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Arctic Liquid Freezer III: Powerful Cooling for CPUs

Ready Right Out of the Box – Simple to Install

The Arctic Liquid Freezer III comes with push-style radiator fans already mounted, making it ready for use right away. There is just one cable that has to be attached to the motherboard since the fan cables are incorporated into the hose jackets. You will get the MX-6 thermal compound with your order, so everything you need for a simple and rapid installation.

Arctic Liquid Freezer III, Future-Proof Accordance

Both AMD and Intel sockets are compatible with the Arctic Liquid Freezer III. In the future, Intel plans to introduce the new Arrow Lake CPUs on the LGA1851 socket. Customers in the Arctic don’t have to worry about buying new cooling in addition to the new CPUs. Complete compatibility is what we promise. With Intel’s new LGA1851 socket, everything Liquid Freezer III is compatible without restriction.

 Liquid Freezer III ready for installation
Image credit to Arctic

Superb Work

The Liquid Freezer III clearly outperforms the competitors in all price ranges according to independent testing, especially given its exceptional performance. The Arctic Liquid Freezer III demonstrates its full strength in noise-normalized testing, beating several rivals with its strong but silent performance.

Intel LGA1700 and LGA1851 contact frame
Image credit to Arctic

Intel LGA1700 and LGA1851 Contact Frame

The CPU is distorted by Intel’s Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM), which presses the CPU into the socket twice with more than 40 kg of force. Pressure builds up as a result of the PCB, die, and solder layer between the die and integrated heat spreader (IHS). When the heat load is significant, this might cause long-term issues. The ARCTIC mounting frame is fast and simple to install, significantly lowers the mechanical pressure on the CPU, prevents the CPU from deforming, and enables the cooler to be bolted into the CPU’s backplate. This minimises mechanical stress on the CPU and mainboard, maintains constant cooling performance, and makes installation simple and fast.

Strong and Quiet VRM Fan

When coupled with CPUs that use a lot of power, motherboard voltage converters often operate at their highest temperature. The updated VRM fan on the Arctic Liquid Freezer III makes up for the absence of airflow from a tower cooler. When there is inadequate VRM cooling, poor airflow, or overclocking, the 60 mm PWM-controlled fan provides almost quiet cooling of the socket region. This gives the voltage converters a longer service life and allows for a continually greater load.

Enhanced, Internally Developed Water Pump

A newly designed PWM-controlled water pump that has been further tuned for both performance and noise level comes installed in the Liquid Freezer III. With its longer fin surface and optimised water pipes, the Arctic Liquid Freezer III has an enhanced coldplate that boosts performance without sacrificing silent operation.

Total Command or Basic Command

Two control choices – two connecting cords

Separate regulation:

The radiator fan, VRM fan, and pump may all be operated separately by utilizing a splitter wire with three different connectors. For instance, this makes it possible to manage the VRM fan’s speed separately from the CPU and to use PWM to modify it analogous to the voltage converters’ temperature.

One-stop shop:

Similar to the Liquid Freezer II, this enables one connection to operate the whole machine, with the radiator fans’ speed serving as the output. This makes it simple to manage the pump, VRM, and radiator fans with a single PWM setting.

Installing Native AMD Offset

AMD has been producing Ryzen desktop CPUs utilising a multi-die chiplet architecture for a number of generations. In contrast to Intel CPUs, these processors have a slightly offset hotspot that is situated somewhat below the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader). Thus, to achieve optimal heat dissipation, the AMD mounting option includes a 5 mm offset.

Better Design for Radiators

By lengthening the fin stack, the 38 mm thick radiator’s cooling surface has been increased by 23%. This permits increased liquid volume in addition to better heat dissipation. As a result, the water cooling system’s heat buildup is slowed down, allowing power and temperature peaks to be efficiently controlled over an extended period of time.

Elevated Static Pressure

ARCTIC is dependent on the well-established P fans, who have won several accolades for their exceptional work. High fin density heat sinks and radiators are an ideal application for the P series. When compared to fans designed for high air circulation, they perform noticeably better because of their high static pressure.

Limited Support for a Small Number of Motherboards

Because certain motherboards include excessive SSD coolers in the M.2_1 slot, they cannot be used with the Arctic Liquid Freezer III. For impacted motherboards, we provide an appropriate M.2 cooler without charging you anything.

Extensive Variety

Liquid Freezer III varients
Image credit to Arctic

The Liquid Freezer III comes in three variations and four distinct sizes, all offering exceptional cooling performance. The A-RGB variants come in both black and white, with digitally programmable lighting for the radiator fans and pump head, while the Black version is entirely black. The Arctic Liquid Freezer III delivers the perfect blend of performance, technology, and style for everyone, with radiator sizes ranging from 240 to 420!

Dependability in Quality

In order to guarantee the durability of their goods, they conduct extended testing in various, sometimes quite harsh environments. They discover ways to continuously enhance their goods for their clients in this manner. Furthermore, the exceptional outcomes of extended testing provide them with the certainty that their goods are exceptional not only in terms of quality but also in terms of longevity. They are glad to transfer this assurance to their clients, which is why they provide a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.



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