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Galaxy AI’s Most Recent Update Now Supports More Languages

Samsung Galaxy AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) characteristics seen in Samsung Galaxy smartphones, primarily in the S24 series, are referred to as “Galaxy AI.” In 2024, these functions may be extended to previous models. The following is a summary of what Galaxy AI provides:

Galaxy AI features

Improved camera features

  • It automatically enhances images by implementing enhanced zoom, improved low-light capabilities, and object removal editing tools.
  • Real-time language translation is possible with Galaxy AI, including real-time phone and message translation.

Usage in general

  • It can be integrated with a number of applications to provide capabilities like keyboard translation and enhance the user experience in general.
  • Samsung intends to provide some of the functions of Galaxy AI, which is now exclusive to the S24 series, to older smartphones and tablets later this year.

Three additional languages, Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian, together with three new dialects, Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French, will soon be added to Galaxy AI, according to a statement released by Samsung Electronics today. Apart from the current 13 languages, Samsung enables a greater number of Galaxy users globally to use mobile artificial intelligence. Samsung intends to introduce four additional languages later this year, including the traditional Chinese and European Portuguese, in addition to these new languages and dialects. These languages are Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “We are dedicated to democratising mobile AI for everyone. Galaxy AI‘s language expansion this year will enable more Galaxy users to converse across languages on a scale never before seen by Samsung.” “We’re going to keep pushing the boundaries of mobile AI experiences and technological innovation to give even more users the tools they need to reach their full potential.”

Samsung Galaxy AI assistant

Descriptions of Galaxy AI Features

Booking reservations while travelling or having a conversation in your grandparents’ original tongue is now simpler than ever thanks to Live Translate, which provides two-way, real-time audio and text translations of phone conversations.

Through an intuitive split-screen interface, Interpreter can interpret live conversations quickly, enabling persons seated across from one another to see a text translation of the other’s words.

Whether you’re sending a courteous message to a colleague or a quick, attention-grabbing statement for a social media caption, Chat Assist can help you master conversational tones by producing context-aware recommendations to guarantee communication sounds as it was meant.

Note Assist can provide cover pages, pre-formatted templates, and summaries created by AI to increase your daily productivity.

Transcript Assist summarises, translates, and even transcribes audio recordings using artificial intelligence (AI) and speech-to-text technologies.

Browsing Assist creates brief summaries of news stories and online pages so you may keep informed about current events while saving time.

The newly supported Galaxy AI languages and dialects will be made available for download as language packs via the Settings app, with the release of these packs scheduled for April and subsequent months.

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI

Bixby voice assistant

With its voice assistant Bixby, Samsung is enabling simple and smooth AI use in the daily lives of Galaxy users, a world where artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy AI earlier this year, ushering in a new age of mobile experiences. With the help of Galaxy AI’s integration with Bixby’s voice activation features, users can now quickly and easily activate these functionalities by just speaking, empowering their daily lives. By using Bixby, customers may instantly access and utilize Galaxy AI features without having to physically browse through their smartphone for the function they want.

Bixby: Hands-Free AI Empowerment

Utilising Galaxy’s user-friendly voice-activated functions, like as Live Translate, is made simpler with Bixby. Even more smoothly, users may experiment with features like automatic note covers, real-time translation, typo correction, and site summaries.

Consider the role of an interpreter. Next time you’re talking to a non-native speaker, say, “Hey Bixby, turn on Interpreter,” and you’re fine. You won’t spend time finding and utilising Interpreter.

You won’t have to slow down to get the function you need. Even more accessible than at your fingertips is Galaxy AI. With just a single voice command, you may take advantage of these new opportunities, which include increased productivity and barrier-free communication.

Global Accessible AI

Samsung is committed to provide all of its customers, wherever they may be, with amazing daily experiences. All supported languages—Chinese, English (US, UK, and India), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Latin America) will have Bixby activation of Galaxy AI applied to it.

How to use Galaxy AI

Use of Galaxy AI capabilities requires a Samsung Galaxy phone running the most recent software version; these phones are usually from the S24 series or upwards. Here’s a summary of how to use some of the main functions:

Circle Lookup:

  • This enables you to look up anything on the internet using your screen.
  • To search for a word or picture, draw a circle around it while holding down the home (or centre) button.
  • After that, Galaxy AI will use Google Search to provide details on that particular piece of material.

Improved Capabilities of Camera:

  • Photos on the camera app are automatically optimised by Galaxy AI.
  • No special settings need to be enabled for this.
  • AI supports the following features:
  • Zoom: Sharper distant images thanks to improved zoom quality.
  • Low-light performance: Boosts picture brightness and minimises noise in low light.
  • Object rubber: Enables you to take pictures after they are taken and eliminate undesired items from them.

Real-time Interpretation:

  • Real-time translation of conversations, including phone calls and SMS, is possible with this capability.
  • Assume that you have internet connectivity before using live translation during a call.
  • Press the “AI” symbol when on the phone and choose “Call assist.”
  • Selecting which languages to translate between is important.
  • The chat app you’re using may have live translation built into it. For translation choices, go through the app’s settings.

Additional Features

  • In order to provide features like smart answers and keyboard translation, Galaxy AI can also interface with other applications.
  • The particular features you use will vary based on the app.
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