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Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN861: AI-Ready Enterprise SSD

Ultrastar DC SN861 NVMe SSD

Utilising the Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN861, be prepared for the mission-critical workloads of the future. The Ultrastar DC SN861, the newest SSD from Western Digital, boasts cutting-edge PCIe Gen5 enterprise-class speeds, remarkable performance, and different capacities up to 7.68TB choices. The DC SN861 is designed for compute-intensive AI and machine learning applications, offering high random read speeds, low power consumption, and optimal read/write performance with very low latency and maximum IOPs/Watt. The Ultrastar DC SN861 is the best option for hyperscale, cloud, and enterprise data centres because of its extensive feature set, which also includes support for NVMe 2.0 and OCP 2.0, 1 & 3 DWPD, and a 5-year limited warranty.

A New Era Is Heralded by PCIe Gen 5

The state-of-the-art PCIe Gen 5 interface of the Ultrastar DC SN861 represents a major advancement over its predecessors. This results in extraordinary bandwidth, which allows data to move at previously unheard-of speeds. The Ultrastar DC SN861 offers up to three times faster random read performance than prior generations, greatly lowering latency and guaranteeing outstanding responsiveness.

Consider large language models (LLMs) as the intricate algorithms that power chatbots and virtual assistants with intelligence. Large datasets and extremely quick processing speed are needed for training and implementing these LLMs. These processes are streamlined by the SN861’s lightning-fast performance, which speeds up the cycles of AI development and deployment.

An Ideal Complement for Demanding Uses

There’s more to the Ultrastar DC SN861 than just speed. It is painstakingly made for AI applications that have particular requirements. This is where it shines:

Better Capacity and Performance

With capacities up to 7.68TB, enjoy read/write speeds that are ready for the future with PCIe Gen5.

Designed to Save Power

Designed to optimise power efficiency and lower operating costs while offering increased performance per watt.

High Endurance

AI workloads can require a lot of endurance because they constantly read and write data. The Ultrastar DC SN861 has variants rated at 1 or 3 Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD), which shows that it can handle high write cycles.

Superb IOPS/Watt

IOPS, or input/output operations per second, gauges how well a drive can process several requests for data at once. The Ultrastar DC SN861 maintains remarkable power efficiency while providing excellent IOPS. This results in less operational expenses and a smaller environmental impact.

A Feature-Rich Answer to Business Requirements

Beyond just performance, the SN861 has an extensive feature set designed with enterprise data centres in mind.

Support for NVMe 2.0 and OCP 2.0

By guaranteeing a smooth interaction with the current data centre architecture, these industry-standard protocols encourage scalability and manageability.

Multiple Form Factors

The Ultrastar DC SN861 is available in E1.S, E3.S, and U.2 form factors, offering flexibility for different data centre storage architectures.

High Capacity Options

The SN861 can manage enormous datasets required in AI training and analysis, with capacities reaching an astounding 16TB.

Quality of Service (QoS) optimised

Minimise latency when working on mission-critical tasks and ensure that your apps always receive consistent Quality of Service (QoS), even when they are under a lot of demand.

Enterprise-Grade Dependability

The SN861 offers comfort and guarantees long-term dependability for mission-critical AI applications. It is supported by a 5-year limited warranty.

The Impact of SN861

The capabilities of the SN861 have a significant influence on a range of AI applications:

Accelerated AI Development:

Quicker discovery and use of AI solutions is a result of LLM and other AI models training more quickly.

Enhanced Real-Time Analytics

Real-time processing of large datasets is made possible by the SN861’s low latency, which promotes quicker decision-making and increased operational effectiveness.

Focus on Security

Building scalable and flexible AI infrastructure for future expansion is made possible by the SN861’s high capabilities and support for industry standards.

Prepared for the Tasks Required by AI

Designed to support applications requiring large bandwidths and low latencies, such as compute-intensive AI and machine learning.

Persistent Memory Technologies

By providing even faster data access and persistence, the integration of technologies such as 3D XPoint with AI storage could further revolutionise the field.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

As SDS systems become more widely used, data centres will be able to optimise storage resources for AI workloads thanks to their increased automation and flexibility.

Pay Attention to Security

As AI becomes more commonplace, security issues will become more important. To safeguard sensitive AI data, storage solutions similar to the SN861 are probably going to incorporate additional security features.

Extra Things to Think About

Even if the SN861 has great features and performance, there are a few things you should know before deploying it:

Cost: Because of the SN861’s cutting-edge technology, it is probably a premium device.

Compatibility: Verify that the PCIe Gen 5 and NVMe 2.0 standards are supported by your server infrastructure.

Workload requirements: To select the right SN861 model, carefully evaluate the performance and capacity requirements of your AI workload.

Organisations may take full advantage of the capabilities of the Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN861 NVMe SSD by carefully assessing these variables.

Ultrastar DC SN861 NVMe SSD Specs

InterfacePCIe Gen 5
Form FactorsE1.S, E3.S, U.2
CapacitiesUp to 16TB
Performance (read)Up to 3x faster random reads compared to previous generation (exact speeds not publicly available)
Endurance (DWPD)1 DWPD and 3 DWPD options
IOPSNot publicly available
LatencyUltra-low latency (specific figures not available)
Power EfficiencyExceptional IOPS/Watt ratio
FeaturesNVMe 2.0 and OCP 2.0 support
Warranty5-year limited warranty
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