App Lock and Improved Privacy Settings

App Lock using Face ID

Apple continues to place a high focus on security. The much-needed Face ID app lock functionality is now available in iOS 18 beta. Now, users may use Face ID to shut down particular apps, providing an additional degree of security for confidential information. Social media sites, banking apps, and other apps that hold private information will find this feature especially helpful.

iOS 18 Beta Update

iOS 18 beta enhances overall device security through numerous enhancements, going beyond Face ID. Anticipate improved tools for managing passwords, more stringent app sandboxing to separate any dangers, and a stronger security architecture.

Apple is redesigning the Privacy Dashboard to offer a more thorough understanding of the ways in which apps obtain user data. The rights provided to each app will be easier to see on the revamped dashboard, and you can quickly cancel them as needed.

Dark Mode Icons and App Widgets Boost Personalisation

App Icons for Dark Mode

A much anticipated feature of the iPhone is the integration of Dark Mode into the home screen. Those who used to be blinded by bright white backdrops can now experience a fully immersive dark experience across their smartphone. In addition to enhancing appearance, this lowers OLED display battery usage. Furthermore, the rumours regarding the dark app icons in Dark Mode have come to pass. A more cohesive and eye-catching appearance is produced by this small adjustment.

App Widget Customisation

Apple is extending the capabilities of app widgets, enabling users to rearrange and resize them to create a more unique home screen experience. Users are now able to customise their home screen with the features and information that are most important to them thanks to this more freedom.

AI Inclusion A Look Towards the Future

Throughout the presentation, there were hints which were not confirmed that suggested Apple was becoming more and more focused on artificial intelligence (AI). Among the possible applications of AI in iOS 18 beta are the following:

Siri improvements

Apple’s virtual assistant may get an AI-powered boost. This could boost natural language processing, context awareness, and user personalization.

AI may be utilised to foresee user requirements and proactively make recommendations inside the operating system. Consider functions like automatically modifying notification settings based on user behaviour or recommending widely used apps at particular times of the day.

Today is Developer Preview Beta Day

Apple followed the WWDC keynote today with the customary release of the iOS 18 Developer Preview beta. The purpose of this version is enabling developers to verify compatibility and test their apps on the new operating system. A broader group of people will be able to test out the new features prior to the official release when the public beta launches later this month.

Expected to launch alongside the iPhone 16 in September is a stable release

September is when Apple usually publishes the stable version of its latest iOS version after the beta testing phase. This year, the iPhone 16 series will probably be unveiled at the same time as the official release of iOS 18 beta, which will facilitate a smooth transition for first-time iPhone customers.

Additional Expectations

While the main focus of the speech was on new features, iOS 18 beta is probably going to have a tonne of little tweaks and bug fixes. The following are some more places that could see improvements:

Performance Optimisations

With every update, Apple makes a continuing effort to enhance performance. More improvements to battery life, app startup times, and general system responsiveness are anticipated in iOS 18 beta.

Accessibility Features

Apple has a reputation for being a leader in accessibility. In order to increase the usability of iPhones and iPads for all users, iOS 18 beta may include new features or enhance already existing ones.

Interaction of Health and Fitness

Given the increasing significance of wellbeing and health, iOS 18 beta may deliver new apps with a health-focused focus inside the ecosystem or closer interaction with Apple Watch health capabilities.

iPhone users have made a promising progress

Users of iPhones and iPads will find iOS 18 beta to be an appealing update. There’s comfort in knowing that security and privacy improvements are prioritised, and there are more personalization options to suit different tastes. The intriguing prospects for a future experience that is more intuitive and user-centric are hinted at by the possible incorporation of AI. Users may get a sneak peek at what’s to come and get ready for the final release later this year with the public beta launching soon and the developer beta available now.

iOS 18 Beta Release Date

The iOS 18 beta developer preview is anticipated to be made available later today, June 10, 2024, after Apple’s WWDC presentation.

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Gowri Priya
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