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COMPUTEX MSI Introduces DIY Power Supplies and PC Cases


The yearly technology extravaganza, COMPUTEX MSI, is here, and MSI, a top motherboard company in the world, is determined not to miss this significant occasion. In order to extend a hearty welcome to guests from all around the world, MSI has made every effort to display the newest technologies.

COMPUTEX MSI Presenting Thunderbolt 4, New Memory Solutions, and Easy DIY

The new X870 motherboards will catch your eye as soon as you walk up to the demonstration because to their sleek, modern appearance. Apart from AMD desktop processors from the Ryzen 9000 series, the MSI X870 motherboards feature the newest do-it-yourself designs that are unique to COMPUTEX MSI. The improved screwless M.2 Shield Frozr makes it simple to install M.2 heatsinks, and the EZ PCIe Release makes it simple to remove a large graphics card with just one finger.

The SSD installation and removal process is made quick and easy with the help of the EZ M.2 Clip II. The EZ Antenna, an MSI DIY accessory, is another noteworthy design. It makes it simple to plug in and remove Wi-Fi connectors with only one hand and eliminates the need to rotate the antennas. Additionally, the display offers an exploration of Intel Next-Gen desktop motherboards.

New motherboards with creative memory options will also be on display alongside. MSI is pleased to present the Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS, which utilises the newest memory technology, CAMM2, in partnership with Kingston. Using a compression connector on the rear of the module that inserts into a narrow vertical socket, the CAMM2 is thought to be a laptop substitute for the SO-DIMM.

The CAMM2 reduces compatibility difficulties by supporting dual-channel per module on motherboards. Additionally, each module supports up to 128GB, offering outstanding speed and capacity for demanding computing requirements. Extreme overclocking is made possible by these optimisations, offering enthusiasts looking for the best performance possible.

A new age of connectivity begins with Thunderbolt 4’s speed, adaptability, and efficiency. Imagine using one fast cable to transfer data, power several devices, and connect to high-resolution displays. Thunderbolt 4 transforms MSI gaming and work. A Thunderbolt 4 type-C connector lets a professional photographer edit high-resolution photographs and backup files to an external storage. Thunderbolt 4, with up to 40Gbps, ensures lag-free performance even with huge multimedia files.

A new programme called Thunderbolt Share, which made its premiere at COMPUTEX MSI, promises to improve everyday computing experiences outside of work environments. Envision quickly adding more ports and accessories to your desktop by simply attaching your laptop to a docking station. Transmitting multimedia files becomes effective and blazingly quick with Thunderbolt Share. Get ready to discover Thunderbolt’s full potential during MSI’s demonstration.

MPG P Series and MAG A Series New Liquid Cooling Reveal

MSI’s main goal has always been to improve the user experience. After adding do-it-yourself designs to its motherboards, MSI is now taking on liquid cooling. With MSI’s EZ DIY Designs, the MPG CORELIQUID P Series provides an easy-to-assemble solution without sacrificing performance. The UNI Bracket greatly reduces assembly complexity by supporting AMD and Intel sockets.

You can eliminate cable clutter thanks to the united cable design, which simplifies the connection between the radiator fan and the water block into a single cable. More screen space is available for showing material thanks to the panel’s upgrading from a 2.4″ D Series panel to a 4.3″ IPS panel. Users may enjoy optimal screen viewing thanks to the bigger panel’s customisable angles and design, which fits the MSI 270-degree panoramic cases.

The first MSI liquid cooler that use the UNI Bracket, the MAG CORELIQIOD I Series, with a number of easy-to-assemble DIY designs that make installation a breeze. The pre-installed fans on the wire cover and radiator guarantee a neat and orderly appearance within your PC case and make dust removal simple.

Together with an optimised base thickness that ensures complete CPU coverage and an expanded cooper base surface, the MSI I Series also improves effective heat dissipation. At COMPUTEX MSI, the MAG CORELIQUID A Series also makes its premiere. Along with its triangle water block design, the A Series liquid cooler has pre-installed fans and a UNI Bracket. These innovative goods provide guests with a variety of displays that highlight various facets of innovation.

Investigating Advanced Power Source

COMPUTEX MSI takes great pleasure in its outstanding motherboards and amazing AIO liquid cooling systems. Of course, a strong PSU is necessary to supply enough power to maximise the performance of your components. High-wattage power supplies are required by enthusiasts, and the MSI MEG Ai1600T PCIE5 with ARGB lighting effects surpasses all expectations. Its high efficiency conversion rate and construction with superior titanium materials guarantee steady and reliable power delivery.

The SiC-MOSFET with interleaved PFC in the PSU improves power correction efficiency and stability. You can quickly and simply monitor current and wattage with MSI Centre, which gives you important information about your computer system. The MEG Ai1600T PCIE5, which has two native 12V-2×6 connectors, satisfies ATX 3.1 requirements with a 2x total power excursion and a 3x GPU power excursion, making it future-ready for use in AI computing.

Furthermore, MSI is pleased to present the new MPG GS Series power supply, which complies with ATX 3.1 specifications and has two 12V-2×6 connections. Before the end of 2024, the MPG GS Series which comes in 1200W, 1000W, and 850W variations will be introduced, offering choices to match your particular power equipment. The new power supply has been designed to reduce fan noise. To make cable management easier, the supplied cables are also made to be flat, and the cable headers are now yellow.

The Ideal Match for Your Parts Modern Style Chassis

By the end of the year, MSI will be releasing the MPG VELOX 300R AIRFLOW PZ, a new mid-tower PC case with two 160 mm ARGB PWM fans up front and one 120 mm PWM fan down back. It is intended to maximise airflow. With metal panels and an aluminium nameplate, the external design features metal components that are reminiscent of the MPG VELOX Series case. The diamond-shaped cutout design on the front panel ensures effective ventilation of airflow.

The 160 mm dual layer blade fan design specific to COMPUTEX MSI: the outside blades provide stability, while the interior blades focus airflow. The fan extends airflow farther than traditional blade designs by synchronising the outer and inner blades. Even in large-sized cases, the extended cold focused airflow enhances heat dissipation efficiency.

Taking a little break from the gaming theme, MSI presents the new Modern Series case, which combines style and utility. The MSI Modern Series case is made with a 4 mm anodized aluminium front panel frame and goes through several meticulous production procedures to achieve a visually appealing and minimalist design through mixed-material assembly.

Because of its superb craftsmanship, the case can easily incorporate maple wood accents, which makes it ideal for Scandinavian-style rooms that are popular among designers and aficionados of white-themed setups. Maple wood offers a sense of beauty and is frequently used in furniture because of its strength and longevity. To ensure easy transportation of your project, the two sturdy maple wood handles on top have also undergone extensive testing to sustain weights of up to 50 kg.

Additionally, an upper area is supplied for the addition of ornamental components. The inner fans’ wooden embellishments draw attention to their natural beauty and elegance. The front fan bracket design allows for easy adjustment to accommodate a range of fan sizes, from 120 mm to 200 mm, without compromising functionality. This innovative enclosure supports back-connect motherboards, including ATX and Micro-ATX sizes, for a neat and tidy PC construction.



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