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Vision Pro has improved spatial computing with visionOS 2

Apple Vision Pro users can now enjoy new spatial computing experiences with VisionOS 2.
Just months after its launch in the United States, Apple Vision Pro gains powerful new features, such as a new method for converting favorite photographs into spatial photos, new gestures for interacting with visionOS, and additional opportunities for developers to leverage spatial computing.

Apple today unveiled visionOS 2, a significant update to Apple Vision Pro that includes new features for Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode, and Guest User in addition to a potent way for users to create spatial photos using the images already in their library and simple hand gestures to quickly access key information.

Users of Vision Pro can now access new privacy tools in Safari, manage information across all of their accounts with the new Passwords app, find their favorite spatial photos in the redesigned Photos app with ease, and take advantage of new features in well-known apps like Apple TV and Mindfulness.

With over 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPadOS apps and over 2,000 spatial apps made specifically for Apple Vision Pro, visionOS 2 gives developers new tools to further leverage spatial computing and makes it simpler to create entirely new, more volumetric, and shareable app experiences.

“Just a few months after its launch, Mike Rockwell stated, Apple Vision Pro offers developers and users groundbreaking experiences, and we’re thrilled to advance spatial computing even further with visionOS 2.” Apple Vision Products Group vice president. “They can’t wait for users to try visionOS 2’s new features, from quicker navigation to pushing the boundaries of how users connect with memories and improvements to essential Vision Pro apps.” Additionally, visionOS 2 enhances the capabilities of Vision Pro with a comprehensive toolkit that lets developers build richer spatial programmes.

Discover New Ways to Generate and Recall Magnificent Spatial Memories

Favourite moments with family and friends are captured with amazing depth and realism in spatial images taken with Apple Vision Pro. Using visionOS 2, users may take spatial photographs in the photographs app straight from their library, allowing them to relive old memories. visionOS turns a 2D image into a stunning spatial photo that looks amazing on Vision Pro by utilising cutting-edge machine learning. Users may use Share Play in the Photos app with their spatial Persona to enjoy their panoramas, spatial films, and more, all while feeling as though everyone is in the same physical area. Alternatively, they can share their spatial photos with loved ones to view on Vision Pro.

With the Apple Vision Pro and iPhone 15 Pro, users may record spatial videos that capture unique moments and revisit them as if they were there. Canon will release a brand-new spatial lens later this year for its well-liked EOS R7 digital camera, enabling users to create stunning spatial footage even in dimly lit environments. Users can publish and share spatial videos for others to view and enjoy with the Vimeo app designed especially for Vision Pro. An update to Final Cut Pro will allow producers to edit spatial videos on their Mac and add immersive titles and effects to their projects.

VisionOS 2 Capabilities

Novel Hand Motions and Effortless Features Expand VisionOS 2 Capabilities

Users of visionOS can operate a cutting-edge spatial interface with just their hands, eyes, and voices. With new hand gestures to access frequently used features like Home View and Control Centre, visionOS 2 speeds up and simplifies the user experience for Apple Vision Pro customers. With the use of new gestures, users can now quickly view vital information like the battery level and current time as well as carry out operations like volume adjustments.

With visionOS 2, the productivity tools for Apple Vision Pro get new features. Mac Virtual Display will launch later this year with a larger screen and greater quality, resulting in an ultra-wide display that can be compared to two 4K displays side by side. The mouse support in visionOS 2 allows for even more workflow options to help users design the ideal workplace. Additionally, Vision Pro now shows the user’s actual Magic Keyboard even when they are completely engrossed in an environment or app.

  • Important In visionOS 2, the Apple Vision Pro experience has been improved.
  • Including their compatible iPhone and iPad apps, users may now customize their Home View by moving and rearrange the apps.
  • With the addition of support for trains, Travel Mode allows users to enjoy their favorite apps while on the go and even change their physical surroundings by bringing up an environment similar to Bora Bora.
  • A family friend or coworker can be added as a Guest User and have their eye and hand data preserved for 30 days, perfect for those times when a user wants to lend their Vision Pro.
  • VisionOS 2’s new, bigger Mac Virtual Display.
  • A passenger on a train sporting an Apple Vision Pro.
  • In visionOS 2, a user’s physical Magic Keyboard is displayed.

Innovative Experiences

Strong Tools Unlock Innovative Methods for Developers and Artists to Construct Novel and Innovative Experiences. Amazing app experiences for Apple Vision Pro have already been created by developers, utilizing the special powers of spatial computing in a variety of fields. With the support of new frameworks and APIs included in visionOS 2, developers can easily create more immersive and sharing apps and games, enabling users to get even more out of their apps.

Additionally, HealthKit is available for Vision Pro, providing developers with fresh opportunities to design cutting-edge health and fitness applications that make use of visionOS’s endless canvas.

The creators of the app The Museum That Never Was, 1640 LLC, are leveraging new volumetric APIs in visionOS 2 to facilitate the addition of more engaging 3D objects and novel user interfaces for their content. With the help of new technologies like TabletopKit, developers can create cooperative and shared app experiences around a table, such as workstations for manufacturing or board games, very rapidly.

Haunted Chess is a murder mystery board game developed by GRL Games that uses TabletopKit. Players utilise holographic cards and 3D chess pieces to solve the mystery. These apps integrate seamlessly with spatial Persona to enable previously unattainable shared experiences.

World-class visionOS apps are already being developed by enterprise developers for a variety of purposes, including project management and design, training, and simulation. Developers may expand capabilities in the manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and other industries with the new tools in visionOS 2. New APIs like Barcode Scanning and Object Tracking are being used by developers like Scandit AG and TeamViewer to assist businesses further enhance daily operations.

Using 3D 8K video with a 180-degree field of view and spatial audio, Apple Immersive Video is a narrative format that puts viewers right in the middle of the action. An expanding selection of Apple Immersive films and TV shows, such as Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room and Adventure from Apple TV+, may be found on the Apple TV app.

In order to support Apple Immersive Video, Blackmagic Design will release the first-ever commercially available camera system later this year along with an update to its post-production software DaVinci Resolve Studio. This will provide professional filmmakers worldwide with the means to produce remarkable stories using this incredibly immersive storytelling format.

Among the other features of visionOS 2 are the following: Users can watch films in an environment while using Safari, including on well-known websites like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. Users can tap on panoramic photographs while browsing webpages to fully immerse themselves in the image as it wraps around them. In addition, Siri can scan and voice webpage information when a user is multitasking.

For the best possible sports viewing experience, the Apple TV app supports Multiview with Apple Vision Pro. Later this year, fans will have the ability to watch up to five streams simultaneously, keeping them informed about all of their favorite teams and sports.

The Mindfulness app’s new Follow Your Breathing feature helps users focus and find calm by responding to their breathing patterns with dynamic visual animations and sounds.
Everyone, including those who are hard of hearing or deaf, can follow spoken language in live conversations and in app audio by using systemwide live captions.1.
With AirPlay, users may watch media on their Vision Pro from their Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

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