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ASUS MDS-M700: AI-powered 4K UHD imaging medical box PC

Improving User Experience with MDS-M700

A medical-grade, ultra-quiet, high-performance box PC for processing 4K UHD AI images, among other healthcare applications

The world leader in AIoT solutions, ASUS IoT, today announced the launch of the MDS-M700, a brand-new medical box PC that has been meticulously designed to provide exceptional performance and support in a variety of healthcare settings.

Ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions are being reached by display and video capture technologies, and MDS-M700 is leading the way with its support for 4K UHD imaging, which provides unmatched clarity and precision when viewing human tissue, vessels, and body structures. The MDS-M700 satisfies industry requirements for medical safety and has certifications from the CE, FCC, and IEC 60601-1-2.

The MDS-M700 satisfies international healthcare and regulatory standards, including CE, FCC, and IEC 60601-1-2 certifications, and is of medical-grade quality with support for 4K UHD imaging. This alcohol-resistant device is perfect for sterile environments such as operating rooms, surgery centers, and training centers because of its ultra-low noise level of 45 dB. The MDS-M700 produces outstanding performance thanks to its NVIDIA RTX A5000/A4000 GPU cards and Intel Core (13th generation) processors.

The Role of Medical Box PCs in Healthcare

Being the top motherboard brand in the world, ASUS provides industrial motherboards with robust, industrial-grade components for use in various vertical markets and dependable 24/7 operation in challenging conditions. By utilizing its more than 30 years of design and innovation experience, first-rate after-sales care, flexible material supply, quick response to forecast changes, and on going technical support, ASUS offers a quicker time-to-market with customization and motherboard modulation. This helps customers find the ideal solution to meet their needs.

With the increasing need for intelligent healthcare and digital operating rooms, the MDS-M700 is designed to be a reliable medical box PC. A seamless one-piece cover and an ultra-low noise level of 45 dB make the MDS-M700 perfect for sterile environments like operating rooms, surgery centers, and training centers. It also resists alcohol, helping to maintain a hygienic atmosphere. Driven by Intel Core (13th generation) processors and optional NVIDIA RTX A5000/A4000 GPU cards, the MDS-M700 quietly and superbly performs a wide range of computing tasks.

Improving Diagnostic Accuracy with ASUS MDS-M700

The ASUS IoT MDS-M700 is a standout device for medical AI applications. It uses NVIDIA graphics cards to record 4K video and conduct real-time analysis with the help of AI. It also has three Ethernet sockets for a variety of data-transmission options.

Its small size allows it to fit perfectly into spaces that are limited for medical equipment, and the availability of BIOS updates for Intel CPUs from the 12th, 13th, and 14th generations guarantees its long-term viability. The ASUS IoT MDS-M700 can enable smooth data management, device interconnectivity, and image processing, making it the perfect choice for mobile DR, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and X-ray machines.

By streamlining the monitoring and reviewing of surgical procedures to improve safety and efficiency, the MDS-M700 offers an optional capture card for 4K UHD video recording, enabling the level of visual accuracy and precision required by medical applications.

ASUS MDS-M700 Medical Box PC: Reliable healthcare of the future

Understanding how crucial it is for medical operations to continue, ASUS IoT provides quick response services to customers worldwide, guaranteeing that technical problems and questions are resolved quickly. In an effort to become their reliable partner in healthcare technology, ASUS IoT is dedicated to upholding the high standards of its medical clientele. At HIMSS24, the annual healthcare conference hosted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, ASUS IoT will also present the state of healthcare technology. Experience the MDS-M700 in action by stopping by Transcend Information Inc.’s booth (#1782), a prestigious ASUS partner.

  • Intel 13th/12th Generation Processor:
  • Three Ethernet ports for transferring different types of data.
  • Encourage 4*DP
  • NVIDIA RTX – A5000/A4000/A2000/T1000 graphics card
  • M.2 2230/2280 expansion slot
  • Conformity with UL-60601-1, CCC, and CE/FCC/EN 60601-1 standards


What are the benefits of the MDS-M700?

It operates quietly (45 dB) to minimize surgical disruption.
A seamless, alcohol-resistant cover makes it durable and easy to clean.
Excellent performance with 13th Gen Intel Core processors and optional NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.
For detailed medical imaging, supports AI-powered 4K UHD image processing.
Multiple Ethernet ports for flexible data transfer.
An optional 4K UHD capture card records procedures

Is the MDS-M700 waterproof?

Currently, there is no information indicating that the MDS-M700 is water resistant. High standards of hygiene are necessary in medical settings, but waterproofing isn’t always the main priority.

How easy is it to clean the MDS-M700?

The MDS-M700 is made to be easily cleaned in sterile settings. Its seamless, one-piece cover is composed of materials that won’t booze up. This makes it possible to clean using hospital-standard disinfectant wipes or solutions.

How much does the MDS-M700 cost? 

The MDS-M700 does not yet have any pricing information available to the public

What is the operating temperature range for the MDS-M700?

Although this information is usually not available until closer to release, hospitals with controlled environments and constant temperatures are common places for medical devices to operate



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