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Adobe Illustrator AI Create Stunning Vector Graphics

Adobe Illustrator AI

The current state of technology has radically changed due to artificial intelligence, and Adobe didn’t want to fall behind. New AI-based capabilities have recently been added to Adobe Illustrator AI, one of the company’s most well-known creative applications along with Photoshop, and we can already tell you that they’re really interesting.

Who among the creatives hasn’t occasionally desired that Adobe Illustrator AI could “read” their minds and produce artwork on the spot? That will stay science fiction for the time being, but Adobe has accomplished something similar: Illustrator can convert textual descriptions into vectors.

What creative hasn’t fantasised about Adobe Illustrator AI having the ability to “read” their minds and produce vector graphics on-the-spot? That may still be science fiction, but Adobe has accomplished something fairly similar: Illustrator can translate text into vectors. The finest aspect? Feel free to give it a shot.

Next, we’ll walk you through using this capability and a lot more to make the most of Adobe Illustrator AI features.

Adobe Illustrator makes the transition from text to vector graphics simple

Adobe has included one of the most intriguing and practical features in Illustrator the ability to “translate” a text description into a vector graphic thanks to artificial intelligence.

We can create vector graphics from scratch with Adobe Firefly by utilising just our words. Tell the programme what you would like to appear and the type of motif or scenario you would like it to create. Illustrator will provide multiple possibilities based on your directions; you can select the option that most closely matches your needs. The final images will show up as editable groups that you can change whenever you’d like.

You’ll also see that it’s a rather straight forward procedure. All you have to do is take the following actions to quickly create your own graphics:

  • Choose among the Star, Polygon, Ellipse, or Rectangle tool. You’ll see that Properties has a new sub menu on the right labelled Text to Vector Graphic (Beta). If there isn’t a menu visible, select Window from the Adobe Illustrator AI top bar. Next, select Text to Vector Graphic (Beta) once more.
  • Subject, Scene, Icon, and Pattern are the four categories of options available in Text to Vector Graphic. As you can see below, each of them creates a distinct type of graphic:

Subject: Produces an intricate vector painting devoid of a backdrop.

Scene: Builds an entire vector scene.

Icon: Like Subject, Icon generates a precise vector drawing without a background, making it perfect for grouping logos.

Typical: Fills a shape with the previously mentioned pattern.

  • After selecting all the options you want to use, click the Prompt box and fill in the details about the kind of graphic you need to create. It’s critical that you speak in an understandable and straight forward manner. The idea is to use simple language.
  • Additionally, Illustrator provides a really intriguing function named Reference Asset. It is located under Styles, under Properties. With the aid of this tool, the created object will more closely resemble the project you are working on. You’ll notice that Styles offers two options:

Art: Guarantees that the created object’s style corresponds with the surrounding vector or flat image of the chosen illustration.

Picker: Lets you select any object’s style in the illustration.

Additionally, you can change the generation’s intensity (between Minimal and Complex) in Settings, a section that is also included under Properties.

Use AI to create a pattern from scratch

Artificial intelligence makes designing patterns in Adobe Illustrator AI easier than ever.

  • First, use the Direct Selection tool in your project to decide where to apply your pattern.
    Navigate to the Pattern option in Text to Vector Graphic.
  • As previously, you must describe the kind of design you would like to create, along with its style and appearance, in the Prompt. To achieve the best outcomes, always remember to utilise short, direct language.
  • You can further customise your designs by choosing colours or using presets when producing patterns, among other choices.

Making substitute colours in Illustrator

Additionally, we can quickly alter the tones of an illustration with the use of Adobe Firefly technology. Simply list the colours you want for your project, and Adobe Illustrator AI will take care of the rest. There’s no muss, no hassle. In this manner, you can quickly experiment with many modifications and see how they would seem. Put it into practice by giving it a try and doing the following:

  • Choose the object or illustration you wish to change before adjusting the colours. The Selection tool is able to help with this.
  • Click the Edit button in the top bar. Next, choose Generative Recolor and Edit Colours.
  • You will need to choose which colour scheme or colours you want to use in place of the ones that are already used in the Prompt box. You can try out a few of the options found in the Samples section of the same panel.
  • As an alternative, you can select a colour combination right away in the Colour section, which is located directly behind the Prompt box. Illustrator will produce a number of samples according on what you select.

Adobe Illustrator AI features

To use Adobe Illustrator AI, Photoshop, and other suite products, you must have a monthly or annual membership. With Adobe, you may select from a number of options to find the plan that best meets your requirements.

Keep in mind that Adobe provides a complimentary seven-day trial, which is limited to one use, so make the most of it.

Adobe Illustrator AI comes with the capability to create a vector design from a description and the flexibility to replace colours, unless the user resides in China. Additionally necessary is a steady Internet connection, particularly if you wish to profit from artificial intelligence.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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