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Dell Alienware x16 gaming laptop with windows 11 Review

Alienware x16 Gaming laptop

Operating system: Windows 11 is the available distraction centre

With its futuristic Lunar Silver colour, striking AlienFX lighting, and mind-blowing performance, it has an abundance of technology both inside and out to leave you in complete wonder. Regretfully, this holds true for everyone in your vicinity.

Increased AlienFX illumination

Discover their most recent AlienFX masterwork. Anyone within eyeshot won’t be able to look away thanks to the vibrant stadium shape lighting, recognizable Alienware head logo, and optional multi-touch AlienFX precision touchpad and keyboard. Use the revamped Alienware Command Centre to customise your lighting settings with effects like morph, flash, or solid even some new, exclusive effects on x16 and build themes inside specific zones.

X16 Alienware

Stadium lighting using micro-LEDs

Transform your space with striking, recognisable lighting that has 100 tiny LED lights for a brilliant, flowing, and instantly engaging appearance.

Unique consequences

Discover three brand-new stadium lighting effects that are exclusive to the Alienware x16: Rainbow Wave, Loop, and Scanner.

Unique consequences

Discover three brand-new stadium lighting effects that are exclusive to the Alienware x16: Rainbow Wave, Loop, and Scanner.

Individual key lighting

With the Alienware Command Centre, you can add almost limitless colour effects and combinations to your gaming experience.

Touchpad AlienFX

Their multi-touch AlienFX touchpad, which is 15.5% larger than the x15’s touchpad and features integrated scrolling and customisable illumination, is back.

Legend enhanced

The Legend 3 design is more upscale, textured, and futuristic than before, right down to the tiniest detail. With its soft edges, the system’s recognisable stadium form is pleasant and easy to grasp. The product has a distinctive appearance and premium feel due to its metal structure and two-tone finish. High-quality materials maintain the sleek design and overall performance while providing further thinness and structural rigidity.


The stadium shape, which adopts a new minimalist style, is ergonomically created for comfortable everyday use.


Improved airflow for better overall performance is made possible by the redesigned, raised perimeter foot design, and the V-rail edges allow for a rapid, simple opening and more comfortable palm rest.


The combination of the Lunar Light-magnesium alloy rear and they new Lunar Silver colour on anodized aluminium creates an incredibly upscale appearance and feel.

Alienware x16 dimensions

With an optimised 16:10 display aspect ratio and a complete metal chassis made of anodized aluminium and magnesium alloy, the opulent graphics of the x16 are meant to wow both on and offscreen.

Best possible viewing

Thanks to the 11% extra pixels and 16:10 aspect ratio, you can see more in your vertical field of vision.

Smooth gameplay. Beautiful pictures

Enjoy seamless gameplay with quick refresh rates and a beautiful QHD+ display thanks to Dolby Vision.

Engrossing sound

  • Six speakers blast you with Dolby Atmos sound for a more fully immersive gaming experience.
  • Airflow is made possible by enhanced foot design, which improves performance all around.

Play with assurance

Use Alienware to make sure your gaming performance is never jeopardised. The electrical and mechanical engineering method known as “cryo-tech cooling technology” keeps the system functioning and stable even during the most taxing games. In addition, your laptop has a tonne of the newest technology that are intended to deliver superb 16-inch gaming performance.

Alienware x16 review

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics deliver breathtaking graphics that immerse you in the game.


The groundbreaking AI-driven graphics technology DLSS 3 on NVIDIA has changed the way acceleration works. GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs power DLSS 3, and AI is used to improve frame clarity.

Alienware x16 4090

Architecture by Ada Lovelace

GPUs from the GeForce RTX 40 Series are designed to run games more smoothly than ever thanks to enhanced ray tracing, AI performance, and power efficiency.

Ray Tracking

Ray Tracing Dedicated RT cores in GeForce RTX graphics allow you to experience textures, intricate lighting, and the most lifelike in-game landscapes possible.

Enhanced Potency and Efficiency

Resizable Bar, one of the innovations in the NVIDIA Max-Q portfolio, allows the CPU to access the whole GPU frame buffer at once, enhancing in-game performance.

Incredibly responsive platform

NVIDIA Reflex technology is designed to help you win by swiftly and intelligently reducing lag between your mouse, GPU, and display.

Engrossing sound

With Dolby Atmos, you can immerse yourself in the game with an enhanced auditory experience that puts you front and centre. With AI-driven noise suppression via intelliGo, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in games and hear sounds, voices, and instruments as if you were in them.

Complete Mastery

With the brand-new Alien ware Command Centre, you have more control than before.

Adjustments and overheating

Performance defaults let you play to the fullest while overclocking gives you the speed you require.

Overlay performance

Without leaving the game, view and control the CPU, GPU, RAM, and thermal statistics.


Customise your setup with keybinds, calibration, and lighting options that cover all of your Alienware accessories.


Turn on and off monitor-based overlays with AlienVision to help you concentrate on the targets in front of you.

Seamless gameplay experience

With the Alienware ecosystem, the Alienware x16 is made to provide an exceptional gaming experience both at home and on the road. Take advantage of features like Dolby Atmos sound, Cherry mechanical keys, and amazing refresh rates wherever you game.

Their most recent. The best of us

When together, Windows 11 and Dell computers offer the finest possible experience.

A more serene desktop is the result of an exciting new design. While desktops let you arrange your open windows, Snap Assistant lets you focus on your workflow.

Teams on Windows 11 enables you to call, talk, and create plans from your PC to any other computer, phone, or tablet.

Alienware x16 price

The configuration you select will determine how much the Alienware x16 gaming laptop costs. The starting price for the base model is about $4,600 USD.

Alienware x16 release date

On April 11, 2023, the Dell Alienware x16 R1 was actually released sooner than anticipated. A release date for the Alienware x16 R2 is not yet known.

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