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Tested: Samsung Galaxy S24 with Corning Gorilla Armour

Corning Gorilla Armour is a revolutionary mobile device display material. Since its release in January 2024, Gorilla Glass has become the most scratch-resistant and durable.

The Corning Gorilla Armour is now available.

The Samsung and Corning have worked together for almost 50 years. Corning have taken their connection to new heights using Corning Gorilla Armour.

Samsung’s S24 Ultra sports the toughest, scratch-resistant, and most optically advanced Gorilla Glass ever, giving it unrivalled durability and visual enjoyment.

Important Corning Gorilla Armour features include:

Resilience and longevity

Gorilla Armour is our toughest Gorilla Glass.Gorilla Armour surpasses aluminosilicate cover glasses three times in drop tests on concrete-like surfaces, according to Corning.
The strongest Corning Gorilla Glass product is Gorilla Armour. Gorilla Armour performs up to three times better in drop tests compared to competitor aluminosilicate cover glasses when placed onto surfaces that replicate concrete, according to tests conducted in the Corning laboratory.

Scratch Resistance

Corning has developed a new laboratory test called the “Scratch Bot” in order to simulate the tiny scratches that are generated by the normal wear and tear that occurs on a daily basis. Over the course of this exhaustive examination, Gorilla Armour exhibited no apparent scratches and displayed a scratch resistance that was more than four times greater than that of competing aluminosilicate cover glasses. The scratch resistance of Gorilla Armour is also four times higher than that of aluminosilicate cover glasses, which are the industry standard. Because of this, you will have less need to worry about the screen of your phone being damaged by the normal wear and tear that it experiences.

The performance of optics:

The reflectance of Corning Gorilla Armour is reduced by up to 75% when compared to that of a conventional glass surface. This improves the readability of displays and decreases the amount of screen reflections in almost any setting.

The surface of the glass with specific ions in nanoscale levels, with each layer being thinner than a human hair. In the end, a high-tech material is produced that decreases glare by as much as 75%, which makes the display more legible and minimizes screen reflection even when exposed to intense interior lighting or bright sunshine. Partnership for Teamwork from the earliest Galaxy smartphones to the latest, Samsung has used Corning Gorilla Glass. This illustrates decades of vital collaboration. Corning Gorilla Armour outperforms prior Gorilla Glass in quality and performance. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and optically superior, making it a great mobile device screen protector.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the only phone with Corning Gorilla Armour. This material will likely be utilised on more goods in the future.

Custom-made Corning Gorilla Armour glass protects the Galaxy S24 Ultra from scratches and glare. In a new movie, Samsung Electronics takes viewers behind the scenes to experience the technological accuracy and advanced engineering that went into developing Corning Gorilla Armour.

The film highlights the extraordinary optics, incredible endurance, and next-level clarity of the display, and it features the most recent example of the breakthrough technology that Corning Incorporated has developed.

Corning Gorilla Armour is the product of a meticulous procedure that covers

Because of this technique, the glass display is made more durable, allowing users of the most recent Galaxy smartphone to benefit from increased protection against the normal wear and tear that progressively deteriorates displays over time. Corning Gorilla Armour exceeded the scratch resistance of competitive display glasses produced from aluminosilicates by more than four times, according to tests conducted in the Corning laboratory.

The manner in which Corning manufactures this amazing display material in a very sterile environment using vacuum deposition technologies is yet another aspect that may be of interest to consumers. To make semiconductors, Samsung employs the same technique as is being discussed here.

Over the course of more than half a century, Samsung and Corning have collaborated on the development of novel display materials. Below is a video that will teach you more.

Laboratory tests

Scratch Bot

In laboratory tests, Gorilla Armour outperformed competing aluminosilicate cover glasses in terms of scratch resistance by a factor of almost four.

Test of the Drop Tower

In comparison to competing aluminosilicate cover glasses, Gorilla Armour, a new material set for the S24 Ultra, performs up to three times better on drops in lab testing.


Does Gorilla Armor protect against all drops?

Although Gorilla Armour provides a noticeable increase in drop protection, the degree of protection may change based on the surface, height, and impact angle.

Will everyday use scratch a Gorilla Armor screen?

Compared to earlier Gorilla Glass iterations, Gorilla Armour is intended to endure scratches from keys, coins, and general wear and tear much better.

Does Gorilla Armor affect the look or feel of the phone?

Like the original Gorilla Glass, Corning Gorilla Armour is designed to be lightweight, thin, and preserve a clear, premium appearance.

Does Gorilla Armor impact display quality?

When compared to ordinary glass surfaces, Gorilla Armour really reduces screen reflection, improving display readability.

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