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Punch Kick Duck and Seven More Games on Apple Arcade

Punch Kick Duck

Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Return to Monkey Island+, Tomb of the Mask+, and Fabulous Wedding Disaster+ are the four games that are available today.

Punch Kick Duck+, Zen Koi Pro+, and Outlanders 2: Second Nature are the three new games that are coming out in July.

With over 200 immensely entertaining games free of in-app purchases and advertisements, Apple Arcade is expanding its library with the addition of seven new titles. Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Return to Monkey Island+, Tomb of the Mask+, and Fabulous-Wedding Disaster+ are the four new titles that the service is releasing today.

  • A still from Ubisoft’s Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse.
  • A still from Devolver Digital’s Return to Monkey Island+.
  • A still from Playgendary’s Tomb of the Mask+.
  • A still from GameHouse’s Fabulous – Wedding Disaster+.

Three new games are coming out on July 3: Punch Kick Duck+, a side-scrolling action game by solo developer Shaun Coleman; Outlanders 2: Second Nature, a town-building strategy game from Uruguayan indie studio Pomelo Games; and Zen Koi Pro+, a well-liked and calming game from Singapore-based LandShark Games.

This summer, players may go on epic adventures from the comfort of their shaded refuge, whether they choose to explore the newest release, return to beloved games with the latest update, or rediscover timeless classics.

Punch Kick Duck+ by Shaun Coleman
Image credit to Apple

Pomelo Games’ Outlanders 2: Second Nature

Players will be enthralled with the latest version of this endearing town builder due to its creative levels, simple gameplay that is difficult to master, and quirky humour. With innovative methods for creating and sustaining a more dynamic ecology than before, a fearless new generation of outlanders is prepared to completely transform life in the Outlands. Players will enjoy completely redesigned graphics, new Tropiclands and Winterlands biomes with weather events, twice as many buildings and resources, and a charming cast of leaders with distinct personalities. The gameing features a campaign mode with 21 levels at launch and a challenges mode updated every two weeks.

Shaun Coleman’s Punch Kick Duck+

With easy controls and tough action, players will battle Baron Tigrisso’s hench-critters as they make their way through his tower. The game has simple rules: punch wins against kick, kick wins against duck, and duck wins against punch. With a colourful cast of characters, three adjustable difficulty settings, and support for both landscape and portrait orientation, players will need to be quick on their feet in order to take down enemies and beat the high score.

Zen Koi Pro+ by LandShark Games
Image credit to Apple

LandShark Games’ Zen Koi Pro+

Zen Koi Pro

Immerse yourself in peace with Zen Koi Pro+, a solo game created for total relaxation. Inspired by the Asian folktale of a koi fish turning into a dragon, players can amass more than fifty magnificent koi patterns, all of which have eye-catching patterns and vivid colours. Zen Koi Pro+ delivers more than simply relaxation with frictionless enjoyment and an emphasis on stress alleviation and completion. It’s a voyage of symbolism and cultural significance that embodies positive qualities of perseverance, good fortune, and longevity through the tranquil world of koi.

Players can anticipate improvements to popular titles in June as well, such as:

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition: Play on the court with eight more of the greatest players in history, like as Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Kevin Garnett, Clyde Drexler, and others, to commemorate tonight’s championship finals.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure: The Paper Parade, which honours uniqueness, self-expression, love, and being oneself, is scheduled for June 13. Tuxedo Sam is constructing a float for one of his favourite holidays, and he needs the players’ assistance.

Sonic Dream Team: Two more acts will be available on June 12 to help as gamers finish their adventure through Sweet Dreams. Bittersweet Way is a unique new endgame “experts only” assignment that players can take out after they have collected all dream orbs and moons.

Crossy Road Castle: Take part in Prank Parade, a brand-new challenge event, and navigate 20 thrilling and chaotic stages.

WHAT THE automobile?: Using a shared device, take turns racing your friends and family’s best time represented as a ghost automobile.

Bloons TD 6+: Teams will be put to the test against unique bosses in the brand-new Boss Rush event.

Many Arcade games are also releasing enjoyable upgrades that honour cooperative play throughout the entire month.

Cost and Availability

  • A month-long free trial makes Apple Arcade $6.99 (U.S.). Apple Arcade is free for three months with a new iPhone, an iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.
  • With a one-month free trial, Apple Arcade is accessible with Apple One’s Individual ($19.95), Family ($25.95), and Premier ($37.95) monthly plans.
  • Playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro are Arcade Originals. App Store Greats may be accessed on Apple Vision Pro, iPad, and iPhone.
  • A family of up to six people can enjoy unlimited access to any game in the Apple Arcade library with a membership.
  • The availability of the 200+ titles varies depending on the hardware and software compatibility of the devices. Not all places may have access to all content.
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