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MSI Displays Roamii WiFi 7 Mesh System at Computex 2024

Best WiFi 7 Mesh System

Computex 2024 is where MSI is exhibiting their Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system. The Roamii series, with an integrated Qualcomm Immersive Home series, is designed to provide an ultra-fast, easily managed WiFi network with 24/7 security protection throughout your home. It is ready to handle the growing number of WiFi 7-supported devices and AI-accelerated applications that will arrive in 2024 and beyond.

The Best Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system for Optimal Home Network Communication

With twice as much capacity and extra-wide 320MHz channels, MSI’s newest Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system, the Roamii series, can support up to 21Gbps of speed. The robust CPU of the Qualcomm Immersive Home platform powers a mesh system that makes sure customers have flawless and continuous internet connectivity throughout their houses. This mesh system includes advanced WiFi features like 4K-QAM, Multi-RU, and MLO (Multi-Link Operation). A lightning-fast home network would benefit greatly from the inclusion of a sturdy 10Gbps cable connection, which is another feature of the Roamii series.

According to Ganesh Swaminathan, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s wireless infrastructure and networking division, “Qualcomm Technologies is proud to power MSI’s Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system with our Immersive Home platform, setting a high standard for home connectivity.” Through seamless, blazing-fast communication, our partnership aims to revolutionise the smart home experience. The combined efforts of MSI are expanding the realm of viable home networking technology.”

MSI FortiSecu

Every connected device, including phones, laptops, and smart home appliances, is protected around-the-clock by MSI FortiSecu, which prioritises network security. Attacks from a distance or malware infection on a local device are two ways that cyber security risks, like identity theft and data breaches, might occur. As soon as an MSI FortiSecu detects unusual traffic or a compromised IoT device, it automatically checks every connected device and blocks it, notifying the owner via push notification.

Young users can also browse the internet in a safer manner thanks to FortiSecu’s parental restrictions. Parental control over inappropriate content for various age groups and insight into their children’s online activities are made possible by an adaptable and simple configuration menu. You can also schedule internet access to allow or prohibit people.

As AI-accelerated apps and IoT devices proliferate, Assistant Vice President of GNP BU Vincent Hou stated, “The Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system technology with FortiSecu, delivering exceptional performance and enhanced network security to meet our users’ needs throughout their homes.”

Wi-Fi 7 The Next Big Thing to Understand

Let’s set the scene before discussing Roamii. Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) is the latest wireless networking standard. In three important areas, it claims to improve on Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac):


Wi-Fi 7 can theoretically transmit 48Gbps, over 9.6Gbps for Wi-Fi 6. With quicker download and upload rates, 8K video streaming, lag-free online gaming, and speedy file transfers are possible.


Wi-Fi 7 can interact with several devices concurrently using MU-MIMO and OFDMA, decreasing congestion and assuring smooth performance even in households full of connected devices.


Wi-Fi 7’s Multi-link Operation (MLO) reduces data transfer latency. Videoconferencing, online gaming, and AR/VR require this.

Revealing the MSI Roamii Mesh Framework

By providing three different mesh system configurations, the MSI Roamii series meets a range of applications and budgets.

Roamii BE Max Mesh System

Maximum rates of up to 21 Gbps are available with the top-tier Roamii BE Max Mesh System. It is best suited for big households with lots of users and high-bandwidth uses. For optimum flexibility and performance, the mesh node connection between the BE Max is made using both wired and wireless backhaul options. Assuring a future-proof network fit for the most demanding applications, it has 10Gbps connections for wired backhaul and client devices.

Roamii BE Pro Mesh System

The midrange BE Pro is priced affordably while providing speeds of up to 11Gbps. Providing 2.5Gbps ports for wired clients, it uses a wired 2.5Gbps backhaul to facilitate effective data transfer between mesh nodes.

Roamii BE Lite Mesh System

The entry-level Roamii BE Lite Mesh System is designed for those that value affordability or smaller houses. Utilising gigabit ports for wired backhaul and clients, it offers up to 5Gbps of throughput.

Many essential elements are shared by all three Roamii systems:

Mesh networking

Mesh systems use several nodes to generate a wide coverage area of Wi-Fi across your house, in contrast to conventional routers that have a restricted range. A steady and unbroken connection is ensured by the Roamii nodes’ autonomous configuration and smooth device handoffs between nodes as you move around.

AI-Powered Optimization

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system analyses user behaviour and network data. Through intelligent bandwidth prioritisation, it helps maximise network performance for the most important activities, such as latency-sensitive apps like video conferencing or gaming.

MSI FortiSecu Security Suite

With the comprehensive security suite MSI FortiSecu Security Suite: Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system, your home network is fortified. Protecting your devices against viruses, unauthorised access, and cyberattacks is made possible by features like WPA3 encryption, parental controls, guest network access, and intrusion prevention.

Easy Setup and Management

The Roamii WiFi 7 mesh system is easy to set up and manage because of its user-friendly design. Managing configurations, monitoring the network, and easily setting up your home Wi-Fi are all made possible via a specialised smartphone app.



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