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Samsung’s Revolutionary Display Under-Camera

Samsung is now developing a display that will have no bezels and an under-display camera, which has the potential to completely transform the smartphone industry

It would seem that Samsung Display is now working on a display that is completely devoid of bezels. At the present, the only thing that we are aware of is the fact that development on such a screen has begun, and that it is currently in the idea stage. Other than that, we do not know anything much. If, on the other hand, this concept does materialise into something that is fully functioning, then the day will not be too far off when we will start seeing smartphones that do not have any bezels at all.

Because of Samsung, bezel-less phones could become a reality in the near future, but do we really need them

During the Display Business Forum 2023 event, the managing director of Samsung Display, Jung Yong-wook, made the announcement that the company intends to produce a bezel-less concept device. And knowing Samsung, that day is not far away when we start seeing a plethora of devices with such a display. And although the next generation of Galaxy S phones is not going to be receiving this update, it is wonderful to state that we are going to look into some truly amazing smartphones in the future. Moreover, that day is not far away when we start seeing a plethora of devices with such a display.

The executive said how Samsung display is attempting to produce something that would provide consumers with a seamless experience by working on an under-panel camera as well as a zero-bezel concept product. The executive also mentioned that the goal of these efforts is to create something that will be available in the near future. You may have a peek at the slide that the source provided for you to see.

It is now reasonable to assume that Samsung intends to use 3D lamination, edge brightness control, and a more advanced under-panel camera in their future products. The most recent smartphones will hit the market with screens that have no surrounding bezels thanks to the combination of all of these factors. Of course, it is still something that we haven’t seen on the market, and given how development is made in the smartphone sector, it will be some time before we start seeing this technology. Nevertheless, it is something that we are looking forward to seeing.

To tell you the truth, I like the concept of a smartphone that does not have side bezels. But on the other hand, it does frighten me because if the bezels are removed, the screen will fall from the edges, and there is a possibility that the phones will become more brittle, in which case we will want stronger screen protectors.

It is also important to keep in mind that just because Samsung Display has chosen to demonstrate what they are now working on does not always guarantee that this will be included into their finished product in the near future. Take this information with a grain of salt since there is always the potential that the project will be scrapped totally due to the fact that we have seen something similar occur in the past.




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