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Next-Gen iPad Air & Mini: OLED Display Upgrade in 2024!

It is anticipated that Apple would release new iPad Pro versions equipped with an OLED display the following year, maybe after Spring. Initially, it was speculated that the handsets will debut with M3 CPUs in this year; however, current sources say that Apple has delayed the debut of the chip until the following year.

The new OLED display, which will be available on both of the iPad Pro’s display sizes when the new versions are released, is one of the most significant new features that will be included. According to a recent source, Apple is planning to release the OLED iPad Pro the next year, and then they want to use the same display technology in their iPad Air and iPad mini lineups.

Apple plans to implement OLED display technology on the iPad Air and iPad mini after the debut of the new iPad Pro in the following year.

Since the current iPad Pro models appear and feel somewhat similar to the one released in 2018, a significant overhaul of the product is a distinct possibility. Along with the use of an OLED display, the business will likely reduce the size of the display’s bezels. Both the mini-LED display on the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen and the LCD panel on the iPad Pro with an 11-inch screen will be outclassed by the new panel when it is released. ETNews reports that after the launch of the OLED iPad Pro, the display technology would be included into the iPad Air and iPad mini in “subsequent releases.”

It was recently claimed that Apple would not release any iPads this year since the firm is preparing to sell its entry-level and budget iPad models next year. The reason for this decision was given as Apple preparing to launch its entry-level and budget iPad models next year. To be more specific, Apple will release the iPad mini 7, iPad Air 6, and iPad 11 in the spring of the next year, all of which will have updated internal components.

It is anticipated that the gadgets will continue to use the same design at least until the end of the next year or the beginning of the next two years. An problem known as jelly scrolling, which is a result of the LCD technology, affects the iPad mini 6, and it may be frustrating to use. As a result, adding an OLED display to the iPad mini family of products alongside the iPad Air might be really beneficial.

The inferior LCD screen that comes with the 11-inch iPad Pro model, in contrast to the superior mini-LED display that comes standard on the 12.9-inch form of the iPad Pro, which uses Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion technology. However, it would be preferable to have consistency across the portfolio. Apple’s decision to separate the two devices into separate categories is a reflection of the market that the iPad is designed to serve. In comparison to LCD and mini-LED technologies, the OLED display, which is scheduled to become available on both models, will provide a number of advantages. The display’s reduced power consumption and increased saturation levels will result in an improvement to the color reproduction.

iPad Air OLED Display Technology Launch Date

When we first started working on this article, we assumed that it would be years before Apple would use OLED display technology on the iPad Air and iPad mini. It is possible that the business may provide updated screens for the iPad Air and iPad mini as early as 2025 or 2026. Please keep in mind that the information presented here is only conjecture at this point since Apple retains the right to make the ultimate decision. As soon as we get any new information, we will be sure to share it with you guys.

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