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Discover Dell Technologies modern AI solutions with NVIDIA

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to obtain a competitive advantage in their industry. Building an AI infrastructure from the ground up, however, may be a challenging endeavor, particularly for those who are just getting started in the field. NVIDIA and Dell Technologies have teamed up to create an artificial intelligence starter kit that is designed to make it easier and quicker for data science teams to get up and running. The solution offers both improved performance and increased adaptability, thanks to the knowledge of both Dell in terms of hardware and NVIDIA in terms of software.

A high-performance computing environment that may be used for the training and operating of artificial intelligence models is provided by the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit, which is a bundle of hardware and software. It comes with NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence software stack, as well as a Dell PowerScale storage system, a Dell Precision workstation equipped with NVIDIA GPUs, and more. For data science teams looking to create their artificial intelligence infrastructure, this mix of hardware and software presents a solution that is both efficient and effective.

Start AI with NVIDIA and Dell Technologies
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Providing a Head Start to the Data Science Teams

The NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit offers a high-performance computing environment that cuts down greatly on the amount of time required to obtain the desired results. This can help teams working in data science iterate and improve their models more quickly, which ultimately leads to better results. Other advantages include the following:

Reduced complexity of installation: The NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit is meant to be simple to install, which cuts down on the amount of time and effort necessary to set up an artificial intelligence infrastructure and enables data science teams to concentrate on developing and improving their models.

The ability to scale: Because the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit is scalable, it can expand along with your company as your AI requirements do as well. This can help to future-proof your investment and keep you from having to make expensive renovations in the years to come.

Excellent performance: NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), which are included in the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit, were developed with high-performance computing in mind. This can assist data science teams in training artificial intelligence models more quickly and efficiently.

Ability to adapt: The NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit is designed to be adaptable, which means that you can modify it to meet the requirements of your particular project. Using this information, you will be able to construct an AI infrastructure that is optimized for your company and the specific use cases you have.

Integrated systems Raise the Bar on Your Artificial Intelligence

Do you find that the implementation aspect still leaves you feeling overwhelmed? clients have the ability to employ integration partners in addition to the benefits provided by the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit. These integration partners can assist clients with the integration of hardware and software. Integration partners are able to provide experience and direction on how to improve the kit for certain use cases and the requirements of unique businesses. This can be helpful in ensuring that the AI infrastructure is completely connected with any existing workflows and systems, as well as that it satisfies any specific requirements that the company may have.

Integration partners may also assist with the deployment and management of the AI infrastructure, which includes monitoring performance and making any necessary tweaks to ensure the infrastructure operates at its optimum level. This can enable businesses focus on their core competencies and leave the management of their AI infrastructure to specialists who can optimize the value of the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit. This makes it possible for businesses to achieve their AI goals more quickly and efficiently.

We are here to assist you if you are interested in beginning to work with AI but are unsure how to get started. Your artificial intelligence infrastructure will benefit from the robust foundation provided by the NVIDIA and Dell AI Starter Kit. You can be certain that you are making the appropriate investment for your company since it will take less time to see returns, will be easier to install, will scale well, will perform well, and will be flexible.


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