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CORSAIR RS MAX Series: 30mm-thick PC cooling fans


Corsair PC Case Fans

CORSAIR Elevates Performance of PC Fans In addition, Corsair revealed the introduction of the RS MAX Series, its first line of 30mm-thick PC cooling fans. CORSAIR’s skilled engineers have produced its best-performing fan with no compromises by fusing an oversized fan blade supported by Air Guide technology with an incredibly durable Liquid Crystal Polymer material. With the RS MAX Series, you can precisely modify fan speeds without an additional controller thanks to a straightforward 4-pin PWM header connection.

The RS MAX Series‘ 20% thickness increase over regular fans allows it to spin at a slower speed and produce the same amount of airflow as its thinner rivals, which reduces fan noise overall. The bigger fan blade of the RS MAX creates high static pressure, which powers airflow through dense radiators and obstacles, making it a great option for high-performance liquid cooling installations for enthusiasts that push their systems to the limit.

An improvement over the popular magnetic levitation bearing, CORSAIR Magnetic Dome bearings drastically reduce friction for longer lifespan and quieter operation. The RS MAX Series is a great option for PC builders who want to maximize performance without increasing noise levels in their system.

Corsair Case Fan

RS MAX Series Accessibility and Cost

The CORSAIR webstore and its global network of approved merchants and distributors are the current places to purchase the 120mm and 140mm sizes of the CORSAIR RS MAX Series.

The RS MAX Series is supported by a global network of CORSAIR customer care and technical support, as well as a five-year warranty.

Corsair New Fans

Fans of RS Max Series Performance

Out of the whole CORSAIR fan series, the CORSAIR RS MAX Fans provide the best static pressure performance. These fans ensure optimal system performance for any cooler by forcefully and effortlessly pushing air through radiators. These fans are the ideal addition to any high-performing system because they are 30mm thick, allowing for a larger fan blade, and made of sturdy Liquid Crystal Polymer for performance and durability.


PWM Range0%, 20% – 100%0%, 20% – 100%
Airflow16.5 – 72 CFM27.5 – 104 CFM
Speed0, 425 – 2000 RPM ±10%0, 400 – 1600 RPM ±10%
Sound Level10 – 29.5 dBA10 – 31 dBA
Static Pressure0.22 – 4.2 mm-H2O0.2 – 2.4 mm-H2O
Rated Current – Fan0.20A0.22A
Connection Cable4-pin4-pin
Type of BearingMagnetic DomeMagnetic Dome
Warranty5 Years5 Years

RETAIL KITS: There are four RS MAX Series models that may be bought.

Triple Pack of 120mm RS120 MAX Fans

  • Three RS120 MAX fans.
  • AIO Radiator Mounting Screws, 12 pieces.
  • Twelve HydroX Radiator Fasteners.
  • Twelve Quick-Turn Fasteners.

RS120 MAX 120mm Fan – Individual Unit

  • One RS120 MAX fan.
  • Mounting screws for four AIO radiators.
  • HydroX Radiator Mounting Screws, 4 pieces.
  • Four Quick-Turn Mounting Screws.

RS140 MAX 140mm Fan – Dual Pack

  • Two RS140 MAX fans.
  • Mounting screws for eight AIO radiators.
  • Eight HydroxyX Mounting Screws.
  • Eight Quick-Turn Fasteners.

RS140 MAX 140mm Fan – Individual Unit

  • One RS140 MAX fan.
  • Mounting screws for four AIO radiators.
  • HydroX Radiator Mounting Screws, 4 pieces.
  • A set of four Quik-Turn mounting screws.

A Pressurized static fan

Cooling fans called static pressure fans are made to effectively circulate air through densely populated locations. These fans are essential because they provide enough airflow in crowded spaces where airflow is impeded by radiators, heatsinks, and other parts.

Static pressure fans are designed to push air more forcefully than normal case fans, which makes them perfect for circumstances where they need to overcome impediments that would strangle ordinary fans. normal case fans priorities air flow volume over pressure.

They excel at keeping crucial components at their ideal temperatures thanks to their concentrated flow. In specialized cooling configurations like water-cooled systems or heavily constructed gaming rigs, they are the go-to option.

Greater fan blade size, improved cooling effectiveness

The 30mm thick construction of RS MAX Series is 5mm thicker than the typical. This improves cooling efficiency by enabling a bigger fan blade especially when compared to fans that are 25 mm thick.

Durable and powerful design

This fan uses liquid crystal polymer resins, known for their mechanical strength and heat resistance. Because it keeps the fan blade from buckling or bending under static pressure and ensures strong airflow at all fan speeds, this strength provides an added benefit.

PWM Management

PWM fans are a kind of computer fan that enables precise control over the speed at which the blades rotate. PWM signals transmitted by a fan controller or the motherboard are used to accomplish this control. PWM technology makes sure that your components stay cool when needed without constantly operating the fan at maximum speed. It does this by regulating the fan’s speed.

Better fan longevity, noise reduction, energy economy, and constant cooling performance are the advantages.

Magnetized Dome Accessories

There is no physical contact between the rotor and the bearing surfaces thanks to these bearings, which levitate the fan’s rotor via magnetic forces. These fans are incredibly silent since there is no physical contact, which lessens mechanical noise.

Fan Technology Patents

With the use of anti-vortex vanes, CORSAIR Air Guide Technology generates high static pressure and forces air past obstructions like heatsinks and high-density radiators.

Corsair Quickturn

CORSAIR QUIKTURN screws, which have a larger thread pitch, facilitate the installation of RS MAX Series with just one turn. These screws basically have very steep threads. Since computers and fans don’t move around much, they really don’t need the screws people’re used to. Just in case, standard screws are also included.

30 mm Thick CORSAIR RS MAX

The performance fan CORSAIR RS MAX is 30 mm thick and does not have RGB illumination. The fan’s performance is significantly improved by the improved blade design made possible by the thickness increase from the usual 25mm. Modern liquid crystal polymer materials, magnetic dome bearing technology, and air guide technology are all integrated within the RS MAX Series. It also has an incredibly accurate 0.8 mm space between the frame and impeller. With these developments, the RS MAX Series is now CORSAIR’s most advanced high-performance fan to date.



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