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BrainBox AI Introduces the ARIA Virtual Assistant

The first virtual building helper, known as ARIA (Artificial Responsive Intelligent helper), was introduced today by building technology pioneer BrainBox AI. ARIA, which integrates smoothly into daily building management procedures, is meant to improve building efficiency. It is powered by the most recent generative AI technology with Amazon Bedrock. Like Iron Man and Jarvis, ARIA is a unique combination of technology and creativity that makes it the go-to partner for facilities managers. Specifically designed for usage in commercial and retail settings, ARIA has the predictive capacity to avoid issues with operations while keeping an eye on a building’s blind spots, hence revolutionising conventional facilities management.

Using the cutting-edge autonomous AI technology from BrainBox AI as its internal compass, ARIA offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of a building’s data, focusing on its systems and components to generate recommendations for strategic decision-making that are not only accurate but also comprehensively informed. A two-way exchange is fundamental to the architecture of ARIA. In addition to giving it instructions to do certain duties, building operators and facility managers can also rely on the virtual assistant to make decisions and provide direct advice on how to operate their building in the most effective and efficient way going forward.

Customers may easily transition their conversations from desktop to mobile without missing a beat by using ARIA to “call” others via text or voice. The round-the-clock generative AI engine of ARIA assists customers in organising and optimising their buildings. Building management becomes proactive instead of reactive with this master feature, which also raises the building’s value and directly supports an organization’s sustainability initiatives.

“Their customers can reach their specific objectives for decarbonisation, energy consumption, and operational efficiency with the aid of ARIA’s intelligence and intuition, which utilises AI in really novel ways. Cofounder and chief technology officer of BrainBox AI Jean-Simon Venne remarked, “Building teams can focus on more value-driven tasks by assigning mundane operational tasks and repetitive analytics to ARIA.””Generative AI has shown its unlimited potential in every industry in two years. It is a valuable tool to any company looking to remain ahead of the curve in efficiency and innovation, as shown by its quick acceptance by the market and fast expansion.

The totally autonomous feature of the organisation is based on Amazon Bedrock and is encircled by a special blend of AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, and Amazon Athena services. A wide range of tools enabling BrainBox AI to create generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI are provided by Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that provides a selection of top-performing foundation models from top AI businesses and Amazon via a single API.

BrainBox AI can use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate innovation and create readily scalable AI-powered products thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS). BrainBox AI made an official announcement in January announcing its entry into the AWS Partner Network, an international network of AWS partners that pool resources, knowledge, and programmes to develop, promote, and sell client services.

According to Howard Wright, vice president and global head of startups at AWS, “Amazon Bedrock was designed to help companies build transformative generative AI solutions and get to market faster.” “They are thrilled to see ARIA realized a groundbreaking solution that will transform building operations and empower facility managers worldwide to improve energy consumption and decrease emissions. emissions even more than they have been able to do with BrainBox AI’s current solution.”

As it continues to set the standard for built environment solutions, ARIA is BrainBox AI’s lasting imprint on the generative AI field. By lowering HVAC energy expenditures by up to 25% and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%, ARIA significantly improves building operations management when combined with BrainBox AI’s core AI for HVAC technology. This major invention that significantly advances the company’s goal of using AI to help preserve the world excites it.

Regarding BrainBox AI

BrainBox AI was created in 2017 to address the built environment’s biggest issues carbon emissions and energy usage. BrainBox AI, a decarbonisation pioneer, leverages AI in its innovative HVAC technology to make buildings smarter, greener, and more efficient. BrainBox AI provides real estate customers in a variety of industries with enhanced services, including office buildings, hotels, grocery shops, airports, and more, via strategic worldwide collaborations.

Its workforce of over 170 individuals, with its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada, a worldwide centre for AI, brings talent from various sectors of the business world together with the shared goal of healing the planet. Research partners of BrainBox AI include the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), MILA Quebec AI Institute, and academic organisations like McGill University.


What are the benefits of ARIA?

Improved Efficiency: ARIA can help facility managers optimise building operations, reducing energy costs by 25%.
ARIA can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by optimising energy use.
Proactive Management: ARIA analyses data and suggests solutions before issues arise, improving building management.

How does ARIA work?

Generative AI: ARIA uses generative AI to get new data insights to improve building operations.
Data Analysis: ARIA analyses building system and component data to optimise energy usage.
Communication: ARIA can advise and answer facility managers.

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