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Concept Luna: What Comes Next?

Concept Luna exploration strategy: Being a global leader in technology, Dell provide their clients with the hardware and solutions they need to run their businesses. Technology is the foundation of our economy. At Dell Technologies, Dell strive to reduce waste and extend the life of materials by using more recycled and sustainable materials and by returning as many products as we sell. They are aware that these are lofty objectives, but the world desperately needs everyone to make a meaningful contribution in order to tackle the projected 54 million metric tons of e-waste created year worldwide.

As Dell integrate sustainability throughout their portfolio, their work on innovations connected to sustainability has resulted in over 430 patent filings in only the last few years. When these individual efforts are considered throughout a broad product line like Dell’s, the potential impact is enormous.

Concept Luna served as inspiration

When Dell unveiled Concept Luna two years ago, they envisioned a world of technology where nothing is wasted. Circular design has been expedited and inspired by our work on Concept Luna, affecting everything from servers and storage to laptops and monitors, and everything in between.

Concept Luna
Image credit to Dell

Maintaining materials and products in circulation for as long as feasible is the goal of circular design in products. Dell projects are divided into four related categories:

Modular style: By employing modular components, Dell may decrease the need for adhesives and screws, increase product longevity, and make their goods simple to access for maintenance and upgrades. Dell plan to add more modular parts to their gadgets in the upcoming year, such as a serviceable display panel, and keep cutting back on the amount of adhesives and screws that go into them.

Decrease in emissions: We are reducing waste and our dependency on newly mined or generated resources by developing goods with energy-efficient parts, sustainable materials, and less materials overall. By using more recycled steel, low-emission aluminum, and recycled cobalt for laptop batteries starting in 2024, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainable materials. Utilizing recycled and sustainable materials in technology requires dedication and patience. Dell are developing supply chains for materials that meet the performance and durability standards that their customers have come to expect from Dell but are not yet available in their sector.

Telemetry that is intelligent: In order to access device diagnostics and, eventually, prolong the life of components, Dell are employing digital tools including digital entry points, AI, and machine learning in addition to predictive analytics.

Restore, renovate, and recycle: Dell provide materials that support accessible repair as well as services that make it simple to discard and return outdated technology. This improves their capacity to recover parts and materials for recycling, refurbishing, and reuse.

Sparking Action

Dell goal was to use Concept Luna to its fullest potential through engineering. They are committed to use the knowledge Dell have gained to expedite the implementation of circular design across their range of products. Customer input, which emphasized the significance of striking a balance between security, durability, dependability, and lifespan requirements and simplicity of repair and performance, supports this strategy.

This is significant work, and they are pleased with the advances and industry discussions that our investigations, such as Concept Luna, have sparked. Big, unconventional thinking and circular design should be embraced by all businesses. Though it began as a futuristic vision, Concept Luna has now accelerated company-wide pledges and actions to meet challenging ESG targets and have a beneficial impact on the environment, people, and business

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