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Data Management : WWT, Intel, and Portworx Join Forces!

Working Together to Transform Data Management: WWT, Intel, and Portworx

The software and technologies used in traditional data centers were never intended to handle the complexity of microservices architectures that operate at the cloud scale.

Scaling up an organization makes it harder, if not impossible, Data Management to monitor and serve systems at scale when it comes to configuration, provisioning, and management. Businesses have been prevented from reaching their full potential by this obstacle.

Portworx by Pure Storage is at the vanguard of this container revolution, enabling containers for mission-critical data applications. Mission-critical applications may be run in containers with Pure Storage’s Kubernetes data service platform, Portworx, which offers built-in high availability, data protection, data security, and hybrid-cloud mobility.

The Importance of Containers

Let’s take a look at containerized apps initially in order to comprehend the Data Management importance of Portworx for contemporary businesses. Applications and their dependencies are packaged into portable, lightweight units called containers through the process of containerization. These containers ensure smooth execution in many situations by functioning independently of the underlying hardware or architecture. The capacity of containerization to optimize the underlying resources is what makes it so beautiful.

How Container Management Is Simplified by Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a platform that is a mastermind behind the scenes for container orchestration. It builds, manages, and synchronizes many containers on several hosts automatically. Kubernetes maximizes total resource utilization by dynamically balancing workloads and allocating resources optimally.

Modern Data Management Acceleration with Intel, WWT, and Portworx

Revolutionary performance is provided by Intel, World Wide Technology (WWT), and Portworx to meet the needs of businesses using containerized (Kubernetes) applications in production. Because of Portworx’s partnership with Intel, stateful services operating in containers may benefit from a reference design that offers lightning-fast performance.

Portworx offers clients the performance and dependability required to run their Kubernetes applications in production by utilizing Intel Xeon processors. The technique improves Pure Storage’s products’ performance. Businesses can now move more quickly toward digital transformation thanks to this alliance.

By offering experience in everything from planning and deployment to continuous support, WWT plays a vital role in assisting enterprises in adopting and managing Kubernetes. Customers may concentrate on creating and implementing their applications by using the fully managed Kubernetes environment that our managed Kubernetes service offers.

  • All together, They provide everything required to deploy Kubernetes applications in a live environment:
  • Expertise: Throughout the adoption and management of Kubernetes, WWT offers organizations direction and assistance.
  • Performance: Kubernetes applications are guaranteed to satisfy their performance needs by Intel’s high-performance processors and memory.
  • Reliability: For stateful containerized applications, Portworx’s Kubernetes data platform ensures high availability, scalability, and security.

An important advancement in data management is represented by the collaboration of Portworx, Intel, and WWT. This partnership opens the door for more rapid, safe, and effective modern apps as businesses use container architectures for mission-critical databases. By working together, able to manage microservices architectures on a cloud scale and make the process of digital transformation easier.

Agarapu Ramesh was founder of the Govindhtech and Computer Hardware enthusiast. He interested in writing Technews articles. Working as an Editor of Govindhtech for one Year and previously working as a Computer Assembling Technician in G Traders from 2018 in India. His Education Qualification MSc.

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