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Amazon CodeCatalyst’s New Blueprints & Enterprise Tier!

Amazon was thrilled to present the new custom blueprints and enterprise tier of Amazon CodeCatalyst today.

The new Amazon CodeCatalyst enterprise tier includes project lifecycle management and configurable blueprints among other capabilities. Each enterprise tier space receives 1,500 compute minutes, 160 Dev Environment hours, and 64GB of Dev Environment storage per paying user. The enterprise tier costs $20/user per month. Custom blueprints can be used to specify best practices for your infrastructure, workflows, and application code. These blueprints can be published to your CodeCatalyst area and used to create new projects or add standards to already-existing ones.

Using blueprints, you can quickly build up projects and begin writing code. You can easily build up project files and setup integrated tools (such issue management, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and source repository) using built-in best practices for your specific project type with a few clicks. If necessary, you can switch out well-known apps like GitHub without compromising the cohesive experience. Over the course of the project, you spend less time developing, integrating, and running developer tools.

You can specify different aspects of your CodeCatalyst project, such as application code, infrastructure as code (IaC), and workflow definitions, using bespoke blueprints. Any project that uses a custom blueprint receives updates in the form of pull requests whenever the blueprint is modified. This expedited procedure guarantees that best practices are uniformly implemented throughout your projects and lowers setup costs. As an administrator, you have visibility into how standards are being implemented throughout your projects with ease by viewing information about which projects in your CodeCatalyst space are using each blueprint.

Making a unique CodeCatalyst blueprint

You can navigate to my space after opening the CodeCatalyst console. You pick Create blueprint after selecting Blueprints from the left navigation pane on the Settings tab. You have now formalized your’s best practices into this framework. You will publish it back to your area when it’s ready so your teams may utilize it to work on projects.

Your blueprint may be viewed and managed in your CodeCatalyst space through the Settings tab once it has been published. You select Blueprints from the left panel. You choose Space blueprints next.

To start a CodeCatalyst project using my personalized blueprint, you choose Create project > Space blueprints.


You can deploy to any commercial region, however the US West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) regions are where you can access the Amazon CodeCatalyst enterprise tier.

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