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Lenovo TC3401 Headphones Deliver Pure Audio Bliss!

Lenovo TC3401 features

Lenovo has recently introduced a brand new pair of headphones that are entirely wireless and feature an interesting design. Open TC3401 headphones, as opposed to in-ear headphones, are what the TWS TC3401 are. These headphones are not put directly into the ear like in-ear TC3401 headphones are. The membrane that is responsible for producing the sound is situated outside of the ears, as indicated by this.

These TC3401 headphones are distinct from standard in-ear headphones in terms of comfort since open headphones may feel less constricting than in-ear headphones. However, because the headphones lack the standard rubber support found in the ear canal, they must be fastened with a headband worn outside of the ear. In sports, for instance, this method can yield an appreciably better grip even in the presence of high perspiration.

More than that, the open layout ensures that the surrounding environment can still be heard with relative ease. When jogging in metropolitan settings, for instance, this is a part of safety that should not be overlooked and should be taken into consideration. The Lenovo TC3401 comes equipped with a microphone system that consists of multiple individual microphones. This system has the capability to reduce distracting background noise that may be present during phone calls. The running time is specified by Lenovo to be up to ten hours; however, if the charging case is used for intermediate charging, this period can be increased to an astonishing thirty hours with the charging case. USB Type C cable is used for charging.

There is protection against dust, water, and sweat thanks to the IPX5 certification that is included. For the equivalent of approximately forty dollars, the headphones are now available for purchase in China; information regarding a global launch is not yet available. When it comes to imports, headphones manufactured by Lenovo are often not difficult to acquire, both directly and unofficially.


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