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Enhancing Azure and Office Data Security

The average cost of a data breach is $4.35 million, and 83% of firms have had several breaches (45% on the cloud). Data breaches are becoming more frequent and costly, making cloud data protection and privacy crucial for enterprises.

Protecting sensitive data and intellectual property and satisfying legal and regulatory requirements drive enterprises’ data protection demands.

The main cost mitigation, encryption, is enforced by several regulators. Key security determines encryption’s efficacy.

Enterprises desire full control over their sensitive data and workloads when storing data with cloud providers. This means no outside access to sensitive data, including cloud providers.

Protecting sensitive data in the public cloud: how?

In a data leak, robust encryption is the biggest cost-mitigating aspect. The average breach cost decrease owing to robust encryption was USD 252,000 in 2022.

Data encryption is just as powerful as your capacity to secure the keys. Clients can trust the cloud provider operationally or use zero-trust principles for technical assurance.

Technical and operational assurance: Cloud-native technical assurance provides the best privacy and protection.

Operating assurance implies your cloud provider cannot access your data based on trust, visibility, and control. Technical evidence, data encryption, and runtime isolation ensure your cloud provider cannot access your data (and safeguard your keys from malicious actors).

Who should you defend against? You want the utmost technological confidence that attackers, cloud administrators, suppliers, software providers, and site reliability engineers (SREs) cannot access the keys you use to safeguard encrypted data. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services provides cloud-native technical assurance for your keys without on-premises deployments or HSMs.

It gives organizations full control over critical data, workloads, and encryption keys. Even IBM Cloud administrators cannot access KYOK.

Increase cloud data control: Your keys start your data security adventure

Technical assurance (as provided with KYOK for integrated IBM Cloud Services) is not cross-provider, but customer-managed keys can be used to gain control over keys, improve data privacy for sensitive data, reduce cloud risk, and create a high-security ecosystem across hyperscalers. Bring Your Own Key.

BYOK or customer-managed key improves Microsoft Azure data security. This method gives enterprises more control over their data encryption keys, protecting their sensitive data. BYOK lets companies control data access, reducing the risk of breaches. Enterprises comply with strict requirements and improve security by keeping encryption keys. BYOK provides end-to-end encryption for data at rest and in transit.

BYOK implementation presents obstacles for enterprises. One challenge is on-premises deployments versus cloud-native, cloud-first strategies. BYOK may conflict with cloud environments’ seamlessness and flexibility, preventing enterprises from scaling and saving money. BYOK is complicated and resource-intensive, demanding time and money. Cloud solutions seek to improve security, but dividing trust between suppliers may not reduce risk. Businesses must find inventive ways to balance BYOK’s benefits with simplicity, scalability, and holistic security to achieve zero trust and stay cloud-native. Can we achieve zero trust without sacrificing cloud-native agility and efficiency?

Hyper Protect Crypto Services with Unified Key Orchestration improves data privacy and cloud-native key control

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services lets you Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) for data encryption, obtain full control over your data, and use secured-enclave technology for the greatest commercial technical assurance. 

Beyond daily benefits, business continuity is handled, allowing you to work swiftly and consistently across cloud environments or numerous projects. Hyper Protect Crypto Services with Unified Key Orchestration secures the keys you distribute for use in other clouds, allowing speedy recovery in the case of key loss or cloud region disaster.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Cloud Services protects cloud-based business processes end-to-end:

  • Single-tenant key management service KYOK supports industry standards including PKCS #11, KMIP for VMware, and GREP11 with key-vaulting from dedicated, customer-controlled HSMs.
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified devices for maximum security.
  • A single, as-a-Service solution with integrated key backups, high availability, and disaster recovery for worry-free multicloud key management.
  • A single point of control for multicloud keys to securely create and import into Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

See how easy Azure key management is

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services can help you secure your Azure environment today. Hyper Protect Crypto Services can protect sensitive cloud data while complying, making it more important than ever. Adopt a zero-trust architecture and improve your security now.

Hyper Protect Crypto Services with Unified Key Orchestration lets you:

  • Use the best security and exclusive key control to control your keys.
  • Carefree with an all-in aaS key management solution.
  • In the hybrid multicloud, securely distribute and manage keys from one location.
  • Central backup redistributes and rotates keys to swiftly recover from loss and reduce security risks.
  • Unified and automated key orchestration and lifecycle management across environments simplify.
  • Design-award-winning user experiences reduce errors and boost operational efficiency for critical management tasks.
image credit to IBM

Controlling the keys you employ to encrypt your data, your most valuable asset, is the first step in ensuring the security of your data.




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