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Seamless Connectivity with AT&T and Dell’s Connected PCs

AT&T and Dell

A world where connectivity is essential makes reliable and secure network access more important than ever. AT&T and Dell‘s new campaign addresses modern business needs.

Meeting the Needs of Modern Connectivity

Cellular connectivity is becoming essential as technology develops, especially to meet the requirements of GenAI use cases and remote and hybrid workers. There is an increasing expectation that cellular connectivity will play a more significant role in the future, especially with the promise of 5G, according to research done by Dell on the GLG platform. Forrester Inc. states in Architecting Your Infrastructure For AI (December 10, 2023) that “cellular and satellite may be your only options for solutions that need to incorporate data from remote locations.”

Furthermore, connectivity is crucial for modern PC experiences in a variety of industries, not just for individual users. Connected PCs are viewed as vital tools that facilitate smooth communication and collaboration in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, and professional services.

Poor connectivity, one of the top three workplace technology challenges, still annoys many workers.Reliable connectivity is crucial in hybrid environments. According to recent data, 83% of workers prefer a mix of in-person and remote work, and 94% of companies have a hybrid structure.

Security Issues in the Era of Hybrid Employment as AT&T and Dell

Zero Trust Maturity

Notwithstanding the advantages of connectivity, security issues are a major concern, particularly in mixed work environments. Cybercrimes and security lapses are serious risks that are made worse by people’s growing reliance on public Wi-Fi networks. “Security professionals often overlook the fact that their employees, contractors, and other internal users enable many successful network compromises.” “In addition, Forrester’s Security Survey, 2022 revealed that an astounding 74% of security decision-makers estimated that their organization’s sensitive data was breached at least once in the previous 12 months,” according to Gauge Your Zero Trust Maturity, published by Forrester Inc. on March 10, 2023.

Security risks are increased by the integration of AI, especially when it comes to cloud-based apps and sensitive data. Data security becomes critical as AI applications spread throughout sectors like healthcare, customer service, and driverless cars.

Improved Safety Using Networked Computers

AT&T and Dell are launching a carrier promotion that prioritizes security while also improving connectivity in order to address these issues. Through the use of secure and encrypted cellular networks, linked PCs provide defence against cyberattacks and unauthorized access. These computers also meet the most recent security certifications and standards, offering complete security via Dell’s array of security products.

Integrated with ease and improved performance

Beyond security, connected PCs running on AT&T’s network provide improved performance and a flawless user experience. According to Forrester Inc.’s explanation in Architecting Your Infrastructure For AI (December 10, 2023), “Complex AI solutions can require high bandwidth and low latency, which can be challenging to accommodate AI applications’ data and computing needs with low-latency data transmission from 4G and 5G networks. Better support for mobile and hybrid workers will result from this, allowing for instantaneous connectivity and flexible work schedules without the inconvenience of tethering or depending on public Wi-Fi networks.

In its Market Guide for 5G Enterprise Data Services, Karen Brown, Tim Zimmerman, Jonathan Forest, Mohini Dukes, January 8, 2024, Gartner emphasises that 5G should be prioritised as amain connection option where wire line is unavailable.”Give 5G priority as the primary connection option for areas where wire line alternatives are insufficient or nonexistent.”

Encouraging Referrals: Making Connectivity Easy

The Carrier Referral Programme, which is the centrepiece of this campaign, aims to hasten the adoption of Connected PCs by streamlining the process of choosing, acquiring, and activating carrier data plans. The programme, which is aimed at any commercial customer in the United States who requires remote PC connectivity, offers customers who activate service on eligible plans discounted monthly rates from AT&T and up to a $100 bill credit.1.

Customers can also get concierge support from AT&T to help choose the best data plan and schedule service activation for a time that works for them. AT&T’s Head of Strategic Partner Sales and VPGM for Business Solutions, Margaret Rooney-McMillen, expressed her excitement about the company’s partnership with Dell. As the backbone of AT&T’s business, business workers depend on secure connectivity. They goal-driven concierge service places the needs of they customers first and is designed to support Dell’s Carrier Referral Programme. We expect this partnership to succeed.

Increasing Interconnectedness for the Future

The carrier promotion Dell has arranged with AT&T is a big step towards enabling future-proof connectivity. Through this partnership, the needs of businesses and consumers will be met in a way that will revolutionize the way that connectivity is experienced by both. To make connectivity easier, safer, and more accessible for everyone, AT&T and Dell are devoted to providing seamless integration, improved performance, and unwavering support.



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