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Tips To Find The Right Apple Magic keyboard For Your iPad

Apple Magic Keyboard iPad

iPads have developed into immensely potent tools for work, creativity, and enjoyment in the modern world. They can feel heavy compared to a conventional laptop, though, when used for prolonged writing sessions. Fortunately, Apple has created Magic Keyboards, which turn your iPad into an almost laptop-like device that come with a touchpad and a comfy keyboard (on select models).

Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Air

It can be difficult to select the best Magic Keyboard for your particular iPad model, though, given the variety of options available. With all the knowledge you need to select the ideal Magic Keyboard for your iPad, this in-depth guide will arm you. We will explore the many models of Magic Keyboards, their features, compatibility, and important considerations to help you make the right decision.

Best buy Apple Magic keyboard

Two different Apple Magic Keyboard lines are available , each serving a different purpose:

Magic Keyboard

With a floating cantilever design, the Magic Keyboard is a full-sized keyboard solution that exudes luxury style. Along with a built-in trackpad for accurate cursor control and multi-touch gestures, backlit keys make typing comfortable in low light. Additionally, a USB-C connector enables pass-through charging. A laptop-like experience is provided by this keyboard.

Magic Keyboard Folio

This more cheap and compact variant is made especially for the 10th generation iPad. With its scissor mechanism, detachable keyboard, and 14-key function row for easy access to key operations, it’s equipped with an adjustable stand that allows for multiple viewing angles.

Apple Magic Keyboard For iPad Pro

The list of compatible Apple Magic Keyboard models is broken down as follows:

Magic Keyboard ModelCompatible iPad Models
Magic Keyboard (full-sized)iPad Air (5th generation) with M1 chip <br>
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation)
Magic Keyboard Folio iPad (10th generation) only

Apple Magic keyboard compatible

Selecting the Correct Magic Keyboard

There are important distinctions to take into account when choosing between the two Magic Keyboards, even if they both improve the usefulness of your iPad. A thorough summary of the important elements is provided below:

Magic Keyboard Apple

It’s this that matters most. Make sure your particular iPad model is compatible with the Magic Keyboard you have selected. To quickly review, consult the table above. Connectivity and functionality will be disrupted by mismatched models.

Interface and Operational Elements

Magic Keyboard

  • Provides an ergonomic scissor mechanism on a full-sized, illuminated keyboard, making it perfect for prolonged typing sessions.
  • Boasts an integrated trackpad that allows for accurate cursor control and multi-touch motions for applications like document manipulation and photo editing.
  • Like a laptop screen, the floating cantilever design enables perfect comfort by allowing for seamless modifications of the viewing angle.
  • Features a pass-through USB-C port that charges your iPad even when you’re using the keyboard.

Magic Keyboard Folio

  • Makes the iPad easier to carry around and offers a more lightweight and compact design.
  • Contains a scissor mechanism removable keyboard for comfortable typing.
  • Contains a 14-key function row for easy access to standard features like screen brightness adjustment and volume control.
  • Lacks the adaptability of the floating cantilever design, but it does provide an adjustable stand for different viewing angles.
  • Has no USB-C port and no trackpad.


Magic Keyboard

When closed, the iPad is fully protected on the front and rear, providing comfort against unintentional knocks and scratches.

Magic Keyboard Folio

Without a front cover, it provides protection for the rear when attached. If you want even more security, you might think about getting a second screen protector.

Apple Magic Keyboard Price

Magic Keyboard

Full-sized keyboard, trackpad, and USB-C connector are just a few of its high-end features, which typically translate into a higher price.

Magic Keyboard Folio

It’s a more cost-effective choice, which makes it perfect for those on a tight budget or mobile first.

Previous Typing Experience

These Magic Keyboards provide a comfortable typing experience because to their scissor mechanisms. But, because the Magic Keyboard’s full-sized keys have more travel distance and key spacing, they might be better suited for users who prioritise lengthy typing jobs.


Magic Keyboard Folio

For regular travel and on-the-go use, its lightweight and compact form is perfect.

Magic Keyboard

With its full-sized layout and floating cantilever construction, it still has a small footprint but has a larger footprint, making it a little heavier to move.

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad

Your needs should come first when selecting the ideal match

It’s time to think about your unique requirements and preferences now that you are aware of the main characteristics of each Magic Keyboard:

Power User

The full-sized Magic Keyboard, with its trackpad and USB-C port, is the best option if you value a laptop-like experience, a lot of typing, and several touch gestures.

Cost-Concerned User

The Magic Keyboard Folio is a fantastic choice if you prioritise portability for daily work and affordability.

Portability is Key

The Magic Keyboard Folio is a lightweight option that may be more suitable for individuals who travel frequently or need optimum portability.

Protection Is Important

The design of the Magic Keyboard provides a comprehensive solution if total protection for your iPad is your top concern.

Apple Magic Keyboard warranty

Magic Keyboards are covered for one year. Since purchase, the warranty covers material and workmanship.

Apple Magic Keyboard warranty breakdown:

One-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
Coverage begins at retail purchase.
Not covered: Unauthorised changes, injuries, or wear & tear.
AppleCare+ for your iPad might extend the warranty coverage when you buy the iPad and Magic Keyboard together. AppleCare+ for iPad covers the Magic Keyboard and the iPad, providing extended warranty and accidental damage protection (for a charge per incident).

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