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New DoD Capabilities with Google Cloud

Google Cloud for DoD Applications

Google Cloud provides fundamental infrastructure and distinctive services to help customers complete missions and commercial tasks. Google DoD and other public sector customers can innovate with unsurpassed security, scale, and service. What sets us apart from other cloud providers?

Security and compliance in software vs. hardware

Google Cloud views accreditation as a systems problem that can be solved with its distinct software and security stack. As Zero Trust pioneers, Google have adopted a unique approach to IL5 compliance across our infrastructure. Google Cloud infrastructure isolates sensitive workloads with Assured Workloads, an SDCC. Public sector customers can maximize security and use of their scalable platform using this method. Google meet and frequently exceed federal security regulations by concentrating on their capabilities’ security, including conformity with the current NIST standards. Modern cloud partners must provide security, computational power, and capabilities to public sector customers. Google assist customers in developing a safe, AI-enabled government beyond GovClouds.

Maintaining security should be simple. Google Cloud Assured Workloads lets clients switch their execution environment to meet their security and compliance demands.

Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) Hosted provides fully separated platforms with top-tier security. Air-gapped GDC Hosted manages infrastructure, services, APIs, and tooling without Google Cloud or the internet. It is designed to stay disconnected forever. GDC Hosted offers innovative cloud services including Vertex AI platform features like Translation API and Speech-to-Text. Based on the Kubernetes API, GDC Hosted uses prominent open source components in its platform and managed services. A marketplace of independent software manufacturers’ applications adds extensibility.

Google cloud supports the world’s largest consumer services

Google dedication to the most resilient and secure network is essential with six products having over two billion users apiece. Google manage about 25% of global network traffic. Their network is one of the world’s largest privately managed networks since they built it from scratch to handle this massive volume. Based on Google 14 subsea cables, this enormous network connects 39 regions, 118 zones, and 187 edge points in 200+ nations and territories. Google’s global network provides unrivaled capacity and low latency for a wide range of service members in tough places.

For U.S. public sector clients, Google Cloud currently has the most complete cloud service portfolio with nine supported regions and 28 zones. This lets federal, state, local, and educational organizations use Google Cloud’s security, performance, scalability, and efficiency. Google add essential IL5 offerings to support the largest consumer services.

The Google Cloud security focus extends to their network. Google prevented the greatest HTTP requests per second DDoS assault on one of Google Cloud clients and the largest network bits per second attack on our services. Google have the high bandwidth, low latency, and secure network Google Cloud consumers need thanks to this diligence. For Google public sector customers, our best-in-class infrastructure provides constant performance, security, and data residency controls to keep everything where you want it.

Google open source mindset fosters multi-cloud interoperability, and other providers follow suit

Google set the global standard for cloud platforms when Google open-sourced Kubernetes in 2014. Google managed Kubernetes platform, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), has unique features because Google invented Kubernetes. The world’s largest consumer platforms choose GKE because Google can scale Kubernetes clusters to 15K nodes. Anthos lets companies govern across cloud platforms, giving them genuine interoperability and flexibility even when other cloud platforms want to lock them in.

BigQuery Omni also helps customers maximize their data, wherever it resides. BigQuery Omni, powered by Anthos, queries data in other cloud centers and provides Google unmatched data technology to your data.

The right cloud for the job: Government commercial cloud power

Unlike other providers that offer segregated “government clouds” with poor performance and scalability, Google Cloud has IL 5 authorization across a growing collection of services in their commercial cloud, with all the reliability, scalability, and innovation benefits. All clients can collaborate securely without deploying a separate government cloud that is sometimes capacity limited, running obsolete software, and more expensive. Modern and sophisticated data and cybersecurity protection solutions have replaced legacy ways.

Google provide data insights and quick AI/ML technologies to help you move faster

Google Cloud has invested extensively in AI/ML services to meet their customers’ diverse needs. Google continue to assist customers achieve great AI results by expanding access to services with 120 language variants in Google text-to-speech tools or processing AI queries on TPU v4 chips 2x faster than the previous generation. Google are democratizing data by introducing AutoML and BigQuery ML capabilities so everyone can use AI/ML’s insights and decision-making capability. Commercial customers have benefited from the latest AI/ML capabilities with BigQuery at the center, and DoD can use the same technology.

Google safeguard your data

While generative AI is becoming more popular, tools like Duet AI are only a small part of what AI can do. Much more AI/ML is available on Google Cloud. Google export their custom models for Google customers to use with data security they manage.

Google AI services can create spectacular experiences and provide consumers full data ownership. Google don’t train their models with your data without your permission. Google cannot examine it without your consent and a genuine requirement to support your service use. Google exclusively train their consumer models on publicly available data. After creating Google Translate, picture recognition, and natural language processing models, Google make them available to cloud users. Your data is solely yours on this “one-way street”.

In addition to being sustainable, Google help you become so

Today, Google Cloud matches 100% of its emissions with renewable energy, and Google aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2030. Google share their sustainable knowledge with customers. Google Carbon Sense package lets Google Cloud users see and reduce their cloud emissions.



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