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Customer Solutions by DXC and AWS: Inspiring Cloud Experiences

Amazon Web Services and DXC Technology(DXC and AWS), a Fortune 500 global technology services company, announced they are expanding their long-standing partnership to help customers accelerate their cloud-centric IT journey.

The companies will help over 1,000 of DXC’s major IT Outsourcing (ITO) customers speed their cloud journeys. DXC customers may cut IT infrastructure costs, improve innovation, and get the best reliability and security by shifting their workloads to AWS. To boost innovation and efficiency, DXC, a major global systems integrator, chose AWS as its cloud provider.

“Amazon are proud to be working with AWS to modernize their customers’ IT infrastructure,” stated DXC Chairman, President, and CEO Mike Salvino. This enlarged agreement motivates Amazon and their customers to expedite key enterprise system cloud migration. The best generative AI, analytics, compute, database, machine learning, and storage technologies from AWS will be used to update and increase Amazon clients’ important workloads. The transformation strategy should also help DXC go from operational stability to improved performance.”

“AWS and DXC will help change what’s possible for enterprise customers and set them up for long-term success,” said AWS CEO Adam Selipsky. Companies that adopt the cloud experience immediate benefits including improved innovation, lower costs, and new and distinct growth potential. AWS will train over 15,000 professionals on AWS to help DXC adapt to cloud-based service delivery.

While expanding their relationship over several years, DXC and AWS will establish three strategic elements for customers:

Cloud modernization and migration accelerated

Customer core business platforms are moving from on-premises infrastructures typical of old IT outsourcing to the cloud’s flexibility, reliability, and scalability. AWS and DXC are scaling their migration techniques, solution accelerators, and large-scale cloud migration capabilities. After the initial move, DXC and AWS will help these customers modernize.

Workforce change

AWS and DXC are working together to drastically increase DXC’s cloud talent pool. Using role-based training and learning, both firms will train and certify 15,000 DXC experts over five years. This highlights DXC’s leadership in cloud migration and complicated IT estate management. Customers can now use more highly skilled and sophisticated AWS-certified resources for cloud migration and modernization.

Transforming Assets

The AWS and DXC partnership will help customers replace aging data center facilities and IT assets with flexible, secure, and sustainable cloud technology. This will boost DXC and client cloud adoption and lower operating costs. Some of DXC’s data centers will be sold.

DXC and AWS customers, stakeholders react to strategic transformation agreement:

“This is great news,” explained Ferrari S.p.A. CIO Silvia Gabrielle. Amazon collaborate with DXC and AWS to use technology to improve design and craftsmanship at Ferrari. Both firms know how vital ICT system stability, security, and scalability are to our business. Amazon passion to progress drives us to work with these partners.”

“We are delighted to partner with both DXC and AWS to help us on our digital first transformation journey as we bring together our decades of insurance market experience, our people’s expertise, and the power of technology to deliver speed, energy, agility, and resilience to our customers,” said Lloyds COO Bob James.

“Operational excellence is critical to meet the world’s energy demands, and Baker Hughes continues transforming our infrastructure to make energy safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet,” said CTO Anthony Krebs. The partnership between AWS and DXC, two industry leaders, will speed their operational optimization.”

Rick Villars, Group Vice President, IDC, said, “A modern IT environment is critical for enterprises expanding their digital engagement with customers and taking advantage of data to improve decision making. DXC and AWS’ transformational cooperation targets old infrastructure, worker skill gaps, and capital-intensive cost models that are the main hurdles to timely modernization.

Looking Ahead

All non-historical claims in this press release are “forward-looking statements.” These statements cannot be guaranteed by current expectations and beliefs. Many assumptions, risks, uncertainties, and other variables are beyond of our control and could significantly alter findings. Readers should not trust forward-looking statements, which are only accurate as of the day they are made. We do not alter or revise forward-looking statements or disclose events or circumstances after this report’s date unless required by law or reflect unanticipated events.

DXC Technology

Global enterprises choose DXC Technology to modernize IT, optimize data architectures, and ensure security and scalability across public, private, and hybrid clouds for mission-critical systems and operations. The world’s leading enterprises and public sector organizations trust DXC to improve IT performance, competitiveness, and customer experience.


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