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CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE LINK XH405i RGB cooling kits

iCUE LINK XH405i RGB custom cooling kits

The iCUE LINK XH405i RGB, the newest model in CORSAIR’s acclaimed Hydro X Series of custom cooling kits, was launched today. With the release of the first iCUE XH305i kits in 2020, CORSAIR completely changed the custom cooling industry by providing enthusiasts with a complete solution that makes custom cooling more accessible. Thousands of novice DIY builders have successfully gotten started in the hobby thanks to these kits. construction on this heritage, CORSAIR’s cutting-edge iCUE LINK technology, when combined with a sophisticated array of cooling components enhanced by RGB lighting, creates an even more immersive experience that greatly simplifies the construction process.


Image credit to CORSAIR

The XH405i kit comes with everything you need to assemble an impressive custom cooling system for your CPU that is enabled by iCUE LINK. It is available in stealth gray or white. This comprises a 360mm performance radiator, three gorgeous QX120 RGB fans, an elite D5 pump/reservoir combo unit, an efficient CPU water block, and more.

With the help of the revolutionary iCUE LINK ecosystem, which significantly lowers the complexity of component connections, the iCUE LINK XH405i RGB opens up custom cooling as a legitimate pastime for enthusiasts of all skill levels, not just the most committed builders.

With a hexa-flow cooling engine and a premium copper cold plate, the XC7 RGB ELITE CPU Water Block provides exceptional cooling performance. It supports LGA 1700 and AM5 / AM4 sockets and is compatible with a broad variety of Intel and AMD CPUs. The highly regarded D5 PWM pump powers the XD5 RGB ELITE Pump/Reservoir Combo, which also has an inbuilt 440ml nylon reservoir.

The bi-directional, intelligent iCUE LINK connection allows for next-level cooling performance management, made possible by the inventive in-loop temperature sensors included with both units. Additionally, the components that make up iCUE LINK ELITE are now smart, with separate microcontrollers inside that monitor and report temperatures and performance to the iCUE software and System hub that come with the kit.

Three QX120 RGB fans and an XR5 360mm radiator provide ideal heat dissipation, while the CORSAIR iCUE software allows for an infinite number of customization choices with 148 individually controllable RGB LEDs across the complete cooling arrangement.

Image credit to CORSAIR

With the help of the bundled XT Hardline Bending Toolkit, transparent XT Hardline Tubing completes your loop and is simple to bend and cut to your specifications. Heat is removed from your CPU using a liter of clear XL8 Performance Coolant that has been pre-mixed. All the required XF Hardline Fittings and Adapters are included in the iCUE LINK XH405i RGB, along with additional fittings for customers wishing to extend their cooling to GPU blocks.

Alongside the XH405i, the new iCUE LINK XG7 RGB GPU Water Blocks are available for builders who wish to accomplish precisely that. New variants join the best-selling 4090 SUPRIM / GAMING TRIO water block and suit GeForce RTX 4080 and 4080 SUPER MSI SUPRIM / GAMING TRIO and ASUS ROG STRIX / TUF Gaming cards. These iCUE LINK-ready blocks guarantee thorough cooling of your RAM, VRM, and GPU, enhancing your graphics performance and removing fan noise from standard components.

With the XH405i’s incorporation of the acclaimed iCUE LINK technology, you have the ideal chance to attain the unparalleled performance and stunning appearance that only custom cooling can deliver if you’ve been considering creating a custom cooling loop.

iCUE LINK XH405i RGB parts
Image credit to CORSAIR

Accessibility and Cost

The CORSAIR webstore and its global network of approved retailers and distributors are the places to purchase the CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE LINK XH405i Custom Cooling Kit and Hydro X Series iCUE LINK XG7 RGB 40-SERIES GPU Water Blocks.

Along with a three-year guarantee, the Core Hydro X Series custom cooling components (CPU and GPU Water Blocks, Pump/Reservoir, and Radiators) are supported by the global customer service and technical support network of CORSAIR. A two-year guarantee covers the coolant, tubing, fittings, fans, and other items included in the XH405i package.

To find out the most recent prices for the iCUE LINK XH405i RGB and XG7 RGB GPU Water Blocks, visit the CORSAIR website or get in touch with a local sales or PR person.


What is included in the XH405i RGB kit?

Everything you need for a CPU custom cooling loop is included in the package, including a 360mm radiator, three QX120 RGB fans, a D5 pump/reservoir combination, a CPU water block, tubing, fittings, and pre-filled coolant.

Is the XH405i RGB good for beginners?

Yes, the XH405i RGB makes construction easier by simplifying component connections due to iCUE LINK technology.

What colors does the XH405i RGB come in?

White and stealth gray are the possible colors for the XH405i RGB.

Is the XH405i RGB quiet?

The kit’s D5 pump is renowned for being rather quiet, and more noise optimization may be achieved by adjusting the fan curve using the iCUE LINK software.

Do I need any additional parts to install the XH405i RGB?

image 64

No, everything you need for installation in a typical PC case should be included in the package. However, you may think about adding more RGB lighting strips or fan controllers for certain situations or aesthetic preferences.

Can I use the XH405i RGB to cool other components besides the CPU?

No, GPUs or other components are not intended to be used with the accompanying CPU water block. Additional parts would be required for a multi-loop cooling system.


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