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Easy Direct Peering: Verified Peering Provider Programme

Google Cloud Direct Peering

In the era of cloud computing, users require highly available and straightforward networking options. Many clients use Direct Peering, a connection solution made for carrier-level network operators, to access Google Workspace, Google Cloud, or Google APIs. These operators possess the internal know-how to oversee Direct Peering connectivity, which frequently necessitates intricate routing configurations to safeguard against outages. Nevertheless, not every customer is eager or equipped to handle Direct Peering connections because of these intricate operating requirements.

Many clients are also utilising latency-sensitive secure access service edge (SASE) solutions at the same time, or they are transitioning to SD-WAN solutions hosted on Google Cloud that use the internet as a means of transportation. In order to achieve low latency and highly available connectivity, these clients need to know where internet service providers (ISPs) are connected to Google’s network with enough degrees of redundancy. However, acquiring this connectivity data frequently necessitates extensive and time-consuming technical research, which causes needless diversion from essential business functions.

They are pleased to introduce the Verified Peering Provider (VPP) programme, a new service that makes connecting to Google’s network easier, in an effort to address these issues. ISPs who provide enterprise-grade internet services and have complied with numerous technical standards, such as having a variety of peering connections to Google, are recognised by the Verified Peering Provider programme.

Google’s website contains details on every Verified Peering Provider, including markets where they provide internet services, redundancy information, and locations of their Google network connectivity. You can choose a supplier who can manage all the difficulties of Direct Peering with Google by using this list of Verified Peering Providers, which gives you visibility into where Google is connected to Google Cloud Verified Peering Providers.

There are several benefits to using a Verified Peering Provider for your connectivity requirements:

Google Direct Peering

The hassle of maintaining Direct Peering connectivity is eliminated when connecting to Google using a Verified Peering Provider. You can concentrate on your main business as Verified Peering Providers take care of all the Direct Peering connectivity-related tasks, such as capacity management, network operations, provisioning, and troubleshooting. Google users do not have to fulfil Google’s technical Direct Peering standards in order to use a Verified Peering Provider.

Enterprise-grade connectivity

To obtain internet services, you can deal directly with a Verified Peering Provider. Verified Peering Providers provide a range of internet services tailored for businesses, from high-bandwidth IP transit to business-class internet access. Concerns with internet connectivity can also be operationally supported by Verified Peering Providers.

GCP Direct Peering

In order to minimise latency changes during network failures, each Verified Peering Provider complies with requirements such having redundant and physically diverse connectivity to Google’s network. There are two ISP tiers recognised by the Verified Peering Provider programme: gold and silver. When it comes to physical diversity, Gold Verified Peering Providers are connected to Google in several different metropolitan areas, while Silver Verified Peering Providers are only connected to Google in one.

Beyond the network redundancy standards that Google Cloud previously revealed, there are additional requirements to become a Verified Peering Provider. Providers must also maintain current operational contacts in order to facilitate prompt troubleshooting in the event that network problems occur. Google conducts biannual validations of enrolled providers against programme requirements to guarantee that you will always receive high-quality service.

Broad provider base

Variety of suppliers They have been collaborating closely with several Verified Peering Providers to find methods to improve the network speed and experience for Google Cloud’s common customers. To build deep and diversified network connectivity to Google’s worldwide network, they have specifically worked with a wide choice of Verified Peering Providers. They have also provided this information to assist you in selecting the best provider for your workloads.

The opinions of Google Cloud Verified Peering Providers

Google Cloud is thrilled to introduce a few of their primary launch partners for Verified Peering Providers.

Light Bulb

One of the world’s most deeply peered networks is run by Lumen Technologies. Using the Lumen network, Lumen, a gold Google Verified Peering Provider, can offer straightforward connectivity options that are tailored for Google services. All publicly accessible Google services, such as Google Workspace, Google Cloud APIs, Google Cloud VPN, and Google Public IPs, are connected to high-performance levels via Lumen.


AT&T provides a range of internet services to assist companies in establishing cloud connections. Businesses may select a 5G internet connection option that best suits their cloud workloads and end user requirements thanks to fast, secure, and affordable fibre alternatives like AT&T Business Fibre, AT&T Internet Air for Business, and AT&T Dedicated Internet.


Arelion’s AS1299, the top-ranked Internet backbone globally, guarantees a direct path between content and end consumers. With 70% of all Internet routes coming from Arelion’s IP customer base and a highly developed Tier-1 network connectivity ecosystem, traffic is given a clear path to its destination, including Google Cloud.


The biggest telecom provider in Africa and Europe is Vodafone. With partnerships with mobile networks in 43 additional countries, Vodafone offers fixed and mobile services to more than 300 million users across 17 nations. It also boasts one of the biggest IoT platforms globally. More than 76 million consumers in eight countries are served by Vodafone’s financial technology operations in Africa, handling more transactions than any other supplier.

Telekom Deutsche

One of the top integrated telecommunications businesses in the world, Deutsche Telekom boasts over 252 million mobile clients, 25 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines. Its international wholesale division is called Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. Deutsche Telekom, one of the top carriers in the world, can meet the needs of over 900 external clients globally as well as the overseas affiliates of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

With a Tier 1 backbone found in more than 80 PoPs across more than 30 countries, Deutsche Telekom is the owner of one of the biggest IP networks in the world (AS3320). Deutsche Telekom has over 25 years of experience in the global wholesale communication industry. On the basis of the dependable, dependable, and superior quality of Deutsche Telekom’s global IP network, the company provides unmatched business-class IP Transit and Internet Access solutions.


Viewing the list of Verified Peering Providers or looking for the Verified Peering Providers emblem on participating providers’ websites are two ways Google customers interested in using a Verified Peering Provider can get started right away. Please be aware that not all ISPs are currently able to access the Verified Peering Provider Programme, which is presently being released as a limited rollout.

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