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Corsair RX Series Fans Incorporate iCUE LINK Ecosystem

CORSAIR expanded its disruptive iCUE LINK ecosystem with the iCUE LINK RX Series of PC cooling fans. This announcement underscores CORSAIR’s commitment to innovation and quality in the dynamic DIY PC market.

With its use of CORSAIR Magnetic Dome bearings, AirGuide technology, and in-house fan blade development, the RX Series fans are the epitome of technical excellence. These fans are designed for cooling efficiency that is unmatched in radiator and PC case applications. The company’s dedication to making the process of developing a personal computer more approachable and welcome to a wider audience is shown by its incorporation into the one-of-a-kind ecosystem that is iCUE LINK.

When it comes to radiator and case applications, RX Series fans have successfully established a new benchmark in terms of construction quality and airflow performance. It is the result of extensive research and development, painstaking performance optimization, and the use of cutting-edge materials such as Liquid Crystal Polymer (in non-RGB models) that this improved performance has been achieved. In addition, the fan blade and frame are constructed using glass fiber reinforcement, which increases the endurance of both of these components.

RX Series Fans Compatibility

You have the ability to precisely adjust your chosen fan speeds with the RX Series fans, which incorporates digital management via the iCUE LINK environment. The fan speeds may be set to up to 2,100 RPM (120mm) or 1,700 RPM (140mm). You may easily configure preset fan curves inside the CORSAIR iCUE software, and you also have the ability to do extensive fine-tuning in order to optimize the thermal requirements of your system.

“We set out on our purpose to create a set that could deliver top performance as either a radiator fan or a case fan,” stated Aaron Neal, Director of DIY Product Marketing at CORSAIR. “We believed that this fan would be able to fulfill both of these functions.” “In addition, they wanted to combine iCUE LINK technology in order to provide the most optimal construction experience possible. The RX Series is what they consider to be the product that fulfills all of those requirements and then more.

CORSAIR’s unique Magnetic Dome bearing generates nearly no friction, which reduces the amount of noise produced by the fan while simultaneously increasing its durability. Additionally, the RX Series fans and RX RGB fans are the first to use CORSAIR Quikturn screws, which, thanks to their one-of-a-kind threading, allow for installation with only a single twist.

Since its debut a year ago, the iCUE LINK ecosystem has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm in the do-it-yourself market due to the revolutionary approach it takes to the construction of personal computers. Through the use of a universal standard connection, CORSAIR has made the process of construction more user-friendly and simplified. This is because it allows for the chaining of various component types together.

Smart technology that is included into all iCUE LINK products provides intelligent communication in both directions with a single System Hub. This connection allows for the transmission of data and power to the full series of devices via a single port. The outcome is a significant reduction in the amount of time required for construction and a simplification of cable management, which eliminates critical obstacles to entry for newcomers.

Fans with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX RGB feature are offered in either black or white, whereas fans with the non-RGB RX feature are offered in a stealth black variety. The iCUE LINK System Hub is included in starter kits, which also feature either three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans. Utilizing single fan extension kits gives you the ability to add more fans to your iCUE LINK cooling arrangement.

Aspects of Availability and Cost

Fans from the CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX Series Fans and RX RGB Series are now available for purchase via the CORSAIR webstore as well as through the CORSAIR international network of authorized retailers and distributors.

In addition to the international customer service and technical support network that CORSAIR provides, the RX Series fans and RX RGB Series are covered by a guarantee that is valid for a period of five years.

The CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX Series Fans are what exactly are they?

The CORSAIR brand has introduced a new series of high-performance cooling fans.
Designed to be used in radiator applications as well as personal computer enclosures.
Software control may be achieved by integration with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK ecosystem.

When it comes to employing iCUE LINK, what are the advantages?

Allows for centralized control of all CORSAIR devices that are compatible with one another, including fans, lights, and other relevant components.
Simplifies the process of developing and customizing the system.

CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX Series Fans Specifications

TypeHigh-performance cooling fan
Sizes120mm, 140mm
Maximum Fan Speed2,100 RPM (120mm), 1,700 RPM (140mm)
LightingRX Series (non-RGB), RX RGB Series (with RGB lighting)
ControlDigital, via iCUE LINK software
Warranty5 years


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