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Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Entertainment with Smart Features

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

Global gaming enthusiasts watched the inaugural broadcast, and 6,000 attendees saw thrilling announcements and product demonstrations from the top names in the industry in person. Attendees saw new Samsung monitors during the launch broadcast, including the newest Odyssey OLED G8, which is already available for presale.

Prominent developers of video games and industry experts got an early look at the newest gaming devices at the Samsung x YouTube Gaming Afterparty. Attendees got to play new games before they were released, like Focus’s “Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2,” thanks to the new Odyssey OLED G8 series.

Odyssey OLED G6

A player at the Afterparty stated, “You need a high refresh rate for games as fast as the new Warhammer one that they get to play here.” “The action is extremely smooth thanks to the Odyssey OLED G6’s 360Hz refresh rate, allowing you to aim and see enemy movement without any bothersome blur.”

This year’s Odyssey OLED series includes the 4K UHD OLED G8 with 240Hz refresh rate and the QHD OLED G6 with 360Hz refresh rate. On OLED screens, both offer rapid and smooth gameplay with a 0.03 millisecond gray-to-gray reaction time.

The newest features in the Odyssey series are specifically designed to create the best possible gaming environment. To provide gamers with clear, sharp visuals, OLED Glare Free technology reduces light reflection and produces vibrant, clear colors. Furthermore, Samsung OLED Safeguard+, a unique burn-in prevention technology, is included in both OLED models. It lowers core temperatures by combining a dynamic cooling system with a pulsating heat pipe to help avoid burn-in.

Among the gamers that tested out the new monitors was YouTuber Sugar Star. The graphics on these monitors are amazing. Even without turning up the brightness to the maximum level like you would on other monitors, the colors appear incredibly vivid and lifelike. The games look amazing, all of them,” she remarked. At home, she also use an Odyssey monitor, and She adore that can play without a PC being connected. Before my PC was constructed, it was simple to continue playing (console) games with Samsung Gaming Hub.

HDR10+ Gaming

During Summer Game Fest, Odyssey OLED gaming monitors were on display. These monitors can play some titles, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2, with HDR10+ GAMING capabilities. Without the need for time-consuming, manual calibration, players will automatically experience deeper colour, contrast, and brightness.

A well-known gaming personality on YouTube, Hip Hop Gamer, stated, “If it ain’t like this, She don’t want it.” Refresh rate is achieved when you can move the mouse this quickly without it stuttering or blurring. Here on the Odyssey OLED G8, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” one of the greatest video games ever created, is taking place. No stutter is present. There isn’t any blur.

HDR10+ GAMING unlocks a superior visual experience by automatically modifying any game’s preset HDR brightness and high-dynamic range (HDR) according to the monitor’s specifications. For more captivating gameplay, details are realistic even in bright highlights and deep shadows thanks to exact colour, contrast, and brightness calibration to each unique panel.

Przemyslaw Czatrowski, a game developer for CD Project Red, the company behind “Cyberpunk 2077,” has nothing but positive things to say about HDR10+ Gaming.
The Smart Monitor M8 and ViewFinity S7 monitors, which combine productivity with gaming and daily use, were also well received by guests.

The gaming sector is experiencing remarkable growth, with Summer Game Fest becoming as one of the most noteworthy events. With its cutting-edge technologies and futuristic monitors, Samsung demonstrated once more this year its dedication to both novice and expert gamers.

Samsung has a long-standing connection with Hollywood Park, where the 300-acre mixed-use campus seamlessly integrates Samsung technology. Samsung’s participation in Summer Game Fest serves to emphasize this partnership. Attendees saw firsthand how YouTube Theater’s suite of Samsung digital signage produces the best possible live experience.

No matter how users use their displays, these new and upgraded models offer capabilities they anticipate and some they want to give them new experiences. The Odyssey lineup offers the Odyssey OLED G8, a next-generation OLED experience with new AI capabilities, the Smart Monitor lineup increases happiness with more advanced entertainment features and the AI-powered Smart Monitor M8, and the ViewFinity lineup improves connectivity to create a fully functional workstation.

“No matter how people use them, their latest monitor lineups create better experiences and offer a breadth of options to users globally,” stated Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business Hoon Chung. From the ground-breaking AI-powered Odyssey OLED gaming monitor to the multi-device experiences offered by Samsung’s Smart Monitor and ViewFinity ranges, the company is dedicated to changing the market and providing consumers with cutting-edge technology.

After the release of the Odyssey OLED G8 (G80SD model) and Odyssey OLED G6 (G60SD model), Samsung’s 2024 Odyssey OLED devices boost next-generation OLED performance.

First 32-inch flat Samsung OLED gaming monitor with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio is Odyssey OLED G8. Its 0.03ms GtG reaction time and 240Hz frame rate enable rapid, fluid gameplay.2560 x 1440 Odyssey OLED G6 27-inch 16:9 QHD. Its 360Hz frame rate and 0.03ms GtG reaction time enable fast-paced games.

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