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Galaxy S25 Series Rumors: Bigger Screen, Refined Bezels?

Galaxy S25 rumors

The S25 Galaxy, Samsung’s next big phone, is coming soon. The company’s next flagship phones will be the best, but we’re still a while off. To remain among the greatest Android phones, we expect the Galaxy S25 to make all the required iterative improvements. Considering the Galaxy S24’s Galaxy AI features, Samsung will likely add more attractive AI-powered features on the Galaxy S25.

We want to see the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, and leaks have started revealing what to expect. We’ve covered the Galaxy S25, S25 Plus, and S25 Ultra here.

Samsung Galaxy S25 release date

History shows that Samsung introduces its flagship series in January or February. At Galaxy Unpacked on January 17, 2024, the Galaxy S24 was revealed and released on January 31, 2024. Based on it, we expect the S25 Galaxy to be announced and released in 2025 near those anniversaries.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S24 a week sooner than the Galaxy S23, so it will be fascinating to see whether they do so again for the Galaxy S25. That could conflict with its previous CES 2025 announcements.

Samsung Galaxy S25 price

Galaxy S25 cost shouldn’t vary much. The Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra cost $799, $999, and $1,299, respectively, with the S24 Ultra increasing in price from the previous year. The Galaxy S25‘s pricing should stay the same unless Apple raises the iPhone 16’s price later this autumn.


Increasing the Galaxy S25’s display size is one quick method Samsung might make a big design change. The screen of the S25 Galaxy, according to well-known leaker Yeux1122, will grow from the 6.2 inches of the Galaxy S24 to a somewhat larger 6.36 inches. This would essentially equal the rumoured higher display size of the iPhone 16 Pro. We believe that because Samsung reduced the bezels on the S24 compared to the S23, the phone itself would be slightly bigger than the S23, mostly to accommodate the larger screen.

The Galaxy S25‘s overall design should be recognizable, with the possible exception of a bigger display. This means that the titanium frame should remain exclusive to the S25 Ultra, while the S25 and S25 Plus should have the same Armour aluminium frame. However, when more leaks surface, there’s still a good chance that things will change.

Samsung made a point of noting how the three Galaxy S24 variants feature panels with a brightness of 2,600 nits. But none of them even came close to living up to their claims in benchmark testing. That won’t stop the business, though, from making this one specific feature better with the Galaxy S25.

The Mura effect on the Galaxy S24, which results in a clouding effect when the display’s brightness is lowered, is a display problem that Samsung cannot afford to encounter again. We confirmed that the Mura effect was produced by both the Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra by testing this out.

Performance of the Samsung Galaxy S25

Qualcomm’s upcoming chipset may enhance Galaxy S25 speed, according to early leaks. Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipsets, which are expected to exceed 4GHz, may power the Galaxy S25. The Galaxy S25 may have an advantage over its competition due to Qualcomm’s purportedly 3-nanometer manufacturing process for its next-gen chip.

The Galaxy S24’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, which clocks in at 3.3GHz, is a source of excitement. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 should boost power and efficiency. The Galaxy S24 series improved battery life significantly.

The Galaxy S25 may use the Exynos 2500 instead of Qualcomm technology, according to a rumour. That seems unlikely, especially since a later source indicated Samsung will employ the Exynos 2500 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 in the Galaxy S25. Another Galaxy S24-like move.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra topped the 2023 best camera phones list, proving Samsung’s photography dominance. That changed with the Galaxy S24’s contentious downgrade to a 5x optical zoom camera in the S24 Ultra.

With the zoom test, there was a discernible difference between the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra, thus Samsung will need to do better than this with the Galaxy S25 Ultra. The initial reports present a tempting image, suggesting that it will receive an improved primary camera, a 50MP ultra-wide angle camera (instead of the S24 Ultra’s 12MP one), and a new telephoto camera with “variable capabilities.”

The Galaxy S24 Ultra was rumoured to experience the latter, but the S25 Ultra seems like a more fitting option. It could imply, on the one hand, that we have a telephoto camera that is flexible in terms of zoom, but it could also signify something else. Consider the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s variable aperture, which has the ability to be adjusted to multiple levels. Since the Ultra has long been known for its zooming capabilities, we sincerely hope Samsung can live up to the hype in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus

Regarding the cameras on the Galaxy S25 and S25 Plus, there are less rumours at this time. One of the few signs that Samsung would be moving from the ISOCELL camera sensor it was previously using to a Sony one. Whatever becomes a reality, Samsung cannot afford to lose to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is currently atop the list of the greatest camera phones.

Battery and charging for the Samsung Galaxy S25

In particular, assuming the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4’s claimed power efficiency holds true, the Galaxy S25 might shatter existing records. The Galaxy S24’s three variants all easily have significantly longer battery lives than their predecessors, and since the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is allegedly being built using a 3-nanometer manufacturing method, the Galaxy S25 may have even longer battery lives.

At minimum, the Galaxy S25 should have the S24’s battery capacity. Samsung’s flagship series has been said to include stacked batteries, but the S25 isn’t likely to acquire them.

Phone charging needs improvement. Samsung has preserved the Galaxy S24’s 25W wired charging speed, so an update for the Galaxy S25 would be huge. That’s because the S24 Plus and Ultra have 45W wired charging. The OnePlus 12 proves that a phone can be fully charged in 30 minutes, thus the S25 series has even more room to improve charging.

And lastly, as the Galaxy S9 only supported 15W wireless charging, Samsung will also need to increase the wireless charging speed in the Galaxy S25 series. Now that the OnePlus 12 boasts an absurd 50W wireless charging speed, an update is well overdue.

Galaxy AI Features on the Samsung Galaxy S25

With the S24, Samsung unveiled a few Galaxy AI features; with the S25, the company will need to develop even more. Numerous functions of Galaxy AI, such as Instant Slow-mo, Generative Edit, and Voice Recorder Summaries, have been put to the test by us, and the results show that many of them have real-world uses. Still, some people teeter on the brink of novelty.

Although a Samsung executive mentioned the idea of integrating generative AI capabilities into the Bixby personal assistant, no leaks have been released regarding the new Galaxy AI features that the Galaxy S25 may bring. But everyone is wondering if they would only be available on the S25 Galaxy or if they will be added to earlier versions. This is due to a software update that brings many of the Galaxy AI features of the Galaxy S24 which were previously exclusive to older Samsung phones.

With the S25 Galaxy, Samsung faces a formidable opponent. Its flagship phones are undoubtedly under more pressure because, when the Galaxy S24’s processing power and battery life are taken out of the picture, the improvements are negligible at best. This is especially true now that the S23 has access to the same Galaxy AI functions. Larger improvements to the Galaxy S25’s cameras and charging times are even more crucial.

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