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Acer Chromebook 311 Flexible and Affordable All-Rounder

Acer Chromebook 311

Students, light users, and anyone who need a portable laptop can consider the inexpensive Acer Chromebook 311. This comprehensive evaluation covers the Chromebook 311’s main features, battery life, design, performance, and value.

Differentiating Among Models

Prior to getting started, it’s crucial to understand that Acer provides multiple Acer Chromebook 311 models. The processor, RAM, storage space, and even form type (clamshell vs. convertible) of some machines may differ slightly. Although the majority of Chromebook 311 models will be covered in general by this review, it is advised to confirm the model number and specifications before making a purchase.

Intended for Daily Use

The Chromebook 311’s tiny size and lightweight make it suitable for travellers. Its 1.05 kilogramme (2.3 lbs) weight makes it portable in a backpack or handbag. Durable polycarbonate makes the chassis resistant to bumps and fringe.

Display Chromebook 311

The 11.6-inch Chromebook 311 displays 1366 x 768 HD. Watching videos, creating documents, and browsing the internet work on the foggy screen. IPS displays provide better viewing angles than TN screens. It’s possible that some models will come with a touchscreen display, which would improve the flexibility of using touch-optimized programmes and navigating the Chrome OS UI.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on the Chromebook 311 is built for regular typing. For increased comfort, the keys have a slightly concave shape and a respectable amount of travel. It might not be the best for prolonged typing sessions, but it works great for emails, browsing, and creating simple documents.

For seamless navigation, the trackpad is multi-touch gesture compatible and responsive. Even after prolonged typing sessions, the Acer 311’s keyboard is comfortable to use and has a good spacing of keys. The multi-touch gesture AI capabilities and responsiveness of the touchpad enhance the user experience overall.

Operated on Chrome OS

Unlike traditional laptops that run Windows or macOS, the Chromebook 311 runs Google’s lightweight Chrome OS. Most of Chrome OS’s programmes are web-based because the operating system is meant to be used with the Chrome web browser. This leads to automatic updates, a quicker startup time, and less demand on system resources. Moreover, Chrome OS places a high priority on security with integrated sandboxing and validated boot.

Performance of Acer 311 Chromebook

The N4000 or N4020 is the usual Intel Celeron processor that powers the Chromebook 311. These CPUs are good enough for online browsing, using productivity programmes like Google Docs, and video conferencing, but they are primarily meant for basic computing tasks. Users shouldn’t anticipate being able to operate demanding programmes like sophisticated games or video editing tools, nevertheless.

Memory and Storage

The majority of Chromebook 311 variants have 4GB of LPDDR4 Memory. This RAM can handle multitasking between simple tasks, but if you have a lot of tabs open or demanding online applications running at the same time, it could create a bottleneck. Typically, storage capacity is in the 32GB eMMC range. Chrome OS is built for cloud storage integration, so it doesn’t require a lot of space, and the majority of the programmes are saved online. You can use Google Drive or other cloud storage services if you need more storage.

Connectivity of Acer 311 Chromebook

The networking possibilities available on the Chromebook 311 are rather pleasing. It has Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting accessories like wireless speakers or headphones and Wi-Fi 5 for internet access via wireless means. Additionally, certain versions might have USB Type-C connections for data transfer, charging, and even connecting external screens. Standard USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports are also there for attaching accessories like external hard drives and flash drives.

Life of a Battery

A notable feature of the Acer Chromebook 311 is its long battery life. Ten hours of use on a single charge, according to Acer. This makes it an excellent option for travellers who need a dependable computer for computing while on the go or students who need a laptop that can survive the entire school day.

The Acer 311’s remarkable battery life, which can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, is one of its best characteristics. Because of its duration, you won’t have to look for a power outlet during extended workdays or school days.

Safety A Fortified Chrome Structure

Security is Chrome OS’s top priority, as has previously indicated. Chromebooks have built-in sandboxing and validated boot, which provide strong protection against malware and online dangers. The system is kept up to date and secure against the newest vulnerabilities thanks to automatic updates.

Value Proposition

The Acer Chromebook 311 is a strong competitor in the market for low-cost Chromebooks. Its price, mobility, long battery life, and pleasant Chrome OS make it a desirable option for students, light users, and those searching for a second tablet.

Acer Chromebook 311 price

The Acer Chromebook 311’s actual price in US dollars varies depending on the shop and configuration, although it usually starts around $200.

Acer Chromebook 311 Specs

ModelsSpin 311 (convertible), Chromebook 311 (clamshell)
Display11.6″ HD (1366 x 768) LED-backlit IPS
ProcessorIntel Celeron N4000 or N4020
Storage32GB eMMC
Operating SystemChrome OS
ConnectivityWi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.0
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours
WeightStarting at 1.05kg (Spin 311)
Special FeaturesAntimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen (optional), convertible design (Spin 311)


What are the different models of the Acer Chromebook 311?

The Chromebook Spin 311 (CP311-3H), a 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen variant, and the conventional Chromebook 311 (CB311-9H/CB311-9HT) are the two primary models.

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