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Discover Amazon One Enterprise with AWS

Amazon Web solution, an firm, unveiled Amazon One Enterprise, a palm-based identity solution for comprehensive and easy-to-use authentication that improves enterprise security and prevents costly security breaches, at AWS.

The new service allows organizations to quickly, easily, and contactlessly grant employees and other authorized users access to physical locations (e.g., data centers, office and residential buildings, airports, hotels and resorts, and educational institutions) and digital assets like restricted software resources. Amazon One business eliminates the need to handle badges and PINs for business authentication. The AWS Management Console lets IT and security managers install Amazon One devices and manage users, devices, and software upgrades.

Today, corporations identify employees and other authorized users to access buildings and software resources via badges, fobs, PINs, and passwords. Traditional approaches have similar security flaws. PINs and passwords are readily forgotten, guessable, or shared, while badges and fobs can be lost, copied, cloned, or stolen. Manual verification, time-consuming credential management, and physical ID production are also required for many traditional authentication methods. Not remembering or resetting badges, PINs, and passwords can frustrate, waste time, and impair employee productivity.

Although biometric technologies like iris scanning and fingerprint identification are not always reliable, organizations have used them to overcome these problems. Customers seek deployment and administration solutions that break user authentication silos. An organization may employ badges for building access but passwords for software and digital assets. Administrators must handle different authentication methods without visibility into all allowed access around the enterprise. IT and security administrators seek a centralized view of authentications (e.g., who accesses a location or software resource when), device usage, and software upgrades.

Amazon One business is a new, fully managed service that uses an easy-to-use biometric identification device to regulate business access securely and accurately. Every level of the service is secure, from multi-layered security measures in the Amazon One device to data in transit and the cloud. Amazon One Enterprise matches biometrics using palm and vein imaging with 99.9999% accuracy, better than scanning two irises. The new service’s palm-recognition technology employs advanced AI and machine learning to establish a palm signature linked to a badge, employee ID, or PIN.

Your palm signature is a unique numerical vector formed from your palm image that cannot be copied or impersonated. IT and security administrators can install and activate Amazon One devices on-site for Amazon One Enterprise. The console lets administrators manage all aspects of user authentications, including monitoring installed devices, managing software updates, and getting analytics on user enrollment and usage, saving time and effort. Customers also save money on fobs, badges, and other IDs because staff use their palms for authentication. Amazon One Enterprise supports OSDP and Wiegand, industry-standard access-control protocols.

Dilip Kumar, vice president of AWS Applications, said Amazon One Enterprise’s palm recognition technology provides highly accurate identification that boosts an organization’s security and streamlines authentication management with lower operational overhead. Amazon One Enterprise gives security administrators a centralized view of all user authentications, making managing multiple access control solutions easier. Businesses value user privacy and convenience, allowing them to access physical places and software assets with a palm hover.

Amazon One Enterprise improves employee convenience. Palm authentication replaces numerous authentication techniques, allowing employees to access physical and digital assets. In under a minute, a person can enroll by hovering their hand over an Amazon One enrollment device and linking it with their organization’s preferred ID, such as badges, PINs, and passwords. After enrollment, users can unlock doors, entry gates, and other barriers by hovering their palm over an Amazon One device connected to popular physical access control systems.

Amazon One Enterprise authenticates users for web apps and software on desktops or other enterprise systems. These users’ privacy is a cornerstone of Amazon One Enterprise. In the new service, palm photos, user passwords, and other metadata are immediately encrypted using industry-leading encryption technology and delivered to a private Amazon One Enterprise service account in the AWS Cloud with all of AWS’s security and isolation capabilities. Personal palm data is encrypted with a unique key for privacy. The Amazon One device’s Unenroll feature lets employees remove their palm data when they leave or unenroll, or an IT administrator can do it using the AWS Management Console.

Amazon One Enterprise can be previewed in the US

Boon Edam is a leading maker of security doors, turnstiles, and revolving doors worldwide. “Our mission at Boon Edam is to protect what matters most to our customers by creating an ideal secured entry solution,” stated Boon Edam Americas president Patrick Nora. Amazon One Enterprise lets us offer authorized access utilizing palm biometric technology, which improves security and workplace convenience. AWS customers can keep traffic flowing, prevent unlawful entrance, and reduce access monitoring time.”

Over 6,000 IHG establishments & Resorts establishments are in over 100 countries. “We are excited to work with Amazon One Enterprise for a more secure, efficient way to manage authentication and access our systems,” said IHG global head of Identity and Access Management Nick Krieble. Amazon One Enterprise gives employees a new and quick way to identify themselves and access our software systems by hovering their palm over the device. This strategy will simplify authentication, allow staff access to the tools they need, and make access easier than ever.”

Security business Paznic streamlines and modernizes financial institution access control and safety deposit box management with technology. “Our goal at Paznic is to deliver solutions to meet the demands of financial institutions and high security environments that hold important and valuable assets,” stated CEO Jonathan Curelar. Amazon One Enterprise will allow us restrict room and safety deposit box access to authorized users without pins or passcodes. AWS are excited to deploy Amazon One Enterprise across their sites to improve their safety deposit box experience and provide the greatest level of security and customer satisfaction.”

The most secure, broad, and reliable cloud, AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure offers over 240 fully featured services from data centers in 102 Availability Zones in 32 geographic areas. “Amazon One Enterprise raises our security bar while providing a convenient experience for our workforce,” stated AWS Data Centers Global Security Director Kevin Harris. Legacy radio frequency identification systems are vulnerable and require human checkpoint verifications. Amazon One Enterprise simplifies authentication and reduces physical breaches by providing secure access to authorized individuals without extra verification. AWS hope to expand Amazon One Enterprise to all locations.”

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